How to make a plane from plasticine

Virtually all children (and some adults)adore sculpting from plasticine and polymer clay a variety of figures and figurines. It is especially interesting to create with their own hands a variety of equipment - airplanes, cars and rockets. From this article you will learn how to quickly and simply mold a plane from plasticine or plastic. And first let's talk a little about materials and tools.

Materials and Tools

Before you start buying materials,Determine which plane of plasticine or clay you will sculpt. If you want to take your child, then buy an ordinary colored clay for children's creativity. And if you want a durable figure, then stock up with polymer clay. In addition, if you sculpt a large plane from plasticine, then take more foil, wire and a base for the wings. Of the tools you will need mostly stacks and knives.

How to mold an airplane with a child from plasticine

To blind a plane with a child is easy! The main thing is to stock up more material. Blinder first the body of the aircraft. On top of his form, he should resemble a carrot. Then roll a piece of plasticine into a layer 5-6 millimeters thick and cut out the wings, the fenders and the tail of the plane. All of this gently stick to the body of the aircraft. In addition, from white and black plasticine make eyes and mouth. But the chassis will not work. Plasticine is a fairly soft material, and therefore can bend under the weight that the aircraft possesses. Molding from plasticine - this is a very interesting activity!

airplane from plasticine

When you sculpt with children, then use the stacks for plasticine. So you will protect your child from painful cuts.

More complex aircraft model

With a more grown-up child, one can already think of howmake a plasticine plane more realistic. Under the supervision of an adult person a child can already use a special knife for modeling. This model is pretty simple, and making it easy. First form the body in the form of a long cone. Then roll a layer of plasticine into a flat cake and cut out the wings and tail from it. Stick them to the body. Then from the white piece of plasticine form the cockpit of the pilot.

how to mold a plasticine from a plasticine

Blind propeller blades from dark gray or black plasticine. At the center, attach a small ball of blue or red. The plane is ready!

Airplane from plasticine with a skeleton

But before dazzling out of plasticine aircraftwith a frame, stock up the material and, of course, with patience. You will need not only plasticine itself, but also foil, wire and, possibly, a base for the wings. If desired, this model can be molded from polymer clay and then burned. Such a figure will last you much longer.

how to make a plasticine plane

First, form the frame. Plane of plasticine must be stable. The frame must be in the body of the aircraft, wings and chassis. The case should have a foil, if you do not want to spend a lot of material on the plane.

Then begin to carefully frame the frameplasticine or polymer clay. Wings and tail should be cut with a knife, as in this case there will be more even edges. On the wings you can glue the emblem in the form of a white star on a red circle. For this, it is best to use cutters. Then blind the propeller, clothe the chassis with plasticine and make strips of red plasticine on the sides of the body of the aircraft. Attach a small cone of white plasticine to the center of the propeller. Do not leave your product in the sun, otherwise it may deteriorate. The plane is ready!

You can sculpt a wide variety of models. These can be large cargo liners or, for example, small aircraft with two-tiered wings. If the wings are too large, then you can use a plastic or wire frame for them.

What can replace plasticine

If you want the aircraft to be stored for a long time, thenblinding it from baked polymer clay. This material is not very suitable for children because of its high cost, but it is pleasant for adults to sculpt it. After baking, such a plane will become hard, and the wings are flexible. And when it falls, it's unlikely to break and, of course, it will not.

airplane modeling from plasticine

In addition, you can make an airplane from mastic for cakes. The model is sculpted the same way as from plasticine.

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