Has put a nose at the child, the reasons.

Every man in his life, sooner or laterfaced with the problem of nasal congestion. The causes of this ailment are different, but in any case it causes discomfort, some discomfort, not to mention that all this is accompanied by headaches, shortness of breath, fever and sleep disturbance. Of course, it is easier for an adult to tune in to treatment, it is much more difficult if the child's nose has been laid, since children, in principle, never feel a special desire.

Most often the cause of the disease lies in the common cold, but there are also possible any congenital abnormalities, as well as chronic illness, the presence of infection in the airways or allergic reaction.

When the child's nose has laid down, suchSymptoms like obstructed air passages, fever, moodiness, sniffling, restless sleep, coughing. There are unpleasant feelings associated with zalozhennostyu, a feeling of discomfort. In connection with this, there may be all sorts of complications, in particular, hearing impairment. Chronic course of the disease can be due to the presence of adenoids, acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, called sinusitis. One of the causes of nasal congestion is the deformation of the nasal septum.

There are many reasons for the onset of this disease, but in any case, if the child has a nose, the factors that cause these symptoms should be determined only by the doctor.

One of the most common causes of the disease is the complication of rhinitis.

The presence of infectious rhinitis, which takes place in an acute form, gives all grounds for contacting an immunologist, who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Allergic rhinitis also can provokenasal congestion. Basically, this reaction occurs on household allergens, such as dust, pet hair. In the open air everything usually passes, and breathing becomes free. And it happens the other way round - an allergy occurs when you go to fresh air. This reaction is possible on the flowering of some plants or poplar fluff. In the event that a child's nose has become blocked as a result of an allergy, an allergist doctor will help.

It is especially important to monitor the clean and freebreathing of an infant. After all, the spout protects it from the influence of external negative factors. The mucous nasal cavity acts as a kind of barrier for dust, various bacteria and viruses. One of the important functions is warming the air when passing through the nasal cavity and getting into the respiratory parts already in a warm state, as a result of which there is no irritation of the mucosa. As you pass through the nasopharynx air, due to the mucous membrane, gradually moisturized, which also positively affects the overall condition of the baby's body.

If there was a nasal congestion in the baby,should pay attention to the climate in the room. With its increased dryness, swelling of the nasal mucosa occurs. Fans and air conditioners also have a negative effect on the health of the baby. Plastic windows are a kind of obstacle to moist air. Therefore, the room where there is increased dryness, it is necessary to periodically ventilate or in other accessible ways to increase the humidity in it. And certainly the presence of smoking people near the child is not permissible.

The child's breathing immediately makes it clear that there is something wrong with the nasal passage. It becomes rapid, noisy, the nostrils are inflated, a slight wheezing sounds.

Breastfeeding covers sudden anxiety,sleep is disturbed, when feeding, he can stop sucking his chest and mouth suffices air, and sometimes even begins to sneeze. All this suggests that the baby's nose is stuffy, and you need to clean it up urgently, making it easier for him to breathe and the general condition.

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