How to decipher a urine test?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
October 28, 2014
How to decipher a urine test?

Urinalysis is included in the list of mandatory tests. It is worth noting that the urine test is one of the most ancient, and even in ancient Greece, doctors made diagnoses based on these data.

Our article What shows urine analysis will tell in more detail about the performance of the analysis.

How to decipher urinalysis, which means the norm

From the analysis, not only chemical analysis, but also color, weight and transparency are taken.

In a healthy person, urine has different shades of yellow, transparent and without precipitation. Specific weight - not less than 1,018 gr. Sometimes the color of urine may change as a result of taking certain medications, for example, Naphthol or Pyramidone.

If the urine is cloudy, this may be due to a large number of white blood cells, which may mean purulent processes in the body. Older people have turbid urine in case of hiluria.

The main indicators of chemical analysis of urine are interpreted as follows:

  • PRO - protein. In the urine it should be absent.If traces of protein are found, it can be a sign of kidney or urinary system diseases.
  • GLU - glucose. If glucose is detected in the urine, it may be a signal of diabetes mellitus or pancreatitis.
  • UBG is urobilinogen. The rate of 5-10 mg / l. If the figures are below normal, this may be due to insufficient supply of bile, if more, this is a sign of jaundice or toxic damage to the liver or intestines.
  • BLd - red blood cells. For women, the rate of red blood cells in the field of view is 0-3, for men 0-1. Indicators above the norm speak about infectious diseases or lesions of the urinary tract. In women, red blood cells can be elevated during menstruation.
  • LEU - leukocytes. The norm for women is 0-6, for men 0-3. Excess rates indicate infections of the urinary-genital system.

It should be noted that if you decide to decipher the urine analysis of a child, it is worth remembering that for children the rate of erythrocytes in urine is 1-2 in the field of view, and the rate of leukocytes for boys is 5-7, for girls 8-10.

Also in the urine of an adult may be present epithelial cells no more than 0-10 in the field of view.

If any other microelements or cells are found, this indicates a deviation from the norm, and therefore is a sign of disease.

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