How to create a login and password for mail

Computer and the Internet have become firmly established in our lives and have greatly facilitated the solution of many problems. One of the signs of a person keeping up with the times is the active use of e-mail, various subject forums, blogs, news sites and many others. Most of the services on the Internet require the creation of a username and password to it. Let's take a closer look at how to create a login and password, and what rules need to be followed in order to successfully register. All this is further in the article.

how to create a login and password

How to create a username and password?

The registration process on any site or service begins with the creation of a login. This is a unique name by which the system will recognize you. Login requirements are indicated next to the field in which you must register it. If the name you have chosen is already taken by another user, the system will not allow you to register under it. On some sites, the login may consist of letters only in the English alphabet and numbers, somewhere it is allowed to use Cyrillic and special characters.

After successful selection of the name you need to think of a password.The rules of his choice may also differ, but almost all services today recommend specifying a complex, and therefore, more reliable password. Often there is an automatic reliability check on services and websites, and if your password is too simple, the system will ask you to choose another one or complicate the code you entered.

create a new username and password

What email services are there?

Today, there are many sites that provide email services for free. We list the most famous and popular among network users:

The above services are giants and veterans of the provision of postal services. However, besides them, there are also other sites where you can create soap and services that provide services for one-time and anonymous mailboxes. These are very convenient to use if for some reason you do not want to specify your main e-mail. It makes no sense to describe how to create a login, password and email on such services - the registration process here is no different from standard free mail sites.

how to create a login password and email

Choose where to create an e-mail

When choosing a service where you plan to create an e-mail or "soap", as many Internet users call it, you should be guided by the following preferences:

  • usability or ease of use;
  • high-quality spam filter, which excludes advertising mailings;
  • mailbox size;
  • protection against hacking, access recovery functionality;
  • virus protection.

Virtually all services today provide the ability to bind a mobile phone number to an email account. This allows you to keep track of all actions performed with your inbox. For example, when you log in to Google Mail on another device, a notification will appear on your phone, and when you change your password on soap, the system will send an alert to your phone.

how to create a login and password for mail

Email Registration

To create an electronic mailbox, select the mail service. It is better to choose from the most popular ones - they have higher protection, high-quality spam filters and convenient access recovery mechanisms.

Press the "Register" button and start filling in the fields. As a rule, you need to enter your first and last name, come up with a username and password. How to create your username and password, for example, on, is described directly on the registration page. In the same place, the validity of the data entered is instantly checked. If your chosen login is busy, you will have to invent another one. Often the system itself offers login options based on your first and last name.

When choosing a password, do not give preference to too simple combinations - they are easily selected and broken into.

After filling in all the fields and successfully completing the registration process, the mail service will automatically open a page with your mailbox. To enter it, for example, after closing the browser window, enter the postal service in the address bar, select the "login" button in the opened window, and enter your password and login.

How to come up with a beautiful username?

Before you think about how to create a login and password for the mail, decide how you plan to use this mailbox. For a working login, it is common to use a first and last name. In some cases, the mailing address also uses the name of the organization in which you work. And for a mailbox intended only for personal use, you can use both your first and last name, and, for example, your phone number - here you can show imagination.

To make your login beautiful and easy to remember, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use letters that can be confused when dictating a login. Such letters include, for example, S and C - not all Internet users know English and correct pronunciation of letters.You may be misunderstood, and the letter will not reach the addressee.
  • Specifying the current age in the login does not make sense, because next year the name of the mail will become obsolete.
  • If you plan to use mail for work, do not indicate the year of birth - potential customers and partners may refuse to you, citing insufficient or too respectable age.

How to come up with a strong password?

In order for the password to be strong, it is enough to take into account a few simple notes:

  • Do not use the same passwords on different resources - if the attacker takes possession of him on one resource, he will automatically get access to all other sites under your name.
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Add special characters (punctuation marks, dollar symbol, quotes, and others).
  • Change the keyboard layout. For example, you chose the word “hammer” as a password. If you change the layout to English, the password will seem difficult to memorize: vjkjnjr.
  • Do not use information that is publicly available in the password. This refers to your first and last name, the names of relatives, pet nicknames, important dates from life, which can be found, for example, through social networks.

how to create your login and password example

Where to store login and password for mail?

In addition to creating a login and password for mail, you will probably have to register with other services, you may also need a login and password when logging into your account on your work computer. The question of how and where to store such information becomes very relevant in this situation, since it is rather difficult to keep it in your head. So, in order not to forget your registration data you should:

  • Write the password and login to paper. However, in this case, you will always have to carry data with you, and if you lose it, you will have to work hard to regain access to the services.
  • Create a text document on the computer in which passwords and logins for various services will be indicated. So that they do not become known to everyone who has access to your PC, change the extension. For example, .txt can be changed to .jpg. In this case, the file will be displayed as a picture, and in order to access the information in it, you must first change the extension.
  • In order not to store logins and passwords on a computer, you can copy the file to a flash card and use it as needed.
  • You can use special software for storing passwords.So all the data will be in one place, and to get access to them, you have to remember only one cipher.

how to create a login and password

Restore Email Access

For one reason or another, access to e-mail may be lost. To restore it, you can use the tools specifically provided for such situations. This may be the answer to the code question that is filled in during registration, or password recovery via a mobile phone (but this requires bind the number to the account in the mail).

If it was not possible to restore access on your own, you can contact technical support or create a new login and password for the mail. However, in this case, all contacts and correspondence stored in the old mailbox will be lost.

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