Hello, this is Krasnoyarsk!

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I am in Krasnoyarsk. I walk along Mira Avenue, along Lenin Street, and enjoy chic historical buildings. And there is something to enjoy! They are like magnificent steps on the stairs leading to paradise! But more on that later...
Very briefly about the impressions.
Roads - fucked up.
The new airport is awesome.
Quay - well, somehow very primitive.
Buses - judging by the smell and smoke, they are here on a corner ride!
Restaurant 0.75 Please - just incredible. Why did I not know about him before? For the sake of this basement it is worth to drop everything and fly to Krasnoyarsk. This is just a dump head. Very tasty, chic selection of wine, incredible interior, and prices are 5 times less than in Moscow for such a level. How is this possible? No, this is a dream ...
U-shaped pedestrian crossings - I rarely wish evil to other people, but in this case I hope that the person who invented to rape Krasnoyarsk streets in this way will live a very long time and suffer every day.
The coffee house Wood Coffee Company is very good as always. But I would still do indoor ventilation.
BUT! The most important thing!
Tomorrow, April 14, at 19:00 I am waiting for you all in the Yushin Brothers Barber Loft at ul. Karl Marx, 102a. Signboard and entrance from Marx, near the Kine & the Germans Kneipp, 4th floor.
With me a lecture on the theme of cities suitable for life. Let's talk about what is wrong with our cities and where to go further. I will answer questions. Free admission. The only thing is there is not enough space, so if a lot of people come, it will be uncomfortable. But they seemed to promise to place everyone.
Tomorrow I will continue to explore the city.

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