How to get rid of the smell of meat? Storage and processing of meat

All housewives at least once in their lives are faced with the problem of unpleasant smell from meat. Of course, some try to smash its flavor with a variety of spices, and many simply throw it away. Well, if it comes to completely rotten product, but it happens that the meat smells for other reasons. For example, it is a bit spoiled or improperly stored. Before you throw a meat piece into the urn, you need to understand the reason for its smell and consider options for its "revitalization."

Causes of bad smell of meat

The reasons why you may not like the smell emanating from the meat can be varied. Let's look at the main ones:

  • it is rotten;
  • slightly spoiled (meat stuffed);
  • stored in the freezer in a thin bag or without it (the meat is able to be impregnated with foreign odors);
  • meat of an animal with a specific flavor.

How to get rid of the smell of meat, if you have never tried to do it? At home, you can expel virtually any odor that can ruin the dish being prepared.

how to get rid of meat smell

Spoiled meat

The simplest thing you can do with meat is to spoil it. There are women who live actively, so they can simply forget to put the product in the fridge after thawing. Or even forget that he was pulled out of the freezer. In many cases, the meat begins to remind its existence of an unpleasant aroma. Do not rush to throw away, we will try to save it.

If the meat is completely rotten, then, not sparing, throw it away. It is no longer possible to get rid of the smell, and dishes made from it can poison all eaters. In order not to get to the hospital bed, it is better to buy a new piece, and next time you will be more careful.

In the meat appeared "darling"

This is the second version of the forgotten meat. In the event that the meat began to smell a little, you should not throw it away. Apply all our knowledge on it to cook a delicious dinner and protect those present at the table from abdominal pain.

How to get rid of the smell of meat, if it is a bit tainted? The most common method is soaking. There are many ways and recipes for this procedure:

  1. Meat must be "drowned" in cold water, add one tablespoon of vinegar (not acid,and nine percent). Keep the meat in this solution for about an hour, and after the steeping procedure, wash the piece thoroughly.
  2. Instead of water and vinegar, you can use dry wine. The actions are the same: we soak and wash the hour.
  3. A more expensive way - soak in the juice of lemons. After an hour of "bathing" we wash.
  4. If there is no wine or vinegar, then salt can be put in the water. Only its quantity should be large (approximately 3 large spoons per liter of water). The time for soaking is also an hour. Rinse required.
  5. In a little tinted manganese water, you can keep the meat less - about forty minutes.

Pay attention to the size of the piece of meat. If it is large, then it must be divided into several parts.

If there is not much time for cooking, then you can do without soaking: thoroughly rinse the meat, chop it, add a lot of garlic and onion, seasoning. But this recipe is only for those who love such spicy and spicy dishes.

Problem - storage in cellophane

how to get rid of the unpleasant smell of meat

Packages are the same plastic that can give a chemical smell to products, including meat. In order to avoid such a problem, use paper for storing meat, and then wrap it in cellophane.

There is the option of impregnating meat with smells from other products. This "hodgepodge" is not everyone will like it.

How to get rid of the smell of meat, if it is saturated with extraneous odors? Feel free to use all the soaking tips. There are also several individual recipes for eliminating this type of odor:

  1. Charcoal and salt should be diluted in water, put meat there. Keep in this solution for 3-4 hours. After this procedure, the meat will not smell like plastic or lettuce, and the forest.
  2. Chamomile decoction. A tablespoon of plants, water - liter.
  3. Grate the meat with various herbs (cardamom, rosemary and other favorite spices). Leave for an hour.
  4. Pieces of meat pomegranate juice.

All these methods are aimed at not only removing the unpleasant odors from the meat, but also to make it even more tasty and soft.

How to get rid of the smell of lamb meat?

how to get rid of the smell of lamb meat

Lamb is the favorite meat of many people. It is juicy and soft, excellent in taste, it contains the smallest amount of cholesterol. Therefore, the hostess prefer to cook it from him.

