How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative?

Even women who are successful with many men are not always able to bring a man to such arousal, when he wants to tear your clothes on you. When you are left alone together, the question becomes: "How to excite a guy?" If he does not like your actions, if you are too shy, or do not know what to do because of lack of experience, remember: the guy will not come to you again. How to hurt the guy you like, how to sink into his soul before sexual intercourse? To begin with, one should realize that seduction begins far beyond the limits of the love bed.How to excite a guyIf you do not know how to excite a guy with whom you know little, use the generally accepted measures. Wink a seductive smile, playfully bite a sponge, as if by accident expose a part of the body or touch it with a sensitive area. Smile a little more; men love fast-moving, carefree girls, and look into his eyes, pay attention to his words.Perhaps the object you liked will not show it, but do not hesitate - he noticed everything.

How to excite a guy you know for a long time?

It will be much easier, because you already know what he likes, his preferences. When left alone, show pressure. Come up to him and kiss first, guys like enterprising girls. Strip it, while looking into the eyes, caress the body not only with your hands, but also with your lips and tongue. Excite a loved one and do not bite the ear. How so? Kiss his fingers, run his own on his neck and gently touch the nipples.How to make a guy kiss

How to excite a guy by touching his body?

With delighted eyes, look at his body, run over his hands, massaging the part closer to the shoulders. Kiss your loved one's neck, face, eyes, run your hand through your hair. Spontaneous sex on your initiative will pleasantly surprise your young man. Sleep without a nightgown contributes to this, you can wake him up with gentle caresses. Men just love morning sex, it gives them energy for the whole day.

How to bring a guy with kisses?How to make a guy kiss

Most sex therapists consider kissing a more intimate process than sex.Man puts more emotions and feelings into it. You will not succeed in deceiving yourself and your partner during a kiss, because if a person does not like it, no one will receive pleasure. But if you are crazy about him ... How to make a guy kiss? A real passionate kiss kicks your legs at the touch of your lips. Let a man play with your tongue, touch his sky, run in the teeth, let his tongue in. On how to bring a guy with kisses, not only on the lips, you will learn in the process of a relationship with a person. Maybe he likes some kind of affection with the participation of kisses. It does not matter what this process is: expressive, gentle, rugged, sensitive. The main thing is to convey the feelings that you feel to this guy. Your sincere zeal to give pleasure to your beloved will definitely appreciate. Do not forget when kissing from time to time to break away from the guy and look into his eyes.

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How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative 63

How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative 39

How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative 78

How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative 93

How to excite a guy, showing pressure and initiative 82