How to hint at sex?

Your relationship is developing successfully, you want to go to the next stage. A natural question arises: how to hint at sex for a girl or boyfriend if intimacy does not come spontaneously? Ideally, it would be good for everything to develop on its own, but often there is confusion, uncertainty, psychological clips, and so on. Especially often this happens at the initial stage of a relationship. Consider options that will help you push your partner / partner to have sex.

How to hint a girl for sex?

It is possible that the girl herself wants intimacy with you, but hesitates to say or does not want to seem too accessible. Therefore, in this matter the main thing is tact. The girl should not get the impression that you use it and you only need sex. You should not talk openly about sex, show that you really need it. Such conversations usually end in scandal and parting.

Use non-verbal signals: a long unblinking look, a low voice with a husky voice, soft touches.Many girls like it when men gaze at them from head to toe. You can take a hand, hug, etc. If a girl approves of these actions - continue. If not - chat a little more on abstract topics.

Another option is to tell the girl a love story, but not in the first person. "For example, my friend once for a long time could not seduce a girl ...". A girl will represent what you are telling her and be excited by these thoughts.

The best way to hint a girl for sex is to arouse her desire. She herself should want sex with you. It helps a good passionate kisses, gentle words, hugs. Use your hands as actively as possible - iron her hair, breasts, thighs, buttocks. But do not hurry to climb into the panties. Soon she will not stand before your caresses and she will pounce on you or invite you to her.

The main thing - do not hurry and do not be afraid. Remember that the girl is waiting for your initiative, since you are a man. Give her tenderness and affection, and she will answer you the same.

How to hint a guy on sex?

The opposite situation occurs less often - the girl is ready for intimacy and wants it, and the man does not take any steps.Girls can signal men with might and main by sending them hidden or rather explicit non-verbal signals. But the stronger sex often ignores or incorrectly interprets these signals, sometimes not even noticing them. How can a girl get out of this situation and hint a guy to have sex so that he finally understands that it is time to act?

Men, pay attention to the non-verbal signals of women!

Touch your man more often, take his hand, cuddle up to him, for example, in the subway. Do not avoid his touches and hugs. The more your body will touch, the more often a man will have thoughts about sex.

Often women's clothing can eloquently tell a man about women's desires. Wear a short skirt on a date to show off your beautiful legs, or a lace blouse under which your body shines through. Just do not come half-naked: leave a riddle to a man, let him see only part of your body, and the rest will be completed by his imagination.

Use non-verbal gestures: a long look, sliding over the entire body of a man, a relaxed posture, throwing one leg over the foot, especially if you are wearing a short skirt.Show him your tattoo or mole in some place inaccessible to the views of those around you.

If a man is not really a fool, he will understand your hints.

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