How to lull a child: proven practical advice

It would be nice if small children were provided with an “off” button to put them to bed without problems.But nature has not provided such a button, so each mother finds her own ways how to lull the baby. We will show you how to make it easier and faster, saving both nerves and time.

  • First of all, eliminate everything that may cause your baby discomfort. If the baby is hot or cold, if he is hungry or he needs to change his diaper, he will not be able to fall asleep, even if he is completely exhausted. Also the child may be bothered by colic, teething. Help him cope with discomfort: use a special soothing gel for the teeth, or massage the tummy with a heated diaper.
  • Air the room. Cool moist air is comfortable for the child, he will calm down and fall asleep more quickly. Hot and dry - on the contrary, dries the mucous membrane of a small nose and causes anxiety.
  • Before going to bed, bathe the baby in warm water. In contrast to the cool bath, where the child is actively moving, warm water relaxes the muscles, soothes, and the child gets sleepy.
  • Do not try to provide absolute silence while falling asleep. This will not speed up the process, but the child, having become accustomed to silence, will hardly fall asleep in other conditions.

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  • Close the curtains tightly. There is no need to achieve absolute darkness, but a bright light will prevent the child from relaxing, it will distract him.
  • White noise helps to sleep well. This soft, unobtrusive sound, like the sound of flowing water or the rustling of rain, resembles a child the sounds that accompanied him in the womb. This sound reflexively soothes, relaxes and helps to fall asleep.
  • To rock a child is the oldest and most reliable way to put him to sleep. But rocking your hands is very tiring. Try to rock the baby, sitting on the fitball, and swaying up and down.

Interesting observation:when, rocking the child, you walk with him around the room, the look of the baby clings to the surrounding objects.As he approaches, he examines, and as soon as they are lost sight of, he clings to the next “object of observation”. The kid knows the world, and the dream is only hindering him now. To distract from observation and fall asleep, use the simple anatomical property of our eyes. If you go clockwise, the eyes of the baby, watching objects, open up wider. If you go counter-clockwise, they, on the contrary, are covered. Under this condition, the child quickly feels drowsy and falls asleep.

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How to lull a child: proven practical tips 38

How to lull a child: proven practical tips 53

How to lull a child: proven practical tips 60

How to lull a child: proven practical tips 87

How to lull a child: proven practical tips 71

How to lull a child: proven practical tips 50