How to choose a baby carriage?

Before the birth of a child, you should already think about what kind of stroller you will get. In it, the kid will spend a lot of time every day: on a walk or at home (some children like to fall asleep in wheelchairs). Therefore, it is important to choose the right stroller so that it is comfortable and comfortable.

Features strollers for newborns

Before you choose a stroller for a newborn, you should understand how it differs from strollers for older children. A baby for approximately six months should not be in a vertical or semi-vertical position. Most of the time it lies. Therefore, the stroller should provide a flat horizontal surface, serve as a crib in which the child will sleep comfortably. There should be no dimples or dents on the back. The bottom of the stroller does not bend. Therefore, a stroller for a newborn is not suitable.

There is a lot of wheelchairs, so the question of how to choose a baby carriage is especially relevant.Let's consider, what carriages will suit only to the born child.


Such a stroller-cradle is very similar to the usual classic cradle, only worn on the chassis. It is easily removed, so it can be brought into the house, car. The baby is facing you, so you see what your child is doing.

The stroller has only one position - horizontal. It is very dense, there are no extra details on it. The back is smooth, just suitable for a newborn. The cradle itself is almost completely closed, so that you do not have to use the various blankets there to hide the baby from excess eyes.


This is a more functional stroller that can be used not only for newborns. Usually it has several provisions. The back can be adjusted - in a sitting or half-sitting position, in the horizontal for the smallest. Often in such wheelchairs there is a cradle that can be removed and can be carried with the baby.

Transformer essentially replaces two strollers at once. When the crumb grows up, you can not buy a stroller.But such a stroller is heavy, and the seat belts on the back are felt by the baby, if you do not use the cradle.

Wheelchairs - modular systems

These strollers can be transformed as a regular stroller, cradle and in the walking option. On the chassis is simply installed a cradle, a walking unit. Often in the kit can still be a car seat. Such strollers can be used after six months, when your baby begins to sit.

Requirements for wheelchairs

Pondering how to choose a stroller for a newborn, you should consider its weight. You will have to pull it down from the steps almost every day, lift it, walk with it. Therefore, it should not be too heavy.

Passable stroller is also important. If you plan to use it in winter or spring, then choose the option with large, high-quality wheels. Remember that wider wheels are easier to pass through the snow. If the wheelchair has small wheels, you may find it difficult to control it.

Important is the cradle in which the newborn will sleep. The color of the stroller is important. It should be done in warm colors that will not irritate the baby.The spacious cradle allows the baby to move easily, not to feel constrained. Even if you put a warm overall on a newborn or wrapped it in a blanket, it should be comfortable.

Hard wheelchairs are not an option for newborns. It’s hard for a kid to feel safe in them, because he will constantly shake on the road. Choose a softer, more comfortable stroller. Then the baby will comfortably sleep in it, and you will be able to get real pleasure from a walk.

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