How to grow oak from acorn?

December 25, 2014
How to grow oak from acorn?

Oak - a powerful and tall tree, which has long been considered a symbol of strength and longevity. Like all plants, the tree is quite possible to grow yourself. If you choose the right environment, the care does not require special skills.

From our article you will learn how to properly grow an oak from an acorn.

How to independently grow oak

Search for planting material

The first step is to collect material for planting under an adult tree. Find some strong fruits without visible damage. Put the acorns in a glass of water and leave only those specimens that went to the bottom (if the acorn emerges, then most likely it has a damaged core).

If you can not collect acorns on their own, then buy seeds in the store.

Germination of acorn

The next step is to get shoots for planting a future seedling.

The first thing you need to thoroughly wash the acorns with soap and dry them well. Next, the fruits are placed in a wet cloth or a container with water (you need to change the water every day).As soon as the first shoots are formed, you can plant a seedling in a pot. The process may take several weeks. Therefore, if there is no desire to mess around with the seeds every day, you can skip this step and immediately start planting an acorn.

Soil preparation

For the cultivation of oak fertile soil is required. You can buy ready-made soil in the store or prepare the land yourself. This requires mixing the soil with humus and enriching the mixture with minerals and fertilizers.

Planting tree

Plant seeds or seedlings in the autumn-spring period. Until the right time of year, the acorns can be stored in the refrigerator.

For more rapid growth of the oak, it is recommended to grow the tree for about a year at home and only then transplant the plant in the open ground.

  • Prepare a container for planting oak, after making holes in the bottom to remove excess water;
  • Fill the container halfway with soil and plant the seed or seedling, sprinkling the fruit with earth;
  • Moisten the ground;
  • Do not forget to regularly water the plant, and also change flower pots in time (as the tree grows, the capacity should be wider).

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