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So, the actions take place in virtualCity Vice City in 1986. The hero of the game, Tommy Versetti, along with the brother Sonny Forelli was sent to a deal in Weiss City. They are waiting for lawyer Ken Rosenberg near the airport. Together with Ken and the people of Forelli Tom goes to the Docks. At this time, a helicopter arrives, from which the notorious Vic Vance comes out. In the helicopter sits brother Vick - Lance Vance. Everything seems to be going fine, but on the initial frames one can understand that the deal will fail. And then three of the ambush open fire on all parties to the transaction. The survivor Tommy still manages to leave alive on Rosenberg's car. Everyone else reaches Ken's office.

mission is

The beginning of the way

The first mission is a party, to which Kengives Thomas a pass. All the criminal elite of the city gathered there. Tommy gets acquainted with the owner of the red and white yacht Cortez, with Lance Vance and Avery Carrington, a businessman, whom he helped in the "The Riot" mission to disperse the builders. Cortez is not indifferent to what happened with Tommy and decides to help him. He found out that his friend Gonzalez was behind this. Cortez instructs Tommy to kill him for $ 250 and sends him to a deal between the famous drug addict Diaz in the city and the Cubans. There, Tommy manifests himself in saving Diaz's money. With this, friendship with Diaz begins and prospects for Starfish Island are opened.

Tommy did not forget about Avery, and he renders himhelp in one case. His mission is to kill the leader of the Haitians, but to make it look as if it were the work of the Cubans. The goal is to provoke a war between gangs.

As each mission of GTA Wai City passes, you will not be left feeling that you are participating in a real criminal "commotion".

Tommy is an authority

After all of the above, Tommy becameauthority. However, it is worth mentioning a little about how to pass missions in the GTA, working for Umberto Robina. The first mission is an order by Umberto to prove that Thomas is a tough guy who can pass all checkpoints in the allotted time. He sends his assistant Rico, so that he tracks everything. Cuban affairs go uphill, and Haitians remain with nothing. After passing the mission with the boat, a call comes from Aunt Poulit, representing the side of the Haitians. She offers Tommy money for help in this war. After passing this mission, the next one becomes available - from Umberto with the final victory of the Cubans in the war. They undermine the plant of Haitians, after which it will be possible to find an excellent minigun on the ruins.

Tommy's affairs are getting better. Now he works for himself. Next, he is offered the work of three musicians "Love Fist". Tom helps them with promotion, performing their tasks. "Love Fist" are going to organize a concert, however, without a guard, they are too risky. Kent Paul is familiar with the leader of the gang of bikers Mitch Baker, who rests in his bar. Tommy does all his work for him, and Mitch organizes the protection of the concert.

how to pass a mission in gta

Further the course of events you are already driving, buyingbuildings and performing missions from owners. One such building is a porn studio, which is located on the island of "shrimp". After her purchase, Thomas gets acquainted with the director Steve Scott.

He's going to shoot porn, and he needs an actress. Tommy gets the job to pick Candy Sachs, having finished her manager, and the girl Mercedes. Next Steve instructs Tommy to scatter from the plane the advertising flyers of his film. In addition, it is necessary to make compromising pictures with Alex Schroub.

Finally, the last mission is to make a huge advertisement for your film using a searchlight.

So, Tommy gains exclusive authority. After he took over the club Malibu, a plan is developed for robbery of the bank. For business it is required professional медвежатник. It is this that is kept in custody at the police station. In addition, we need a good shooter - Phil Cassidy. According to Kahn's stories, he usually hangs out at the armory store "Ammu-Nitzia". Well, of course, you need a professional driver. Tommy must prove to Philip that he knows how to shoot and drive a car.

Finally the whole gang in the collection. But during the robbery they are waiting for losses: the fat man Hillary will be killed, also, probably, after him and Cam. His fate will be in your hands. If it is eliminated, there will not be a failure of the mission, and in the event that Phil is banged, we will have to replay the episode of the robbery. After a successful robbery, Phil himself will offer Tommy a job.

So, Phil's first assignment is to rob machineswith weapon. But the second will be unplanned: Phil just wanted to test the bomb, and he accidentally tore off his hand. Drunk Tommy saves Phil's life. Phil on the sick-list, but for now it is necessary to work for the gray-haired old man in the print shop "Printfvors".

To get to the logical conclusion of the plot and the final mission of GTA Wai City with the stage where Tommy gracefully moistens Sonny, it is necessary to own six of the nine buildings that generate revenue.

These are the buildings:

- club "Malibu";

- Film studio;

- printing house;

- striptease club;

- car showroom;

- Taxi Park;

- Ice cream factory;

- estate "Versetti";

- Boat station at the docks.

mission gta wai city

The result

So, you are the owner of these buildings. You are called by Ken and with a shaky voice reports that something happened in the printing house. When Tommy arrives there, the old man reports that he was robbed by the people of Sonny Forelli. They should quickly fill up all, as they will clean your business.

And finally, the final mission with the murder of Sonny. In her early days, Tommy and Kahn and Lance planned to throw Sonny, slipping counterfeit money. However, during the transaction itself, Lance tells Sonny that the bills in the cases are fake. Thomas kills Lance and Sonny, then goes in search of hidden packages and then goes through Rampage missions.

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