How can you take goji berries for weight loss

How can you take goji berries for weight loss

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Goji berries (barberry Tibetan) - a unique tool, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. In addition to the healing properties, it has another important ability - it helps in the fight against obesity.

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Ways to use

Goji berries for weight loss can be used whole or as a drink. In addition, the fruit can be added to various dishes, but it is worth remembering that during heat treatment, some of the useful components are destroyed.

How to brew goji berries.

  • Dry berries before use should be well washed, and then eat them like dried fruits.
  • To make a goji beverage, the right amount of berries should be poured into a cup, pour well with hot water (but not boiling water), cover the cup and let it brew for 30-40 minutes. The resulting drink should be drunk, and berries - to eat.
  • In addition, soaked berries can be added to the finished dish, such as a salad, yogurt or muesli.Add goji berries in dishes.
The best option is to fill the berries with hot water for the night.During this time, the fruit will be able to insist well and become as useful as possible. The resulting tincture should be drunk on an empty stomach, and the berries should be eaten whole or added to breakfast. For tincture need 30 grams of berries and a half cups of water.

How to use

Goji berries tincture can be drunk throughout the day. This is recommended for people who often feel hunger.

How to eat goji berries.
This drink will help suppress the appetite.
You can drink it in small portions, taking 1-2 cups of the drug during the day.

Nutritionists recommend taking goji berries twice a day.
How much to use goji berries.
It should be noted that a large amount of vitamins contained in them can stimulate the activity of the body, and therefore, if there are problems with sleep or their prevention, goji is better not to eat at night.

The best option is to eat berries in the morning and in the afternoon: before meals or during meals.

In some cases, goji berries can cause allergies caused by individual intolerance to their components. Therefore, before using it is recommended to eat 2-3 fruits and observe the reaction of the body. After that, the number of berries can be increased to the desired.

A day is recommended to take 20-30 grams of goji berries.If this tool is well tolerated and does not cause side effects, its amount can be increased to 45 g per day.

According to reviews, goji berries are an effective and quite simple way in the fight against overweight. This was the reason for their popularity among losing weight.

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Useful properties of goji

Goji berries promote fat burning, as well as its removal from the body. Including they help cleanse the liver. This action of goji returns the body the ability to function in the correct rhythm, which has a positive effect on weight. The tool activates the metabolism, and therefore all the eaten fats and carbohydrates burn much faster.
How to use goji berries for weight loss.
In addition, goji berries stimulate the bowels, allowing the body to get rid of all unnecessary and thus neutralizing the effects of toxins. Another important feature of goji berries is that they reduce appetite.

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Valentina Cheremkhina, dietician consultant
Indeed, ridding the body of excess weight is one of the uses of berries. Since the product contains natural amino acids, it contributes to the burning of fat.Goji berries are easily absorbed by the body. In addition, the berries have several useful properties:
1. Reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol, reduce blood oxidation.
2. improve blood flow to the retina and thereby improve vision.
3. Make the organs and vessels of the body stronger and more durable.
4. Goji berries are a means to prevent cancer.
I want to share a recipe for tea with berries. It helps well with pressure and high blood sugar levels. It is necessary to pour boiling water over a pinch of black tea, 3-5 chrysanthemum flowers and 6 goji berries. Infuse for 15 minutes.

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