How much fry mushrooms depending on their type?

Dishes from fried mushrooms are always tasty, tender and fragrant. Both adults and children love them. There are a lot of recipes and cooking options: with onions, with sour cream, and with potatoes, and with vegetables. To do this, use a variety of mushrooms: honey, white, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, russula and many others. This diversity leads us to the frequently asked question of how much to fry mushrooms. We will try to consider in this article the preparation time for each specific much to fry mushrooms?


How many mushrooms should I fry, for example, mushrooms that are so beloved by everyone? When they are fresh, they must first be wiped with a damp cloth or rinsed, then cut. After that, you should heat the pan, add vegetable oil and fry the mushrooms on medium heat until the liquid evaporates, not forgetting to stir periodically. By the time this procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.Frozen mushrooms cook about 10-12 minutes, pickled - just 5 minutes. True, they must first be rinsed in cold water.

White mushrooms

How much fry white mushrooms? They are considered the most noble, wholesome and tasty. By the time this process takes, as in the preparation of mushrooms, just 15 minutes.

Oyster mushrooms

How much to cook oyster mushrooms? Before you begin the main process of cooking oyster mushrooms, they must first be boiled in salt water (about 7 minutes after boiling) and then cooked in a pan (no more than 3 - 5 minutes). If you keep them longer on fire, oyster mushrooms will be tough and lose their true taste and aroma.

how much should you fry mushroomsRyzhiki and russula

How many fry mushrooms mushrooms and russula? It is advisable not to wash them, but only to wipe them with a damp cloth so that they crumble less. Cook these mushrooms in butter. In the process of frying, salt them, then fry until the juice disappears and hold on the fire for no more than 2 minutes, stirring intensely. You can add one chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Answering the question of how much to fry mushrooms, we got a complete recipe for cooking rybikov and syroezhek.

Honey agaric

how much fry white mushroomsYou will have to tinker with magnets a little longer, but this process is worth it.They must first boil for 20-30 minutes in salted water and add spices (bay leaf, black pepper peas). Readiness is easy to notice, they all settle to the bottom. Next you need to shift the mushrooms in a colander and let drain water. Fry onions in advance until golden brown. Put the mushrooms on a dry frying pan and evaporate the liquid. It should be noted that the mushrooms “shoot” and jump out of the pan, so you need to cover it with a lid, if, of course, you have no desire to collect them throughout the kitchen. After that you need to add ready onions to the mushrooms, and after 5-7 minutes you can call everyone to the table.


For cooking it is better to use vegetable or butter. Boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables and salads are served as a side dish. To feel the real aroma and delicate taste of mushrooms, you need to start cooking them before serving. These recommendations are addressed more likely to novice cooks.

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