How to forget the betrayal?

Treason knocks out of the usual rhythm of life of any person. As a rule, he is tormented by insult, pain, misunderstanding, sometimes hatred and annoyance. Often sensibly assessing the situation, a person tries to stick together his relationship, trying to answer the question for himself, how to forget treason? Only through composure can you save relationships that may have a good future.

We turn to a psychologist

In the case of adultery, it is best to go to a psychologist to help him overcome this unpleasant stage in life. However, in the overwhelming majority, it is women who seek help from a psychologist. While men try to cope with this situation on their own, and often with the help of "improvised" means, in the form of alcohol, which leads to a dead end and adds problems. Many are even trying to avenge the outraged relationship, someone cheating, and someone assault. Such behavior will not bring relief, but will bring with it only a gap. But perhaps your relationship has a future, you only need to answer the question of how to forget the betrayal of a husband or wife, and the help of a psychologist is invaluable in this matter. He will be able to extinguish the raging emotions, and find a solution that will suit both.

Treason: forgive or not forgive

First of all, before you forget the betrayal of a wife or husband, you should carefully weigh everything. What does this relationship mean to you? Will you be able to live without your loved one, or will his leaving you take more pain and lead to despair? Do you see a shared future? Perhaps you are under the influence of emotions, you see everything in a negative light, then it is better to answer these questions in a few days, when passions subside. In this situation, you need to think sensibly, remember the legendary Scarlet O'Hara, who always said: "I will think about it tomorrow," and you also think about this situation in a few days, then you definitely make the right decision. Since treason does not happen out of nowhere, one should delve into one’s relations with a lover or lover, and try to find out what prompted him or her to take this step. Maybe you had problems, but you didn’t want to notice them. In this case, it is better to sit down and talk together, about the fact that you are not satisfied with each other, then you can come to a mutual decision, stay together or disperse. Moreover, the one and the other will be correct, because in the event of a break, the thought that your second half somewhere teaches you the horns will not torment you.And if you save the family, you will find the root of the problem and be able to eliminate it, and enjoy family happiness together.

If you forgive treason

If you have decided to forgive your soulmate for treason, then, of course, this is not a one-day process. It is important to really forgive and forget, and not to blame her chosen one, otherwise it will not work. Because, most often, with the slightest offense, this unpleasant situation emerges, which only aggravates the already not the best situation in the family. If you have this happening all the time, it is better to disperse, because it is the insult that does not allow you to live in peace. It is better to try to build a new relationship with another partner than to maintain the current one. Many couples are helped by a break in a relationship, perhaps only a habit holds you, and you don’t like it for a long time, and cheating turned out to be the litmus test that shed light on your long-standing marriage. Now you know how to forgive and forget treason, or at least try to do it, and you can make the only right decision for you.

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