How do honey?

Ordinary bee swarm, which lives inthe average hive on the apiary, is able to produce about 30 kilograms of honey a year. Life span of worker bees no more than 6 weeks during this time each bee manages to produce a teaspoon of pleasant nectar, which people are accustomed to call honey. So, let's look at how honey works.

Work bees

Having reached a workable state, the beeflies out of the hive in search of sweet nectar, which is most often found in the core of flowers. Through the petals, the bee penetrates the flower and, using the proboscis, sucks out the nectar from it. For some time it is stored in the abdomen of the animal, at this time the body processes the sweet filler with enzymes and isolates excess moisture from it. The insect organism produces enzymes that enrich the material for further production of honey.

In addition to nectar, insects collect their legs with pollen, which is very often mixed with honey, which gives it nutritional properties.

Only in the event that more bees can notcollect nectar, it returns to the hive. Gathered inside the bee, the honey neatly fits into the honeycomb, where it continues to be processed under the action of enzymes. Filling the honeycomb with honey, the bee does not forget to close it with a thin layer of wax. After that it becomes clear how to get honey.

Work of the beekeeper

Now let's look at how the beekeeper works,and how to collect honey. For this, a person wears a special suit that can protect against the attack of bees. In order to extract honey from honeycombs, there are several methods. The first - it's just smacking bees out of honeycombs and expecting that they themselves will fly to the hive. In this case, bees try to eat as much honey as possible. Having grown absorbed, they become calm and faintly resist. The last method is to separate the swarm from the honey with a separator. With this method, bees are trapped in some way, they can not get out of them. Such a device must be placed inside the hive approximately 2-3 hours before the honey extraction procedure.

After the honeycombs are in the hands ofbeekeeper, it remains to extract it from honeycombs. Since there is a small layer of wax on top, it is necessary to remove it and pour the contents into a container. The honeycombs are returned back to the hive. Until the end they can not be emptied.

Now, to find out how honey is formed, it remains for us to filter it. This is done by heating the honey to + 73 ° C, and then filtering it through the paper.

Now, we hope you understand how they do it.honey in the apiary. Of course, most of the work is done by bees, but a lot depends on the experience of the beekeeper. It is through going through all the above processes, honey becomes what it really is: tasty and useful. Remember: honey is the only unique product produced by animals that a person can consume.

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