How to draw flatshay?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 23, 2014
How to draw flatshay?

The modest Pegasus Flatershy from the popular cartoon “My Little Pony” is the very embodiment of kindness. Her cute look and delicate coloring are liked by many little fans. Try to draw the Flaterscap step by step using our tutorial.

We draw a pony

  1. Draw a circle and divide it in two unequal lines into 4 unequal parts. The vertical line should be located to the left of the center of the circle, and the horizontal - below. Now you can draw Flatshay muzzle, focusing on the contour of the circle. It should be round, with a slightly upturned nose. At the level of the horizontal line, mark closed eyes with two arcs. One position to the right of the vertical line, and the other - to the left. Draw a pony with a neat ear and mark the beginning of the bang.
  2. From the ear, lower the top of the hair. In one smooth line, draw the neck, legs and back. The line of the neck should like to continue the upper part of the hair. The pony's front hooves do not have corners, and the transition to the shins is schematically marked on the back ones.
  3. If you need to draw a girl Equestria Flatershay, then you should notFlatershayforget about the small cilia, which will give her a shy look.
  4. The mane of the baby is long and wavy. Therefore, draw a few curls to her, descending from the lush hairstyle.
  5. Draw a small wing on the back. From the back of the croup at the horse should come down a magnificent beautiful tail. Decorate your hair with three four-leaf flowers. Separate its mane with round lines into strands.
  6. A characteristic feature that needs to be drawn if you want to create a girl Flatshery - three butterflies on the right side of the croup. Picture them.
  7. Now proceed to coloring the picture. To do this you will need markers or colored pencils. Dark yellow color hover the contours of the horse. After erasing the auxiliary lines, paint the body with a pale yellow color.
  8. Hover your eyes and eyelashes with a black pencil or felt-tip pen. The contours of the mane and butterflies make dark purple. Paint the mane and tail with two shades of purple. The lighter ones draw butterflies.
  9. Move the contours of the flowers in dark green, and make the flowers themselves green. You must have done a great job drawing a pony Fleterschay.

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