How to conduct open classes in the first junior group?

For many kindergarten educators, the question of how to conduct an open class is correct and interesting. It is important to choose a suitable topic, which will be not only developmental and cognitive, but also clearly corresponds to the age of the first younger group.

The importance of such training is also due to the fact that they are often visited by fellow educators, as well as by the management of a children's institution. Even if after a lesson you will hear criticism in your address, do not despair. Perhaps you need to listen to your more experienced colleagues.

In order to avoid undesirable statements addressed to them by other educators, it is important to be in full "combat readiness". Especially if this is your first open lesson for you.

Remember that your main critics are children, for whom it is not at all important that you want to teach them something and develop something there. They need it to be fun, entertaining and exciting.

For what it is necessary to conduct open classes in the first younger group. Basic Information

Open classes in the first junior group of the kindergarten are necessary for various reasons. First, it will help educators exchange experiences, share interesting topics that can later be used with other groups. Secondly, such classes will give children bright impressions and a lot of positive emotions.Open classes in the first junior group

The main thing is that open classes in the first younger group should not be perceived by educators as a matter of course, but turned into real creative events. Then the children will not have an ordinary day spent in kindergarten, but an amazing and unforgettable holiday.

That is why open classes in the first junior group can not be held spontaneously, they must be carefully prepared: in advance to think over the topic, the course of the session, pick up suitable music, visual aids, perhaps costumes for children. You can use the finished abstract, but do not forget to add your creative ideas.

Choose an open class topic

first junior group of kindergartenChoosing a topic for a particular open lesson is extremely important. It should be selected in accordance with the age of the children. It is necessary to prepare for the proposed topic such tasks, with which the first junior group of the kindergarten will be able to cope without difficulty.

It is desirable that the theme sounded not too banal, but also not vague. If you can not come up with a name, we suggest using a list of interesting options:

  • "Our home friends are the best in the world."
  • "Magic Snowman".
  • "Birds are our good friends."
  • "Who is the fairest of all in the world?"
  • "Bunny-jumper and cockerel-golden scallop visiting children".
  • "And what do we have inside the parcel?"
  • "Winter is my winter, my snow-white one."

Organization of the process

After selecting the topic, you should draw up a plan for an open class.

  1. The goal is to indicate what knowledge, skills and skills you are going to form in accordance with the chosen topic.
  2. Tasks (can be educational, developing, educational, fixing, etc.).
  3. Course of the lesson. The whole organized process can be described in the form of a detailed scenario with the indication of the participants or briefly describe the actions and questions of the caregiver, the alleged reactions and responses of the toddlers.
  4. Questions for fixing. At the end of the lesson it is worth to find out what the children liked and did not like, what was most memorable, etc.
  5. Materials and equipment. Indicate what technical means of training were used.
  6. Visual aids. These are all kinds of cards, schemes, pictures, etc., which were used during the open session.
  7. List of used literature: books, methodical guides, links to sources on the Internet.

Lesson notes

Many educators say that with the youngest children it is extremely interesting and at the same time difficult to work with. The age of such children is two to three years. They used to go to the nursery, and now it's the first junior group. It is desirable to have lectures for such children for each educator not only on the open day, but also on a regular basis.

first younger group lesson notes

It's only at first glance that it might seem that you should not prepare for the first junior group in advance, because the crumbs do not understand anything, and the educator has the right to improvise.

However, if you are a true teacher, you should understand that the task is not just to watch the children. In each lesson, you must develop certain knowledge, skills and skills, shape your personality, and bring up the best human qualities. It is important to do all this not obtrusively, but exciting and interesting.

If you do not have the experience, but there is a great desire to teach the kids, then you will be helped by a large amount of literature that exists today. Your fantasy will also serve as an excellent source. And do not forget: in every lesson you should try to have children, be sincere, smiling and benevolent.

Drawing in open class

drawing classes first junior group

All children are very fond of creative pursuits. Drawing the first younger group perceives, as a rule, with enthusiasm. If you want to make such an occupation open, here is an example of one of them.

Drawing with a die

It is necessary to carefully prepare visual aids and materials for each child. You will need a toy bus (preferably yellow), a paper size A4 with a picture of a beautiful vehicle, stamps rectangular and round, easel, gouache. As a musical accompaniment, the song of Ekaterina Zheleznova "Bus" can be used.

Tasks.Teach children to draw with dies rectangular windows and round wheels in the right place on paper, to fix knowledge of yellow color, to develop the motor activity of children.

The course "Wheels and windows for the bus"

planning in the first junior group

Start with the popular game "Carousels". The educator and children simulate a trip by car and sentence the following: "Carousels, carousels, we sat on the car" (then they depict the trip by train, airplane, bus, then sit down at the table).

Then the bunny brings a painted bus without windows and wheels. Identical vehicles - in children on paper. The educator visually shows everyone where it is necessary to stamp the wheels and windows, after which each child does the same thing on his own sheet.

For each work performed, the educator praises the children, not noticing at the same time who got better or worse. If you notice that someone has failed, then it is better to work out an activity individually or ask parents as a homework.

To the music of Ekaterina Zheleznova, the little ones on the balls "leave".

As we can see from the course of the lesson, careful planning in the first junior group is necessary.


Open classes occupy an important place in the educational process, as well as in the system of raising the qualifications of educators. Colleagues exchange positive experiences, share impressions, discuss mistakes or shortcomings. The effectiveness of this form of work, of course, depends on a thorough thought of the process and proper preliminary preparation.

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