How to find a common language with a temperamental choleric child and an adult

How to calculate choleric

The choleric type of temperament is distinguished by overconfidence, irascibility, such a person makes decisions instantly. The main characteristic of this type is the predominance of the excitation process over inhibition. Therefore, choleric persons are defined as an unbalanced psycho-type, prone to emotional breakdowns.

From the positive properties of the choleric warehouse can be identified: activity, energy, quick learner, the ability to quickly make decisions and navigate in new situations.
Wikipedia, for example, indicates that such a type of temperament was possessed by such prominent personalities as Mendeleev, Pushkin, Suvorov and Peter I.

How to calculate choleric

We will understand what choleric temperament is and how to build relationships with choleric people so that they are comfortable. To do this, consider three options for interaction in different circumstances.

Interaction with the child

Child choleric always arguing and fidget. He loves risk and adventure, so parents often find it difficult to find a common language with him. Especially since such children show disagreement and perseverance quite aggressively.

A child is so keen on a new game or other activity that he will not listen to any advice from his parents. For any business, it is accepted, without listening to the parental instructions to the end.

It is important to teach these children to interact in a team. In no case do not be ashamed of them at all and do not put them in the example of other children. Nothing but aggression and opposition will not cause it.

The main mistake in dealing with such children:tight control and restriction of activity.

Interaction with the child

It would be more correct to channel the excess energy into a peaceful course. Sport in this regard is the best option. He will help the child to realize his leadership skills and become more disciplined.

To strengthen the inhibitory processes of choleric children, psychologists recommend engaging in manual labor. Boys fit the design, and girls needlework.

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Choleric team

Choleric have a pronounced leadership qualities and strive to reach the goal as quickly as possible. But such a sense of purpose is impulsive.

For a long, monotonous work choleric not enough exposure. They are more interested in the result, not the process and quality of work. They are eager to lead others, and they succeed better.

Features choleric temperament can be used and directed to the benefit of the whole team. Assign such a person urgent tasks or projects that require extremely rapid implementation.

The goal and the results of the choleric should always be tangible for him, then he successfully cope with any tasks.

Also choleric cope well with management work and due to its activity it will keep the entire team in good shape. Given the rapid learning, such employees should be entrusted with the introduction of innovations, as well as the holding of various activities.

Work with choleric

the main thing- learn how to choose the right time to interact with a choleric colleague. Depending on the current mood, any request may cause him either aggression or joyful enthusiasm. Despite the hot temper, making contact with the choleric person in the work team is quite simple.

More often praise the results of his work, ask for advice and give him the opportunity to realize their potential.

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Personal relationships

If the choleric temperament of the quick-tempered work is easy to wrap up in a productive direction, then in personal relations with many of its shortcomings you will simply have to accept it. Irritability, hot temper, aggression, tendency to the rapid clarification of relationships can turn life with choleric into a serious test. But here you can find a way out.

A woman or a man is choleric, a couple will always be the initiative side. Romantic surprises, unexpected trips - all this is a pleasant side of relations with choleric people. But you have to accept the fact that scandals will also provoke him.

Learn not to take harshly harsh words spoken in the heat of the heart. Most often - this is not a negative towards you, but simply the result of accumulated stress.

Choleric quickly start up and just as quickly depart, sincerely regretting what was said. Therefore, having noticed that your partner is in an excited state, try at this moment to step back and let him calm down.
Go to the store for a walk and you will avoid unnecessary scandal.

Personal relationships

Over time, you will learn to identify moments when it is better “not to fall under the hot hand” and the number of negative episodes in a relationship will decrease dramatically.

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Successful interaction

In disputes choleric do not accept losses and compromises. If you want to establish a comfortable, relaxed relationship, learn to make concessions. A dispute with a choleric person is a waste of energy and nerves. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice your convictions. There are two possible strategies for successfully resolving a conflict:

  • Do not put up for discussion those issues in which you cannot concede in advance. Strangely enough, it is better to do here what you consider necessary, and then be able to correctly present your decision.
  • Do not try at any cost to prove your case here and now. Having noticed that your position has stumbled upon resistance - for a while recede. Most likely, you simply chose the wrong time for discussion, and within an hour of another, your proposal will meet a more positive reaction.

As you can see, it is possible to establish calm, non-conflict relations, but for this you need to learn to understand and accept the character of your partner.

Despite the fact that choleric people are characterized as people with a difficult temper, you can and should build productive relationships with them. Having understood the psychology of their behavior, you will quickly learn how to use their energy for good.


An important step to building a successful interaction with a person of any psychotype is understanding and acceptance. Temperament is for the most part an innate psychophysical property. This means that you cannot fundamentally change it. Self-control, upbringing and other factors, of course, affect a person’s behavior, but are not able to change the fundamental characteristics of his mental activity. The basic description of choleric temperament remains unchanged throughout life.

Therefore, when you meet a person with such a difficult character on your life journey, be aware that he will never turn into an apathetic phlegmatic or melancholic self-contained.
Each temperament has its strengths and weaknesses, learn to understand them and build relationships with others will be much easier.

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How to find a common language with a temperamental choleric child and an adult 52