How have phone owners changed in 20 years?

When I was young and innocent, having a cell phone was considered a sign of wealth. In the city of owners of "mobile" could be counted on the fingers. Now every schoolchild sticks into the screen of the smartphone, and from the category of “Ponte” the phone moved to the category of “first thing”.
The market is saturated with offers from manufacturers of cellular phones and other gadgets. However, making the right choice is not at all easy, because at first glance there are a lot of phones and at the same time they are very similar to each other.
Basically, people rush into two extremes: either they buy a phone more expensively than their own salary, taking loans on it, or they demonstrate a false indifference to gadgets - they say, why do I need all these petty-bourgeois things. In the meantime, both are wrong. The first hurts the budget, and the second throws a person into the stone age, depriving him of a million interesting opportunities and chances.
Any adequate modern phone owner understands that a gadget with advanced features is more than just a bluff like 20 years ago. This is just an opportunity to always keep up with the times. So what to choose?
What comes to mind when we talk about phones? IPhone and Samsung - the eternal battle of the giants, iOS and Android. But if earlier competitors of these two giants really had a little, now it is quite possible to find not only the same in the market, but cheaper, but also much better offers for specifically less money.
Recently, for example, the Meizu Pro 7 Plus smartphone came out, which stands out clearly among all modern smartphones. I think it has all chances to compete with the flagships of Samsung and iPhone, although it is much cheaper.
The main feature of the new generation of Meizu is two screens. The fact that this is super-easy for the current user, is not even necessary to say! Why did the manufacturer even made a second screen on the back? Why, in any smartphone, the main screen is so full of information, messages and notifications that the user is not always able to quickly figure them out! And here the second screen will allow you to immediately highlight the most important notices, and certainly they will not be lost among other information!
About selfie and bokeh, too, they came up with a cool.The second screen allows you to make high-quality and clear selfie. (no matter how you would relate to this trend of photography, but selfie is the direction of modern fashion and style). With the help of the second screen, they can be conveniently done exactly on a double main camera. And the bokeh function will immediately allow you to blur the background and highlight you, beloved, in the picture even clearer.
And also (oh, music lovers, for you!) A mp3 player is built into the back screen. It can be used without activating the main screen (which again saves battery power). Designers came up with fun - to make the player interface in the style of the early 2000s, well, as the first MP3s used to be. The smartphone has a music chip with an amplifier, so not only the design, but also the sound will be excellent.
Meizu Pro 7 Plus easily fits in the palm of your hand, despite the size of the main screen 5.7 inches. The design of the smartphone fits into the framework of the modern production of gadgets: thin, glossy, lightweight, brilliant. In general, Meizu looks quite convincing even against the background of the “old-timers” of the current smartphone market.
But the most important thing (and all smartphone users will appreciate it to the same degree) - Meizu Pro 7 Plus is equipped with a built-in 3500 mAh battery that supports fast charging. Well, that is, 50% of the charge in just half an hour.The charge lasts for a long time, but not only due to the “smart” battery, but also thanks to the second screen, which helps to maintain battery power without launching an energy-intensive main screen.

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