How to crochet a hat?

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How to crochet a hat?

Crochet is as interesting as knitting. But there are some differences in them. Crocheted products are more delicate and elegant. And from under the spokes go more good and warm things. Of course, experienced craftswomen can argue with this statement, but exceptions exist to confirm the rules. Therefore, in the wardrobe of any fashionista there are hats, knitted and crocheted, and knitting. Our conversation today is about crocheting a hat.


What do we need? Of course, yarn. She is different textures, colors, thickness. It can be natural wool, synthetic, 50 to 50 synthetic and wool, or another percentage. When you have chosen the yarn to your liking, then you begin to choose the hook. On the label of yarn, the manufacturer usually writes the number of knitting needles and hooks recommended for this yarn. But more precisely, you will be able to understand whether the hook is chosen correctly if you tie several rows of the sample. If it is convenient for you to work with this hook, then leaveno - change to larger or smaller. If you intend to knit aerial pattern, then take the hook, 1 size larger than intended. If you need a tight binding, take a small-sized hook. Now about the hook material. Which is better to take - wooden, plastic, metal? Here again, everything is determined by experience. The only thing to remember is that the metal thick hook will be heavy for the hand, and the thin plastic will always be deformed. So choose by hand, weight and knit density.

Where to find the picture and scheme?

Not sure how to crochet a hat? The scheme is simply necessary for work. If you started looking for a knitting pattern, it means you already have an idea how to knit, and you don’t need to explain how the bar differs from the air loop. Therefore, we omit the initial technical questions. You can find an interesting idea of ​​the cap and its scheme in numerous print magazines. These are "Burda", "Crochet", "Wonderful hook", "Yes", "Doublet" and others, telling how to crochet a hat. There are many schemes in them, you just have to choose. We must understand that they are designed for those skilled workers who have tied at least a couple of things in their lives. To study the types of loops necessary for other publications.If you have found the picture of your dream hat in the magazine, study it carefully. Look at how many loops and cm in the girth is a model. Compare these parameters with your yarn. But the best is to take your yarn, make 10 loops and tie 10 rows. This will be your reference for this wool. Write down what size square turned out. And now you can calculate how many loops you need for your size. For example, the sample turned out to be 5 cm. The girth of your head is 55 cm, which means you need to gain 110 stitches for an exact fit. Further attentively study symbols on the scheme, understand, whether you know all types of loops? If all is well, proceed.

Knitting process

To tie a simple crochet hat itself, you need to know two loops - an air one, to tie a chain, and a single crochet column and a crochet. Dial a chain of air loops, calculating, as we have learned with you. Knit the last loop with the first one, you have a ring. Now start to knit crochets. In height, the first block of columns you should have is 8 cm. Now start to decrease the number of loops. Through every 8 loops, connect two to one.So knit another 3 cm in height. Then turn down another 3 cm after 3 into the fourth loop. Then you must begin to remove the loops very sharply, if you want, so that you have a tight hat, and not a gnome cap. We remove through one loop, that is, we knit together 2 loops together, and in the next row we join three loops into one. After 3 rows you will have only 1 loop, which must be tightened tightly, cutting the thread with scissors. You can decorate such hat with a flower, one large or several pom-poms with a flower loop. And if the first three rows link their “straws”, then the cap will have a charming fluffy bezel.

Knitting beret

If you have mastered the first cap, then it will not be difficult to knit it based on the above cap. So, we pick up the chain and knit it 2-3 cm. Then double the number of loops, knitting 2 columns on the basis of one. Just follow it carefully - you need to do this for the first row, that is, the circle. Then it is necessary to knit 6-8 cm in double loops. Then, in the same way, halve them. After this, it is very important to complete the mating beautifully as well. As in the usual hat, which we have already told. That's all, takes ready.You can attach a decorative visor or a small flower to it.

Now you know almost everything about how to crochet a hat. Videos of this process you can easily find on the Internet. And you will find beautiful crochet knitting patterns. Good luck to you in this beautiful business!

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