How does the spell affect people? What consequences?

How does the spell affect people? What consequences?

  1. What does the spell lead to? A woman, trying to get a man, and does not guess at what torments doom him and himself. This is not a spell at all, but a love spell. Privorot quickly turns young men into old men. Here, and there is no question about feelings, men drink all of its life force and send it to the dump. Indeed, black magic magic acts much more than conventional methods and almost certainly. But, not for long. The man who receives the spell quickly loses the Force, becomes impotent, constantly gets into accidents. Naturally, in bed, impotent can not do anything. Instead, there is hatred and aggression, and above all with respect to a woman. He subconsciously feels that it is her fault in his problems. At the first opportunity, such a man will avenge you: give money to a person who will never return, disclose your personal secret, beat up to death, etc., etc. The spell damage through a single magical seal that has the power of the curse of the family and can be transmitted through the male line, nothing more than a man can inherit the transfer can not. Often such a man loses his mind. Such people do not live long. For such a "black" love spell, a woman can get both a seal of loneliness, and a serious illness, cancer, fatal bad luck, problems with sex, numerous urological diseases in men and gynecological problems in women, constant money problems, sometimes up to complete financial collapse. Emotionally - depression, phobia, aggressive or depressive psychosis, problems in communication, isolation, desire for a solitary way of life. Physically - various diseases, right up to the oncological, complete decay of forces. Probable problems with alcohol and drugs, etc., etc. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remove such a seal of loneliness by a sorceress or a magician.
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  3. Privot deystvuet ne tolko na togo kogo privorajivayut no i na to kto privorajivaet !!!! Vo pervih u 4eloveka menyayutsya vse misli i jelaniya i 4elovek kak budto vo sne! On nikogo ne vidit, ni4ego ne ho4et krome togo, kto ego privorojil !!! U 4eloveka vse menyaetsya naprimer sey4as on uspawen u nego mnogo deneg horowaya rabota, kogda vi ego privorajivaete u nego so vremenem vse uhodit on vse teryaet i rabotu i dengi i uspeh!
    Da i vam eto potom vernetsya takje!
    Tak 4to lu4we takimi vewami ne wutit !!! :)
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  5. + and the spell

    Privorot is a binding to yourself of a person who is the object of your passion or unrequited love, through various magical actions. At the beginning of any magical impact it is necessary to establish an energy connection with the person to whom you are going to make a spell.
    To do this, his personal things are needed: a photograph, a strand of hair, blood, a piece of clothing, etc.
    The methods of "white" and "black" (further without "") of the spell are also opposite, as day and night, light and darkness, good and evil. The goal of the white spell is to connect loving hearts, if someone or something prevents them from being together. In this case, there is no need to instill or zombie an object, you just need to eliminate the cause that separates the lovers. It is clear that in the case of a white spell, violence or pressure on a person is excluded. His complete freedom of will and freedom of choice remain. The motto of the white spell is similar to the Hippocratic oath: "Do no harm!"

    In black magic, as is known, there are no moral limitations. All means are good to achieve the goal. Most often, an elementary zombie object is used. There can be no question of any freedom of choice in this case. But not all people are equally affected by external influences, even the strongest. The majority includes a protective mechanism and the man is not in a hurry to execute the telepathic orders given to him.

    So what do you prefer: a white or black spell?

    Pros of a strong white spell:
    safe working method,
    absence of side effects,
    harmonious relations are achieved,
    the strengthening of mutual feelings,
    strengthening of family and marriage.
    Remote magic help

    White spirits cons:
    it is difficult to track the response of an object to an impact, sometimes a long wait for a result, an object can ignore the effect on it,
    in the absence of mutual feelings, it does not work.

    Pros of a strong black spell:
    you can quickly achieve what you want,
    no restrictions in the choice of means,
    there is a strong binding.
    Disadvantages of the black spell:
    unsafe methods of work, the presence of side effects, karmic retreat, restrictions on the duration of action.
    An alternative to black and white privorotu is a powerful gray spell. This, a mixture of different techniques, works, incorporating both the shortcomings, and the advantages of black and white privorov. A vivid example of the gray spell can serve as "village features" in which the appeal to God and the devil are equivalent and are present in the same conspiracy.

    Combining the pros and cons of black and white privorov, he can:

    faster to give the desired result with less side effects, expands the possibilities of using different methods and gives a lasting result, there arises both strong binding and reciprocity of feelings.


    Privorot challenge the attraction of one person to another with the help of magic. The stronger the love spell, the stronger the attraction.
    For a love spell, it is necessary (or rather, highly desirable) to communicate with the person affected. Its frequency and quality affect both the timing of implementation and the strength of magic, and, in general, the percentage of probability of achieving the desired result from the operation performed by the mage.
    There are many varieties of spells (magic bindings). Binding is another name of the spell. Due to the fact that at the level of the energy-informational spell most often looks like a channel, a kind of bond. Allocate a sexual attachment and love spell. In the first case, the binding is at the level of the second chakra (sexual), in the second at the level of the fourth chakra (cardiac). Sexual attachment is expressed in the appearance of sexual desire for the customer, the love spell causes languor, thoughts about the customer, the person begins to miss him.

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