How to disable all services on MTS and block spam

Every year the number of MTS subscribers is only increasing. And all because this company offers high-quality communications and advantageous tariff plans. But sometimes there are situations when money from a mobile account disappears in an unknown direction. Today we will talk about how to disable services on the "MTS".

Where to begin?

Want to know where the money disappears from the phone, but you can not remember what exactly and when connected? It's all about paid ezines, entertainment portals, and so on. You need to find out exactly what services are connected to MTS. You can do this in one of the following ways.

Personal Area

On the official website of the operator we go into the "My Account", after entering the password. You can then access all installed services and subscriptions. The “My Account” options allow you to view MMS messages and change the tariff plan.

Request from the phone

Many subscribers terminate the telephone service and technical support department with questions about how to disable all services on MTS. However, you can handle it yourself. It is enough to follow the instructions described below.

To get the details of all subscriptions and services, you must enter the command * 152 * 2 #. In response, you will receive a message with a list.How to disable all services on mts

Appeal to the operator

If you were unable to turn off all services on MTS, then it makes sense to make a call to the help desk. The operator will answer your questions and tell you how to proceed.

Internet assistant

Not everyone knows about the existence of this convenient and useful service. It is located on the site of the operator. We open the tabs in the following order: first “Services and Services”, then “Service Management”. All that you do not need and not interested, disable.How to disable paid services on mts

General recommendations

If it turns out that you have the Mobile Internet service with a large subscription fee, and you don’t need it at all, then immediately contact the operator. You will need to write a statement to disable this option.

Be careful when choosing a tariff plan. Be sure to read everything that is written in the contract (especially the small print under the asterisk).Sometimes a service is imposed on the subscriber, which after the test period is provided on a fee basis. Most of them are unnecessary. How to disable all services on the "MTS", read on. We hope that you will correctly use this information.

How to disable services on MTS

Now you know for what exactly the operator withdraws money from your mobile account. It remains to abandon subscriptions and unnecessary services. How to do it? Now you know everything.How to disable services on mts

So, how to disable services on MTS? Using a call to a short number or dialing a USSD command:

  • “Number Identifier” - 21130.
  • “You have been called” (informs you of calls received when the mobile phone was disconnected) - 211410.
  • “Favorite number” - 21410.
  • Unlimited Internet "Super Bit" (with a monthly fee of 190 rubles) - 2520.
  • “Black list” (blocks incoming messages and calls from unwanted numbers) - * 111 * 442 * 2 #.
  • The “News” service - * 111 * 1212 * 2 #.
  • “Call Forwarding” - 2110.

Spam Fighting

The desire to disable paid services at MTS is due not only to saving money, but also to communication security. Every day, subscribers receive various messages with advertising and information that is not interesting for them. In other words, with spam. MTS, as well as other major telecom operators, is struggling with this.Last year, experts turned to Kaspersky Lab. As a result, over 100 new types of viruses transmitted by the mobile network were identified.MTS services

In 2013 alone, more than 150 million spam messages sent from short and letter numbers were blocked. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more subscribers want to know how to turn off all services on MTS. Recently, the system "Antispam". It allows you to block such messages within the network. But annoying ads and useless information can come from the numbers of other operators. However, this is the specialists of the company "MTS" provided.

Services "Black List" and "SMS PRO"

What are these services? Let's start with "SMS PRO". To enable this option, you need to send a message with the text “ON” or “REG” to the number 232. After receiving the notification, you need to configure the service. To do this, send to the official website of the operator. Go to "My Account" and select the tab "SMS PRO". It contains all the information about the capabilities of the service.Turn off all services on mts

Setting the option is a snap. For example, to enable message forwarding, go to the tab with the same name and set the conditions for sending SMS.It's simple. The maximum number of call forwarding numbers is 10.

An interesting and useful feature can be called "SMS-archive". What does she give? The subscriber can view his correspondence using the "My Account". The archive capacity is 3 MB. Messages are sorted by date and name of the recipient. You can export them to Excel.

Now a few words about the “Black List” service. Its essence lies in the fact that the subscriber blocks the telephone numbers of unpleasant people to him. It should be noted that blocking messages is possible only when the SMS PRO system is connected.

The “black list” contains only 300 numbers. For most MTS subscribers, this number is more than enough. The service is activated by sending a USSD request to the number 4424. The subscription fee is 1.5 rubles per day. Setting the option, as in the case of “SMS PRO”, is carried out through the “Personal Account”.


Now you know how to turn off all services on MTS. You can easily cope with this if you follow the instructions and recommendations contained in the article. Turning off unnecessary services will save not only money but also nerves. And MTS, in turn, will provide high-quality communication within the network and beyond.

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