How to knit a hat?

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How to knit a hat?

The one who once in his life carried away knitting, knows that it is love forever. And when a little miracle appears in your family or in your family, it is impossible to resist a gift knitted with your own hands. How to knit a hat baby, you will learn from our article.

Material selection

For work you will need knitting needles and 1-2 skeins of yarn. When choosing flowers, consider the gender of the future owner of your gift. There are many patterns of hats for kids. But we picked up one for which even an aspiring needlewoman can knit a hat.

Making hats

  1. On the standard knitting needles dial loop. If you want to make a hat two-color, then start with the yarn, which will be the main color.
  2. Now it is necessary to tie two rows of elastic bands - a special pattern that allows the canvas to stretch. The simplest pattern is the alternation of one or two facial and purl loops.
  3. Add a thread of the second color and knit it with 2 rows of elastic, adhering to the same scheme as in the first two rows.a cap
  4. Again, knit two rows of elastic yarn primary color.
  5. Now go to the cap pattern.Yarn additional color knit 2 rows in the technique of "purl" (all the loops in the front rows knit as the front, and in the purl - purl. In the front surface all the way around).
  6. Next, use the main color with the same technique and knit the 1st row. We turn to the front surface, which we knit 3 rows.
  7. Points 4 and 5 are repeated 4 times.
  8. Turn the cap upside down so that the front side looks at you. We start tying the occipital part. If you have ever knitted a sock, then the following instructions will remind you very much of this process.
  9. Mentally divide the total number of loops into 3 parts. Now we subtract 1-2 loops from the side parts and add them to the middle part. Here from this amount of loops and make a start. We knit the first side loops, and then the middle. We knit the last loop together with the first side loop.
  10. Turning the cap on the wrong side. We knit only the middle loops; we knit the last one again together with the side loop.
  11. According to this scheme, we continue to work on the cap until you have a little more than half loops on either side.a cap
  12. Now we knit the occipital part as they started: we knit the last loop with the first one, but in all the front rows we lower 2 loops each.
  13. Close all the loops.
  14. Along the edges of the cap we collect loops and knit a few near the gum.Close the loop.
  15. Ties knit stitches without nakida. Ready ribbons sew to the cap. We hope that you are pleased with the result! Next time you can experiment with different patterns and designs.

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