How to find love and happiness: 10 divinations for Andrew

The Slavic calendar is rich in festive dates, and culture is rich in tradition. Previously, the girls had been wondering at Christmas, Trinity, Andrew the First-Called. In the modern world, these traditions are almost forgotten. But still on the eve of December 13, you can remember the tradition of our grandmothers and tell fortunes to Andrei.

Andreev day, December 13, was important for both young and older generation. So, it was believed that the sound of water can predict the weather for the winter. Therefore, the old people went to lakes and rivers. And the girls were looking for love and happiness and found out the future with the help of fortune-telling on Andrey.

Guessing for marriage to Andrew

Fortune Telling on Andrew with a Shoe

Surely you have heard about this tradition. Girls who wanted to know when they would get married, Andrei was taken off his shoe from his left leg and threw him over the gate. Then they ran out from the yard to see which way the toe of the shoe was looking: if the girl or the house was unmarried to the yard or the house, and if she went the other way, she would get married.

Divination by Andrewon the water

The girls were completely fearless. Just imagine: deep in the night, from 12 to 13 December, they went to the river to look through the ice-hole. If you hear only the sound of water - do not happen to be married this year. But the girl who marries, was supposed to see her betrothed.

Divination by Andrewon the water and the candle

To find out about marriage, the girls carried out a vessel with water on the porch of the house. After midnight, they went out into the street with a candle, broke a crust of ice that formed on the water, and dipped the candle to the very bottom of the vessel. Then they returned to the house, saying: "Do not be sulky, the lights are scorching, with the antler lamb, and the wax candle in front of the wonderful Spas image!" Then a candle was lit before the icon. If she caught fire quickly - soon to be a marriage.

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Divination by Andrewon the ring

This fortune-telling on Andrew in the form of the game. Several girls took turns rolling the ring on the floor. If it rolls to the door - the girl will soon be married.

Divination by Andrewin the name of the groom

Girls guessed on the day of St. Andrew to find out the name of his betrothed.On the night of December 12-13, 11 leaves with any male names and 1 empty one were placed under the pillow. And in the morning, without looking, one sheet of paper was pulled out. What will be written on it is the name of the betrothed. And an empty leaf meant that the name of the groom was still unknown.


Divination by Andrewbased on the book

This divination was used not only on St. Andrew's day. It's probably known to you since school days. Girls chose any book (preference was given to the "Bible" or another similar), guessing the page number and lines. Revealed in the right place and read. The written words were interpreted differently, depending on the interests, but the message - negative or positive - was understandable in any case.

Divination by Andrewon the straw

The festive table was covered with a tablecloth, and straw was placed under it. At midnight, without looking, they pulled out one straw. If it is long, the year will be successful, and the harvest will be rich, if short, wait for trouble.

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Divination by Andrewon the cups

This divination was carried out for a group of people. Bread, salt, sugar, a ring, money, and water were put in cups.Dividers closed their eyes and in turn chose a cup. Onions - to tears, salt - to trouble, a ring - to the wedding. Bread meant prosperity, water - calm and measured life, and money - to money.

Divination by Andrewwith spoons

Our ancestors wanted to know not only about whether the harvest will be or whether the girls will marry, but also about who of the relatives will have to say goodbye this year. Spoons were placed in a large vessel with water - one for each family member. It was important to remember where whose. And in the morning they looked at the spoons. If they are all close by, it means that everyone will be alive and well, and if some separated, this relative will die.

Divination by Andrewon desire

The simplest divination by Andrey is the desire. Girls and boys took a new box of matches, make a wish. Then they pulled out matches, sentencing each in turn to "come true," "will not come to pass." That which fell out on the last match was the answer.

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