But there is a moment: the sheep meat does not smell unpleasant, but you will have to tinker with the sheep. To the dish was not spoiled by an unpleasant smell, the meat must be processed properly. So, fight with the smell of lamb:

  1. The first thing to do is remove all fat. It is he who gives the meat such a smell.
  2. Small pieces to rub with all sorts of seasonings: garlic, herbs, seasonings. Put all this in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
  3. Instead of marinating, lamb can be boiled for a long time in broth with carrots, onions and spices. It will take at least three hours.
  4. Soak for two hours in water with adzhika, pepper, salt and garlic.
  5. Pour the meat with water, boil, drain the broth. Repeat three times. Together with boiling water and smell.

But do not forget: choose the right method of getting rid of the smell of meat. So, if you are going to cook kebabs, then you should not cook meat.

Rabbits - not only valuable fur

stuffed meat

Rabbit meat is really tasty. But if the animal during the life of eating the wrong food, or it is not so slaughtered, then the meat gets a kind of odor and the same taste. How to get rid of the smell of rabbit meat? Consider the two most effective ways:

  1. Put the meat in a large enamel bowl (pelvis fit), cover with cold water and put in the fridge or other cool place for twelve hours. For more time you can, for less - no.After that, the meat will become normal.
  2. If you do not have half a day to soak, then marinate! Take tomatoes, olives, kefir, wine and juniper. Mix everything with meat and leave for an hour. After the marinade with such a composition, even the meat of an old rabbit will be soft.

How to get rid of the smell of pork meat?

how to get rid of the smell of pork meat

Those people who are engaged in the cultivation of pigs, usually do not face the problem of unpleasant smell from meat. But if you do not belong to them, then there is an opportunity to purchase a piece from the wrongly raised boar.

You can check this meat is still on the market, using a cigarette lighter. If the meat with the smell, then from the hot fire, it immediately gives himself an unpleasant ammonia odor. But if you didn’t check it, and he did smell in the kitchen, you can try soaking the meat.

For this you need a lot of milk and time. First, as well as from mutton, cut off all the fat and fat. Cut into thin pieces, cover with milk. It will have to be steeped for at least twelve hours, while the milk needs to be changed every fifteen to two hours.

But so easy to not get rid of the smell. After soaking do not regret seasoning.The more seasoning - the less taste and odor.

Wild boar meat

boar meat

Wives of hunters have hard times. Husband every now and then brings into the house a variety of delicacies: venison, bear meat, game and, of course, wild boar meat.

From the smell of the latter, you can simply faint if it is not the female. After all, the boar running through the woods does not suspect that one day he will fall on a cutting board. Therefore, the animal does not care about its diet, and is not able to get rid of that part of the body that causes the future unpleasant smell of meat.

So, if you had boar meat in your kitchen, you need to take some measures to remove the smell:

  1. Meat should be soaked in a solution of vinegar - no more than two percent. Spend a little time — a maximum of four hours.
  2. You can also soak the meat in milk, like pork. It takes less time — six hours, with milk being replaced in two hours.

If soaking did not cope with the smell, then repeat the procedure. After that, use the seasonings.

Goat meat and its smells

how to get rid of goat meat smell

How to get rid of the smell of goat meat? It is almost impossible. The owners of this animal had to take care not only of castration, but also the proper slaughter.If the meat smells terrible, it is better to refuse to make it, because even the most spicy seasonings will not remove the smell completely.

If you feel sorry for throwing this product away, you can try rubbing it with sugar and salt, keeping it for a couple of hours, and then soaking it in vinegar for four hours, changing the water every hour.

When cooking such meat do not feel sorry for garlic, mustard, adzhika and herbs.

Now you know how to get rid of the unpleasant smell of meat. We hope that this article will be useful to many hostesses, help them avoid the additional costs associated with buying a new piece of meat. Just eliminate the smell already in the fridge!

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