How to imitate an orgasm to a girl?

How to imitate an orgasm, so that the partner does not havethere was doubt about its authenticity? Sooner or later such a question can arise in any girl. Even if the fair sex does not have the actor's talent, she is able to cope with this task. The article describes how to do this.

What does it mean

To begin with it is necessary to understand what it meansto imitate an orgasm. First of all, it is worthwhile to understand the meaning of this term. Orgasm is the culmination of sexual arousal, which traditionally occurs as a result of exposure to erogenous zones. In moments of relaxation, the lady experiences pleasure, satisfaction. The sensation persists for a few seconds, accompanied by contraction of the muscles of the vagina.

how to imitate an orgasm

Consequently, the simulation of orgasm is an image of the culmination of sexual arousal.

Why this is necessary

In what situations do girls think about howcorrectly imitate an orgasm? For example, this happens when the lady can not relax. Causes can be different, ranging from fatigue and ending with a poor state of health. If a woman does not want to upset a partner, she can play along.

how to properly simulate an orgasm

Many girls imitate orgasm, when they understand,that they do not have time for the lover, if the man is already close to detente, and his partner is still far from it. It also happens when the first sexual intercourse causes disappointment, which prompts the woman to think about the termination of the relationship. In this case, the orgasm is imitated in order to quickly get rid of an inept partner who does not want to give a second chance. Finally, the girl can be forced to turn into a fear of losing her lover. Of course, there are other reasons for the simulation.

How to mimic an orgasm

Not all girls know the answer to this question. How correctly to imitate an orgasm? A guide for women advises to begin to remember its main features. We must not forget that some of them are mutually exclusive. Therefore, it is worthwhile to dwell on those that are most characteristic of a particular fair sex, taking into account her temperament.

Rapid breathing

How to imitate an orgasm in order for a partner to believe? Rapid breathing is one of the main manifestations, characteristic during sexual discharge. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to portray.

how to imitate an orgasm girl

A woman whose goal is to simulatepleasure, must breathe through the mouth. It is interesting that this activity in itself encourages excitation, so it is possible that the need for a "fake" orgasm may disappear.


Women who are close to sexual relaxation,completely surrender to the will of their own sensations. To convince the partner that this happened, the final chord will help. It's about petty trembling all over the body.

It is also quite easy to portray. To do this, it is necessary to throw your head back, bend over, stand still. For convincing it is not forbidden to squeeze a blanket or sheet in your hand.

Hollywood Movie Traditions

How to imitate an orgasm to a girl whois a violent temperament? In this case, it is not forbidden to recall the scenes peeped at the cinema. To convince a partner in the onset of sexual relaxation will help rapid movements of the hips. Also loud groans, published by the simulator, are welcomed. In addition, you can scratch and bite your lover, if the lady is not afraid to overdo it.

which means imitating an orgasm

Representatives of the fair sex who are notsuch manifestations are typical due to the temperament, it is better to refrain from this. Especially when it comes to a sexual act with a partner who knows the girl well. In this case loud groans, attempts to scratch and bite can give out a simulant.


Is it worth while talking during the simulation of orgasm? A guide for women gives an affirmative answer to this question. To convince a partner of the authenticity of sexual detente will help request for any action.

how to properly imitate an orgasm to a woman and why it is needed

If the girl does not suffer from excessivemodesty, she can ask, for example, to squeeze her breasts, slap her. Robust young ladies should not get carried away with such remarks, since they are most likely to sound artificial. It is enough simply to ask the lover not to stop, to make him impatient "come on-give."

About multiple orgasms

It's no secret that some womenare able to experience multiple orgasms. If the goal is to simulate, do not depict this. It is enough for one false orgasm for sexual intercourse, especially if it is typical for a girl. Otherwise, the partner can guess that they are trying to mislead him.

Final stroke

Above is told how correctlyimitate an orgasm for a woman, and why. However, these tips are not enough to convince a man susceptible to suspicion, who has already faced with simulation. What are the final touches that are mandatory in complex cases?

how to properly simulate an orgasm guide

Representing sexual discharge of a representativeThe fair sex will help sharp contractions of the vaginal muscles. It is this sign is the final stroke, which is known to well-read and simply experienced men. It's easy to portray, it's enough to squeeze the partner's penis inside. It is desirable that the contractions are frequent.

Preliminary training will help to facilitate thistask. Women who from time to time allow themselves a simulation, shows exercises for the vaginal muscles. For example, you can just compress and relax them.

Common error

The more time a man and a woman spendTogether, the harder it is to portray an orgasm without actually experiencing it. Almost every representative of the fair sex is characterized by a manifestation of sexual relaxation. If a man has repeatedly witnessed this orgasm, it is necessary to pretend to be extremely cautious.

how to properly simulate an orgasm guide for women

Suppose that at the moment of the highest blissThe lady usually freezes, her body cramps. In this case, do not bite and scratch the partner, and also represent other violent manifestations of orgasm. With the greatest probability a man will understand that they are trying to deceive him.

Also, sexual discharge can hardly be portrayed to a lady who has never experienced an orgasm. In this case, even an inexperienced partner is able to suspect a girl of insincerity.

Important point

How to simulate an orgasm? It is important not to forget that sexual discharge contributes to the liberation of the lubricant in the vagina. If this does not happen, dryness can become an alarm for the partner. Of course, you can try to convince a man that a small allocation of lubricant is characteristic of a particular girl. However, it is better to use a lubricant.

After sex

Behavior after intimacy also givespartner to understand whether it was a pleasure. The mistake is made by girls who behave coldly, refuse to embrace and kiss, demonstrate the desire to remain alone. The best option - an image of mild drowsiness, pleasant fatigue.

Of course, one should also take into account how a womanusually behaves after sexual contact, which ends in orgasm. For example, if it is typical for her to immediately fall asleep after intimacy, do not surprise the man with unconventional behavior.

Possible consequences

It is important not only how to properly imitateorgasm. The manual for ladies also recommends considering the possible consequences of such a game. The girl should not depict sexual relaxation, if the partner does the actions that cause her dislike. If a man believes that his mistress enjoys this or that thing, he will constantly repeat them.

Serious consequences can have a permanentimitation of orgasm. If a girl can not achieve relaxation with a specific partner or in principle, the simulation is not the right way out. A woman only hides her head in the sand instead of tackling the existing problem.

We should not forget about such a factor as the offense of a partner who sooner or later can learn the truth. If a woman cherishes relationships with a particular lover, one should not deceive him.

Instead of output

Imitating orgasm is not worth it, even ifthe representative of the fair sex is convinced that she is able to cope with this task brilliantly. After all, the more often the girl depicts sexual relaxation, the less often she experiences genuine pleasure. Therefore, one should think before entering the shaky path of pretense.

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