How to make a teacher's portfolio

In our modern day, the newfangled word "portfolio" has become firmly established. But not everyone and do not always know what it is and how to make it right.

In fact, the portfolio is the result of achievementsman, and, as it is in particular in any area, and in general in life. Folders with the results of their achievements collect almost everything. The Internet is full of all kinds of advice on how to make a portfolio.

how to make a portfolioInitially thinking, as an assistant in the evaluationquality and effectiveness of the work of a person, the portfolio is now terrifying in many teachers with a lot of teaching experience, because often not all of them understand and accept the necessity of "collecting papers". Moreover, now every student tries to present himself. And parents are seriously concerned about how to make a schoolboy's portfolio. Why, a schoolboy! Many children already in the preschool age have colorful daddies with the results of their achievements in the kindergarten.

Many teachers with great experience do not know how to make a portfolio.
But it is necessary for them to re-attest, improve their qualifications, to document the results of the work, and, as the teachers themselves, and their students.How to make a student's portfolioHow to make a portfolio? Teachers collect in their colorful daddies all the feedback, letters of appreciation, reports on the progress of students, protocols on speeches at methodological associations, as part of a psychological, medical and educational consultation on the basis of the institution. In the folder with the teacher's self-presentation, author's methodical developments or games, models of interaction with the society (veterans, parents, representatives of cultural institutions) are also included.

In order to know how to make a portfolio, you need to find out which sections it includes. Portfolio teacher requires the following sections:

- Information about the teacher or business card. Here you will find the basic information about the person (date of birth, year of graduation and the qualification assigned, work experience, category received and so on). In this section, it is appropriate to post a personal photo.

- Documentation. This section includes, in addition to the education documents, all copies of the certificates of passing the course retraining certified by the leader, certificates of the participant or conference listener, protocols and so on.

- Methodical activity of the teacher. This includes, for example: participation in the methodical activity of an educational institution and professional competitions, the availability of publications.

- Creative work. How does the teacher implement creative approach when working with children and their parents and colleagues.

- Achievements of pupils. Results of monitoring the assimilation of the curriculum, analysis of morbidity, participation and victory of children in various competitions.

- The object-space environment. Competently designed didactic material, passport and photo cabinet, photos of various models, models, schemes.

- Reviews about the teacher. Acknowledgments from parents, colleagues, mention in the media.

- Public activities of the teacher. Participation in city and district events, attestation commissions, as part of a jury of various competitions, management of a methodical association.How to make a teacher's portfolio

If you follow these recommendations, then there is no difficulty with how to make a portfolio.

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