Hens of breed Bielefelder: description and reviews

Domestic chickens are the very first birds that have been tamed by humans. They are justly considered the favorites of the poultry yard. But not all of them can boast a beautiful appearance and productivity at the same time. Chickens are meat, egg and meat-egg orientation. Experienced poultry farmers offer to pay attention, having studied the description and reviews, to chickens of Bielefelder breed. The bird has a calm, docile disposition, good health, has a non-conflict character, excellent egg production and high quality meat. This breed of chickens is considered universal. Chickens of Bielefelder breed are notable for their beautiful plumage and high productivity.

Bielefelder Chickens


This breed of chickens was created in Germany in the 70s of the last century, and in 1980 it was officially recognized. The founder of the breed is a professional breeder Gerber Roth. The basis of selection, in addition to local German chickens, were taken such breeds:

  • new hampshire;
  • velzummer;
  • Rhode Island;
  • amrox.

As a result of crossbreeding, a hybrid of hens of meat and egg orientation was obtained. The breed was bred in the city of Bielefeld, in his honor she got the name. The breed of hens is a bielefelder of different growth rates, excellent taste of meat, calm character. The bird has taken the best qualities of crossed breeds - excellent egg production, strong immunity, feathering diversity. The average bird has the following weight: roosters - 4.5 kilograms, chicken - 3.9 kilograms. An excellent bonus of this breed is autosex coloring; in chicks, 24 hours after incubation, it is already possible to determine the sex.

Breed bielefelder: description

Roosters of the Bielefelder breed have an elongated large body, the tail is slightly raised upwards. The bird has a deep and large chest, an oblong back, the wings are small, the feathers are tightly pressed to the body. The head is small, round eyes of orange color, earrings in the shape of an oval, leaf-like comb, neck is massive, short. Legs strong, not feathered, beak yellow-brown. In chickens, the body is tilted slightly forward, the abdomen is more rounded, the chest is wider than in the rooster. The eggshell is from light brown to dark brown. Birds belong to meat and egg breed.

Hens of breed Bielefelder: photo, coloring

The bird of this breed has a completely amazing elegant color, which was called "krill". This is a combination of silver, black, gold and striped color. In cloudless sunny weather, birds become a real decoration of the courtyard. The plumage can be of two types: golden black or silver black. Hens of this breed are darker with a mixture of red color. The color of the rooster is much brighter, it includes a variety of colors: orange-yellow, red, gray, brown.

Bielefelder breed of chickens

Special features

Poultry farmers note a number of advantages of bielefelder chickens and their features:

  • autosex color of chickens;
  • fast growth;
  • quick weight gain;
  • high egg production;
  • high quality meat;
  • sustained immunity;
  • cold resistance (up to –15);
  • calm character;
  • unpretentiousness.


Characteristic disadvantages of bielefelder chickens are a narrow chest, a sloping belly, white lobes, and if the bird has weak bones. Also, a lack of breed is considered if the chicken has a belly, chest or head in black. And the rooster has a black back, the wings are white, and the tail is brown.


The birds of this breed have not only a majestic appearance and external advantages, but also are distinguished by their peaceful nature and kindness. Calm and balanced, very friendly birds, they never come into conflict in the poultry yard. For good care and self-care, Bielefelder chickens respond with a strong affection for the owner.

Interesting Facts

The breed Bielefelder chickens genetically laid autosex color. Due to this, just a day after the appearance of chickens, you can confidently distinguish the rooster from the hen. The males of this breed have light yellow plumage; on the back there are brown stripes and a small white spot on the head. Bilefelder chickens have darker stripes and the entire color is generally darker. A distinctive feature in chickens is a black stripe near the eyes.bielefelder chickens and their features


Chickens of this breed are universal. With their content, you can get an egg and meat. Bilefelder chickens with proper feeding can give up to 220 eggs per year. Chickens start feeding at around 6 months of age, eggs weigh 60-70 grams. Good egg production in chickens lasts up to about 3 years.When growing for meat achieved high performance. Meat of hens of white color, dietary, juicy and not fat. Judging by the reviews, the Bielefelder breed of chickens is fairly profitable to keep.


This breed of chickens unpretentious content. This bird is large in size, so the nests should be made large, the roosts should be set stronger. Bielefelders need a balanced diet and a good walking large. It is recommended to keep bielefelder chickens separately from other birds. Since they are slow and non-conflicting, they cannot stand up for themselves. Chickens can remain hungry due to the fact that other more mobile and aggressive birds can drive them away from the feeder.


