How to make a sculpture?

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How to make a sculpture?

How beautiful are the sculptures in any interior! And handmade sculptures cause double delight, because it is impossible to even imagine that your good friend can not only go to work, swear with his wife, walk with screaming children, but also make sculptures with his own hands. Such envy can even give birth to ... white, of course. But we will not sit for a long time, and get upset, we will simply learn a few ways how to make a sculpture on our own.

Paper sculpture

You can make a sculpture from a variety of materials, which include even the most "not stucco". For example, paper. It is well crumpled, cut with scissors, but how to make a sculpture out of paper? It turns out it is very easy. Take wrapping paper, gray toilet paper, even cells from eggs will do. All this is crushed and filled with water so that your raw material is completely covered with liquid. It will be necessary to give swell as much time as needed. It is clear that the toilet paper is immediately ready for production, and the cells only after half an hour.

Then you need to squeeze, as it should, pulp and you can begin to sculpt.First, sculpt a small figure, cover it with white glue. Then we impose a new layer of mass, and again the PVA. And so, until your sculpture reaches the desired value. When it dries, sand it with sandpaper, cover it with a primer and paint it. The most spectacular of all will be to cover with silver and gold paint from a can.

Gypsum sculpture

You can’t do anything so easily with plaster, there are rules here. To understand how to make a sculpture of plaster, we must remember the chemistry. Let's not talk much, just remember that when gypsum and water are combined, the gypsum molecule is rebuilt. At this moment a lot of heat is released, from a plastic mass it turns into solid. This process takes about 20 minutes, so from the moment the gypsum is combined with water to the finished figure, at least 20 minutes should pass.

Another quality of gypsum mix is ​​its fluidity. Therefore, chalk and cement are added to the mixture. This lengthens the modeling time, but changes the color and hardness of the finished object. It is best to have a form in which to plaster. This can be a plastic bottle. And you can even make this form yourself. First, an object is taken, which will later be a sculpture, surrounded by thick plaster, which is cut in half after solidification.Then the two halves of the form are connected, and a more liquid plaster mix can be poured in.

Sculpture of plasticine, dough, porcelain

Even a child can tell how to make a sculpture out of clay. You just have to go and blind! But it will be a small desktop sculpture. But to make of this material a large high-grade sculpture, of course, is unrealistic. Plasticine can even out the surface of the sculpture of paper, it will become smooth, even, colored. Instead of clay it is good to use salted dough or cold porcelain. Large volumes are difficult to achieve here, but strength and durability are easy! The recipe for the dough is as follows: a glass of flour, a glass of salt, a glass of water. Knead, stand an hour, and sculpt everything we want. If the sculpture is supposed to be high, then it is necessary to install inside the core - spaghetti, long macaroni with a hole. And around her you can sculpt beauty!

It is more difficult to prepare cold porcelain; this is a topic for a separate conversation on how to make a sculpture. Video cooking porcelain can be found on the Internet, ways mass: in a water bath, on fire, in a microwave oven, from corn starch, from potato.You will definitely choose the right one for you. It is a pleasure to sculpt from porcelain, the material does not stick, it is thinly rolled out, rolled into any pattern, drying, does not change color, shape. And what beautiful panels and sculptures from it! Larger in size will not work, but in grace they will not be equal!

Ice sculpture

We now turn to the discussion of the most difficult - how to make an ice sculpture. The most ideal place and time of its manufacture, of course, is the yard in winter, at a temperature of -10 degrees and colder. In advance it will be necessary to make the basis of the future sculpture. It can be a figure of any material from which water does not roll. You can wrap the figure with a thin white cloth like gauze. It will have to be watered with water at an interval of 10 minutes, until a sufficient amount of ice accumulates on the surface of the figure. If the figure is hollow and transparent, then a non-heating lamp can be placed inside, then the ice sculpture will glow. You can, of course, try to cut a figure out of a solid ice block, but an ordinary person cannot do this. Such creations require a professional sculptor and special tools.

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