How to connect the stove?

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How to connect the stove?

Connection of any electrical equipment requires special skills, at least within the framework of a secondary educational school. If a person does not quite possess the knowledge and skills in the field of electricity, it is better not to undertake such work as to connect the electric stove and entrust everything to specially trained people. This will be not only better for the technology, but also safer for himself and those around him.

Fundamental rules

In order to know how to properly connect the stove, you must follow the rules of operation, safety. To qualify for warranty repairs, you must follow these rules. Incorrectly connected stove is a source of danger. The installation of the slab should be in accordance with the Installation Rules for Electrical Installations, Inter-branch labor protection rules during the operation of electrical installations, as well as the norms and rules for the operation of the wires. stock, but most importantly, instruction. It is possible to deprive you of the warranty on the stove if you do not follow these rules.

The electric stove in our article is a device, where the panel located on top can be together with an oven cupboard, or separately, when embedded. If your hob is not electric, but a gas and electric oven, it is also important to know how to connect the electric stove, or rather the oven, correctly. For these types of household appliances, the differences in these processes are insignificant.

The old stove will need to be removed to make room for new equipment. Take instructions. We will read it in order to know the recommendations of manufacturers, how to connect the electric stove and determine the place of its installation, determine whether the length of the wiring is sufficient. We take the plate out of the package, we look for any mechanical damage. Checking the flat panel.

Proper wiring

Required tools:

  • plate instruction,
  • electric stove itself,
  • copper wire in three wires
  • ground outlet
  • pliers,
  • switchboard machine,
  • tester,
  • screwdriver.

To connect the electric cooker, there must be an input cable made of copper with a cross section of at least 6 mm, an input automat (standing on the ladder) of 40-50 A, also make a protective disconnection using a RCD rated for the same amperage with a leakage of 30 mA.Connect the wire to the stove individually, in how to properly connect the electric stove is a prerequisite. The cross section of such a wire is more than 4 mm.

Three wires in the wire - at 0, phase and ground. “Zero” and “Earth” on the panel are connected to different pads - ground on the body, zero - on the tavern, which is isolated from the body and connected with a wire with zero output of the RCD. Connect the Phase to the machine with 32-40 A. If you have an input machine with 40 A, then no more than 32 A will be placed on the slab of the machine, and if 50 - let me put a 40-amp machine. It will be, like the wire, separate.

See that the end of the wire has a 3- to 25-32-amp electrical outlet. Do not buy large production sockets and black Soviet ones. Get small white rosettes, recessed into the wall. We assemble the plug, take the cable, take the PVA 3 x 4 from the socket to the wall, do not forget to leave about 2 meters of cable to ensure the normal maintenance of the plate.

Design features of plates

Some models of stoves have design features that distinguish them from most others in how to connect an electric stove to a home electrical network. That is why, even with a lot of experience, it is recommended that you first thoroughly familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to the stove.

This is especially true of how to connect an electrolux electric stove from a Swedish manufacturer of household appliances. The assembly shops of this corporation are scattered throughout Europe, including in the countries of the former socialist camp, such as Romania. This to a large extent contributes to the diversity of styles and models of this plate.

On some sites you can learn more about how to connect the electric stove, video materials often accompany this information. The European assembly, of course, surpasses the Asian one, but still the quality of the equipment is inferior to the samples made at the leading enterprises. Therefore, you should carefully consider this technique to ensure its uninterrupted operation for a long time.

Separately, it should be said about the electric stoves of the VEKO Company. This is a well-known European brand, one of the five largest manufacturers in the market of household appliances. VECO electric stoves are richly equipped with various sensors and devices that greatly facilitate the process of cooking. Therefore, it is very important to know how to connect the Veko electric cooker correctly so as not to knock down the work of all the electronics.

General recommendations

Modern kitchen electric stoves have many additional functions and sensors. Reliability and performance directly depends on how to connect the electric cooker in compliance with all technical requirements.

Be attentive to the choice of sockets, cables to be used. All of them must comply with manufacturers recommendations. The best way to connect is to use a separate outlet, which will not be connected in parallel to other outlets or switches. All connections must be neat and tight to avoid short circuits. Carefully follow all recommended steps.

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