How to connect an online outlet?

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How to connect an online outlet?

The Internet has firmly entered our lives, which means that special wires, cables and sockets have entered our apartment with it. In this article we will talk about such a difficult question, how to connect an Internet outlet. It looks like a simple device, but it should be noted that it is more complicated than all the electrical devices of this type currently available. And its installation requires certain knowledge.

How to connect an online outlet: instructions

So, we will assume that the Internet cable has already been connected and its end is sticking out of the socket. It remains only to make a connection. What is an internet cable? This is a stranded wire consisting of four pairs. That is, eight wires stick out of the braid, four of which are of different colors, four are pure white. So a pair is the connection of one colored wire with white. You immediately have to connect them together, twisting in pairs.

  1. Now take the socket with the rj45 interface, it is they who today are most often used to connect. Turn it to your back.There is a white latch installed, which must be rotated clockwise 90º. With it, remove the back cover.
  2. You need to push the Internet cable through the removed cover. Do not change its location. That is, the cable should come from the back side, where the retainer was.
  3. Please note that there is a sticker on the lid, where couples are marked. There are two of them: "A" and "B". Choose "B".
  4. Here on the cover there are grooves for couples. The latter are placed strictly according to the chosen scheme.
  5. Now install the cover back into the outlet. In the correct installation, you can not go wrong, because the socket and the lid has a groove and spike. With two parts they will have to combine.
  6. The cover is installed, insert the retainer and turn it back 90º counterclockwise.

Now the question is how to connect the socket. In this model, the pad consists of two sharpened plates. The distance between them is equal to the cross section of the pair without braid. When you fix the lid, it sits in the seat, and the pointed ends of the pads cut through the braid of the pairs, reaching the copper core. This is how contact happens.Most importantly, this is the most reliable contact.

Now trim the ends of the pairs and insert the socket itself into the socket. Fix it and cover it from above with a panel. Everything, the socket is installed.

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