The aviary should be free enough to avoid crowding. It is necessary that the bird can freely move and dig in the ground. Restricting movement can lead to bird obesity, and this, in turn, can affect egg production rates. The enclosure can be low, belifelders do not fly. The pad should be well covered with sand. In the aviary, it is desirable to sow grass.But since the birds quickly eat it, it would be nice to have two enclosures and use them alternately.breeding the Bielefelder breed

Chicken coop

This breed of chickens is able to withstand quite low air temperatures (up to -15 degrees), if the temperature is expected to drop even lower, the dwelling of the chickens must be insulated or heated. The necessary requirement for the chicken coop is the normative area, per 1 sq. M. meter should not be more than 3 birds of this breed. Closer population can lead to various diseases and infections of chickens. Nests should be sufficiently large and comfortable, with straw or hay at the bottom. On four laying hens one nest is enough. The roosts should be made low and strong enough to withstand a large weight of chickens. It is not recommended to do roosting on several floors. This can lead to a bird injury.

In the hen house, it is necessary to increase daylight with the help of lighting, this is especially important in winter. It should work at least 13 hours a day. With the optimal combination of lighting, heat, good and good nutrition, the hens are able to rush almost all year round. Sawdust can be used to cover the hen house.dry peat and straw, the litter does not change during the year (it gives additional heat), if necessary, simply pour dry litter. All coverings should be changed in early spring and full spring cleaning should be carried out. In the summer it is better to transfer chickens to another room. There must be ventilation in the hen house. But drafts that can lead to diseases of the bird are not allowed.

Bielefelder Breed Chicken Description Reviews


Just look at the appearance of the hens of this breed to understand - they need high-calorie food. Adult chickens can be fed with regular feed at least twice a day. Young hens and chickens need a carefully selected diet. Bielefelders have a large backbone, which is built from protein and calcium. It is these elements that must be added to feed for young animals. If they do not receive good nutrition, in the future this may affect productivity and health. The diet of young stock should consist of:

  • croup;
  • meat and bone meal;
  • greenery;
  • sunflower meal;
  • small gravel;
  • vitamin supplements.

For food used cereals - wheat, millet, oats and other grains. As a protein, the bird should receive boiled fish, corn, soy.Greens can be given in unlimited quantities. It is useful to buy high-quality balanced feed specifically for birds.


Throughout the first month of life, chickens are very sensitive to heat, they can die even at room temperature. The first week the air temperature in the room where they are located must be at least 30 degrees Celsius. Then it can be gradually reduced and by the age of one and a half months the chickens are 17-19 degrees indoors. In good warm weather, chicks can be taken out for a walk from the age of 3 days; walks should be taught gradually. Drinking water from chickens should be warm - about 40-50 degrees. For the chickens of the first days of life make wet mash of cereals with the addition of eggs and herbs. Then begin to feed the combined protein feed with the addition of herbs, vegetables and mineral supplements. Regularly chicks should be given fish oil, vitamins, dairy products. The first two months of chickens must be fed up to 7 times a day. They also need a light mode, at least 14-16 hours a day.

Bielefelder chickens


Breeding the Bielefelder breed of chickens is easy.There are several ways:

  • buy a 2-4 month old bird;
  • purchase day-old chicks;
  • get offspring from your bird
  • purchase and incubate a purebred egg.

An incubator is required for hatching chicks. During the incubation of an unacceptable disruption of electricity, this can lead to the death of the embryo. Therefore, it is desirable to have a generator in the farm. Egg before incubation can be stored no more than 5 days. In this breed of birds, the fertility of eggs is quite high - 80%, the survival rate of chicks is at least 90%. It is best to lay an egg in the incubator from February to April, the spring brood is strong enough. Its growth occurs in the spring, when a lot of sun and green grass. The hens of the Bielefelder breed of chickens barely incubate, their maternal instinct is poorly developed.


Usually, birds start to moult in the fall and break in egg production. At this time, the chickens require enhanced nutrition. It is necessary to add fish oil to the feed, increase the amount of minerals and vitamins, feed it with oats.


These chickens have enough fluffy plumage, and this is a good breeding ground for various parasites, for example, fly-eaters and fleas.Therefore, it is necessary to periodically inspect the bird and carry out preventive measures. Protection against other diseases is timely vaccination, good nutrition and hygiene.

Breeding chickens breed photo


Owners reviews about the breed of hens Bielefelder only positive. In the opinion of the poultry farmers, the best qualities are: autosexuality of chickens, calm peaceable character, large egg, tasty juicy meat, good health, attractive appearance, rapid growth. Also note a good percentage of chicks during incubation and almost one hundred percent survival of chickens.

Dwarf bielefelder

In 1984, the Bielefelder breed of dwarf hens was registered. It was created in Germany by the same Gerber Rott. From their major counterparts, dwarf chickens differ only in size and variety of color. The weight of the rooster bielefelder is 1.2 kg, the chicken weighs 1 kg. Egg production is about 140 eggs per year, weighing 40 grams.

Where to buy in Russia?

Chickens breed bielefelder are in great demand in our country. Breed worthy, unpretentious in content, has many positive qualities. You can purchase this bird at the following addresses:

  • "Chickens in Sosenki" - the village of Sosenki, 7 km from Moscow Ring Road on Kaluzhskoye Highway.
  • “Private residence of Marina Mikhailovna” - Orekhovo-Zuyevo (Moscow region), Krasin street.
  • "Bird court" - the city of Gus-Crystal Vladimir region.

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