How to crochet a sweater?

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How to crochet a sweater?

Crocheting always gives rise to spectacular things, beautiful, socks, which are much less susceptible to deformation during washing than knitted needles. And what patterns can be connected with a hook, just a sight for sore eyes! And most importantly, no one else will have such a thing; things connected with their own hands only exist in a single copy, even if they are knitted by one skilled worker.

If you learn how to crochet a sweater, then you will have in your hands a tool for creating unique things that will make your image unique.

But you need to own only a few types of loops - air, air with double crochet, column, double crochet. Other loops are extremely rare, basically all the variety of wonderful knitting patterns is based on their various combinations. In this article we will look at the basic ways to crochet sweaters, on the basis of which you can use your fantasy to invent your own patterns.

Pattern sweaters for women

To knit a beautiful women's crochet sweater, you just need to stock up on yarn. By the way, when crocheting you need to remember that from thick yarn you have to knit with large loops, then the sweater will turn out to be voluminous and soft. And when knitting from thin threads, it will take not only a lot of threads in length, but also time, because the loops will have to be done much more. Before you start knitting, you need to make a pattern in size. For a classic straight sweater, this is done like this. Take a few measurements - chest circumference at the highest points, hip volume, shoulder length (from neck to the extreme point on the shoulder), neck girth, product length (from the highest point on the neck, where you measured the length of the shoulder to the bottom of the product on the back).

Now draw a pattern on the old wallpaper. The girth of the neck is divided into three, we postpone this measurement from the corner point horizontally, in the vertical direction it is necessary to postpone 2 cm for the back and 6 cm for the front. We connect with a smooth line. We postpone the “shoulder length” measure from the neckline, lowering its second end 4-5 cm down. From it we draw down a line at 20-25 cm (depending on your build). Then we measure the “chest girth” by 4, add 2-3 cm, put it horizontally, connecting it with the lower point of the armhole drawn by us. We get a clear armhole, from it we draw the line of the side seam down.From the top of the shoulder it is necessary to postpone the measure “product length”. This is a scheme for creating any pattern, if you have the slightest knitting experience, then you will learn to draw such a pattern for any person very quickly.

Knit women's sweaters

To tie a sweater for a woman, you can use crochets with single crochets, adding and subtracting loops as soon as the pattern demands. This mating is quite dense, so you can decorate such a sweater with pockets of any kind, such as knitted or woven or leather, matched to the yarn. This combination looks very impressive.

The fabric can be made and the collar and cuffs. Such a sweater can be knitted from yarn of different colors, play with lurex, beads. You can also tie a handbag with the same viscosity, it will be beautiful, modern, and very reliable in shape. But how can I recommend a crochet sweater for beginners?

Only wear it will be in the summer. And in the winter it should be worn over a warm monochrome turtleneck. The easiest knit openwork sweater is. Dial for sample 30 air loops in a chain. Turn knitting over and knit 2 loops in the other direction. Then tie 5 air loops and connect to the chain through 3 loops.

Get a big air loop.Then again knit 5 air loops with a chain and attach it through three loops to the first row. So vyazyvaem on all the length of the sample. We knit the third row in the same way, but we attach the fifth loop to the third loop of the air chain of 5 loops, that is, in the middle of it. So knit the whole series. This is how you can tie the entire sweater, as a result, it will be similar to the “grid”. This thing from colored threads will look very nice on a one-tone turtleneck in a contrasting color. A huge number of models can be viewed.

Crochet men's sweater

By tying your first sweater, you'll understand how exciting crocheting is. You will also want to knit a men's sweater for your beloved one, and it is also very easy to make it, because not all men love lace. A knitted sweater made of melange wool with simple crochets with or without nakida will be very attractive.

The pattern must be done in the same way as we described earlier, when we learned to create a women's sweater by crocheting. Videos of such mating can be viewed at the end of our article. By the way, if you reduce the measurements, you can also knit a sweater for a boy with a crochet, just take a brighter color.And if to sew a lining to such a sweater, and to sew a zipper in front, then you get a smart children's jacket.

Baby sweaters

Crocheting a baby sweater is a very good idea, both stunningly beautiful and economical. There is a sea of ​​ready-made models for children. If you knit a girl, then knit an openwork sweater with pom-poms and trimming in a different color. Samples and patterns of stunning children's sweaters can be seen and studied here:.

But if you are just starting out and decided to try to knit it yourself, then also make a pattern, pick up bright threads and tie all the details on the pattern in simple columns, you get a warm sweater. Nakida bollards will make the sweater softer.

You can also try to connect the “grandmother's square” with the center of every detail, there are such diagrams on the Internet. Another idea is to tie a lot of small squares, stitch them together, laying them out like a mosaic. The sweater will be bright, and spectacular, and warm, and most importantly - unique!

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