How to cook a hookah correctly - reveal secrets

Love for the hookah in all manifests itself in different ways.Some remain adherents of rare outings to a cafe or restaurant that provide such a service. And others, having first tried the sweet smoke, run to buy their own hookah. But first you need to understand how the process of smoking is taking place and how to get from ithow to cook a hookahmaximum pleasure.

Much depends on how to make a hookah.Professional hookahs do this for one or two. But what if you want to enjoy your own acquisition with friends and at home, because these are completely different emotions? The answer is simple: all you need is to follow the recommendations clearly.

Required items

The most important element is, of course, itselfhookah. If you have not already bought this wonderful unit, then it's worth considering about choosing. There are many species. The main difference is the size of the bulb and the shaft. It is believed that the longer the last, the better, however, the first thing to pay attention to the size of the first. If you are going to buy it for yourself, then you will be fine with a small hookah, but if you count on a significant company, then get a bigger thing.

In addition, there are varieties with a bowl forice. It serves to cool the smoke. So, you have an apparatus, but it's too early to think about how to make a hookah. The main thing in this business is tobacco, but this is not the only thing. You will also need foil, coal, tweezers (they usually come complete with a hookah), the liquid for the bulb and the last on the list, but not in the sense of a needle. You are ready, you can start.

The first step: preparation

Remember the most important rule: always wash the hookah completely and with a detergent. And the latter should be based on soda, but it is better to usehow to cook a hookah on the wateractually soda.Otherwise, the smell of the remedy can make itself felt at the most inopportune moment, during smoking. It is advisable to carry out this procedure after each time you used a hookah. How to properly prepare it for smoking is already a secondary task.

For cleaning, you can and should use brushes, becausethat it is important to completely rinse the mine, and this is not so easy to do. So we remove the deposit, which, if not washed away, will give an unpleasant smack of smoke, and instead of sweetness we will get bitterness. The only thing that is not usually cleaned is the tube, because this process significantly reduces the service life, unless you use silicone varieties. The same can and should be washed.

The second step: assembly

Hookah is being sorted and collectedsimply, the main thing here is not to break the tightness. Check whether the thread is tightened to the end, whether the hose and the cup are tightly seated. This is a very important point in deciding the question of how to make a good hookah, since the density of smoke depends on it. Check the tightness as follows: cover the cup with the palm and try to draw in the air through the hose. Does not exceed? So, you did everything right. Go ahead.

The third step: choosing a liquid

how to cook a nice hookahThe classical variant is a hookah on water, but itquickly bored, and you want something new. Whatever fluid you choose, it is important to follow a number of rules. Pour it into the flask exactly enough that the shaft entered it at 2-3 centimeters. It will be difficult for those who have a bulb of opaque material, but eventually you will already know the level for sure.

Everyone knows that the more liquid, the better the smoke is cleared, but the hookah is tight at the same time. Therefore, follow the rule of the golden mean.

Of course, many worry about howto prepare a hookah on milk, as this is the next popular version after water. Everything is very simple. However, it is worth remembering that milk should not be fatter than 1.5%, because otherwise it will start to foam and can get into the tube. There are many other options, for example, juice. Most often use a multifruit and orange (especially good in combination with orange tobacco), wine, spirits, liqueurs and even beer. The latter option is bad with a lot of foam, which you also look to draw instead of smoke. Whichever fluid you choose, it is best to dilute it with water. The relationships are different. For juice, it can be 1: 2, and for alcohol - 1: 8.

Fourth step: tobacco

In addressing the issue of how to prepare a hookah,tobacco is not the last place, since it is he who gives us that unique aromatic and thick smoke. But in order to be absolutely sure of what you will receive in the end, you need to choose quality brands that have an excise mark. It is also important that the tobacco be fresh.

how to cook a hookah on milkThe taste depends entirely on your preferences, butif you are a beginner, you should pay attention to such options as mint, orange, double apple, grapes, melon and watermelon. Over time, you will learn and mix tobacco. But do not use more than three, otherwise the tastes will be lost. Before you fill the bowl, place the tobacco on a napkin and gut it properly, chop it if necessary, so that there are no lumps and too large leaves, remove the sticks. Fill the bowl in such a way that the holes are not clogged, and an air layer of half a centimeter is formed between the tobacco and the foil. It is important that the leaves do not burn, otherwise the smoke will give unpleasant bitterness.

When everything is ready, cover the cup with foil andproperly press it around the edges. Now arm yourself with a needle and make many, many holes. Take care that the foil does not bend. Now that you have learned how to make tobacco for hookah, you can move on.

The fifth step: coal

Coal exists in two types:Classic, which needs to be preheated, and quickly burned, which flares up from any source of fire. The latter is more convenient and easy to use, however it burns very quickly. Take tweezers one tablet of coal and set it on fire.hookah how to cook properlyWait until it stops sparking, andput on the edge of the bowl. Do not immediately put it in the center, it can lead to uneven heating of the tobacco, constantly move the coal in a circle in a spiral.

The sixth step: lit up

So we figured out how to cookhookah. The case for small - it is necessary to bring it into readiness, and for this purpose to smoke. Begin often to draw air through the tube, thereby allowing the tobacco to warm up and begin to smolder. Ten times will be enough. When enough thick smoke goes, the hookah is ready for smoking. It remains only to sit comfortably on the cushions scattered around him and enjoy the tasty and sweet smoke. A great evening to spend it in the company of friends.


There are a number of nuances that should be considered if you decide to purchase a hookah for private use. Remember that coal is very hot, and if it is dropped, ithow to make tobacco for shishawill certainly melt the carpet or linoleum.Carefully watch this and do not let it fall. Foil is better to take a special, household is not designed for such high temperatures and can tear. If you add alcohol to the liquid, do not overdo it, even small portions give a strong effect.

You can use fruits as a bowl.Apples or oranges will do the best, they do not affect the taste so much, but the pitch is very impressive. If you have a hookah without a bowl for ice, but you want cold smoke, throw it into the liquid, but watch the level and do not overdo it. For the same purposes, you can purchase a cooling tube.

Mint tobacco can be combined with any other,it will give freshness to the smoke. Now you know how to make a hookah. On water or on milk - not so important, the main thing - observe the rules, and you will be satisfied.

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