How to extend the cable?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
April 24, 2013
How to extend the cable?

Often it happens that the desired computer cable is insufficient length. For example, you want to move the computer to the far room. Do not strain and think about how to lengthen the cable, everything has been thought up for you!

Computer cables

It does not work out just to take and solder two cables into one. The catch is that in most computer wires the currents are very, very small. This is done so that the heating of the conductive parts does not damage the highly sensitive and fragile chips and circuit boards. Well, so that the user does not kill the current, of course. And if the current is very small - that place of adhesion, as a section of wire with a different thickness, will distort the value of this current itself. Which will lead to loss of information, interference in communications and non-working flash drives. And if you are very unlucky and reverse currents arise in the wire, a piece of computer or flash drive will burn.

Right action

Fortunately, effective solutions for lengthening of all usually necessary wires have been invented long ago. One of the most difficult tasks is how to lengthen the internet cable.Most communication lines of this class have a six- and eight-core structure, and when designing an extension cord, it is necessary to take into account the distribution of signals so that the wires are not messed up. The simplest and most reliable solution is a walk-through module complete with several more meters of cable. At purchase it is necessary to be attentive - the Internet cable differs from telephone a little. There are eight contacts in the Internet pass-through module (and cable), and only four in the telephone analogs.

USB devices

Need to learn how to lengthen a USB cable? There is no such elegant solution as a pass-through module. Therefore, it is worth without further ado, go to the nearest store and buy a special USB extension cable. This device looks awkward, but the thing is usually trouble-free. However, there is a pitfall about which an inexperienced user can crash - a cable manufacturer. Some unseemly companies save non-ferrous metal in production, reducing the thickness of the cable. But one of the functions of USB is to provide power to external devices. And we remember how the thickness of the wire can affect the signal in the cable - as mentioned above, the signal does not pass through the welded Internet cable. In the case of USB on the external device, the voltage will be reduced.Flash drives will survive without problems, but powerful devices like external hard drives will not turn on due to lack of power. Therefore, be sure to ask the seller for a guarantee on any cable. Not every factory defect can be noticed by the product testing service in the store. Although their services should not be neglected - the gap in the cable or fiber fracture can be determined without problems. so do not forget to keep a receipt for the purchase of the cable.

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