Biography of Gregory Siyatvindy

Grigory Davidovich Siyatvinda is a unique black Russian actor, winner of the State Prize, winner of the prestigious theatrical award “Chaika”, the Russian business circles award “Idol”, honorary title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
Patronymic Grigory Siyatvindy - DavidovichPatronymic Grigory Siyatvindy - Davidovich
He is familiar to a wide audience as one of the leading masters of the stage "Satyricon", who played in such performances as Hamlet, London Show, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Topol and the Wind, Profitable Place, Chauntecleer, Masquerade. Theater director Konstantin Raikin has repeatedly noted the unlimited range of the actor, whose African roots are also manifested in his extraordinary plasticity and musicality.
The artist demonstrated the brightness of his talent in many films and television series: “Silent Deaf Man”, “Deadly Power”, “One Love for a Million”, “Kitchen”, “Paragraph 78”, “Hotel Eleon” and others.

Childhood and youth

"Russian Negro", as it is sometimes called in the media, was born on April 26, 1970 in the mother's homeland, in Tyumen.For his unusual appearance for a Russian (according to his Russian passport, Grisha), he is obliged to his African father, a former medical student at Kharkov University, where his mother lived and studied in those years. There, the young people met, fell in love and got married.
Baby photo Gregory SiyatvindyBaby photo Gregory Siyatvindy
Two years after the birth of his son, his father received a diploma and returned to his homeland, in Zambia, but not alone, but with his wife and baby. But the family life of an international couple did not work out - after three years the spouses divorced, and the mother returned home to Tyumen with a 5-year-old little mulatto son.
At school, Gregory was an exemplary boy-excellent, played in the drama circle at the Palace of Pioneers and in the youth drama school, but, moreover, showed a penchant for mathematical disciplines, so he easily became a student of the local Industrial Institute. After 1 course of study, he was drafted into the army. He served in Belarus, in tank forces. Later, Gregory with humor recalled how once, because of him, the capital generals who had come to the teachings almost lost the gift of speech. No wonder they were surprised when a black guy emerged from the head tank of a column of the Soviet army.
Shot from the sixth season of "Kitchen"Shot from the sixth season of "Kitchen"
Having served in the army, Gregory, a former exemplary student, behaved (by his own admission) strangely, namely, he failed several exams and left the institute. Mom helped him get a job on television - he had to display screensaver-related programs on the subject. After some time, realizing the indispensability of higher education, 20-year-old Gregory went to the capital, where he first tried to enroll at VGIK, at the course of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, but failed, and then unexpectedly for himself from the first time was admitted to the Shchukin School.

Actor career

The novice actor played his first role in the last year of study on the stage of the Theater named after Vakhtangov - in the comedy “I don't know you anymore, honey.” The premiere took place on October 5, 1994 and, judging by the critics' reviews, was a success.
Grigory Siyatvinda in his youthGrigory Siyatvinda in his youth
Subsequently, he performed in "Satyricon", where he outplayed almost the entire classical repertoire. In his creative piggy bank - "Hamlet", "Macbeth", "Profitable Place", "Masquerade" and many other traditional productions. It should be mentioned that the actor is flashing fourteen characters at once in the Quartet, which united two plays by Moliere: “Love-Healer” and “Marriage Involuntarily”.
A great interview with Grigory Siyatvinda
In 1997, the artist made his film debut. He played Basil, the son of the blacksmith Philemon (Mikhail Evdokimov) in the comedy “Don't play the fool”. The film is about a series of incredible events in the Russian village, and how a black American admiral met his daughter and grandson in the Russian Federation during a secret mission.
In 1999, the artist could be seen in the “Such Free Butterflies” melodrama, in 2001 - in the TV series “Mamuka” and “Rostov-Papa”, where such domestic screen stars as Vladislav Galkin, Ingeborga Dapkunayte, Natalya Gundareva worked on the platform , Alexey Makarov, Yegor Beroev, Dmitry Maryanov.
In Siyatvindi filmography - more than 50 rolesIn Siyatvindi filmography - more than 50 roles
To many viewers, the actor is familiar with the role of the Eggplant gangster from the comedy action movie Alexei Balabanov "The Silent Woman" (2005). In order to fully comply with the description of his character, a blue-black African, he had to resort to sunbathing in the solarium, bringing to a state of extreme bewilderment of the beauty salon workers.
Siyatvinda had to walk into a tanning salon for “The Dead ManSiyatvinda had to walk into a tanning salon for “The Dead Man
Unforgettable episodes and extreme situations were accompanied by the shooting of Gregory in the film “Deadly Force-6”, which took place in South Africa.His hero in a luxury car was supposed to drive a narrow bridge at maximum speed. He did this, but after the car left the frame, he was unable to stop on a slippery road and flew literally right past the huddled film crew, scaring Kostya Khabensky's wife. He could have suffered badly, and when, according to the plot, the characters wanted to be burned at the stake by a local tribe with Andrei Fedortsov. Because of the changed wind direction, the actors almost got burned. And at first, the surrounding perceived their cries for help as a magnificent game and did not take any measures to save them.
Extreme in the acting profession Grigory likingExtreme in the acting profession Grigory liking
The role of the adventurer of the Festival from the film “Paragraph 78”, which was shot in 2007, also provided Grigoriy with a lot of adventures with fights and shooting. But, according to the actor, he went to the profession precisely for the sake of such an extreme.
Frame from the film "Paragraph 78"Frame from the film "Paragraph 78"
Other serious films in which he starred can be mentioned - “Officers” (2006), “Champion” (2008), “Retribution” (2011). Among the comedy works of the “Russian Ethiopian” one cannot but mention “All inclusive, or All Inclusive”, “Holiday locked up”, “Big rzhaka!” CSKA Michael Jekovich.
"Kitchen": Grigory Siyatvind in the role of Mikhail Dzekovich
For some time, the actor was the TV host of the “Morning” program, in 2007 he became a member of the entertainment show “Ice Age” (he performed in a dude with Elena Leonova), and she appeared in a video for the song “Indian Summer” by the singer Slava.
Grigory Siyatvinda and Elena Leonova (“Ice Age”)Grigory Siyatvinda and Elena Leonova (“Ice Age”)

Personal life of Gregory Siyatvind

Grisha got married at the age of 37. His wife is a choreographer, ten years younger than an actor.
Sityavinda remained a bachelor for a long time, but not because he put forward too big demands when choosing a life partner. As it turned out, he believes that the time to start a family is predetermined. The actor believes in mysticism, signs on top and everywhere they are looking for. For example, he sometimes finds the solution to the tormenting problem, involuntarily stopping his gaze on a nondescript sign.
Grigory Siyatvinda in the clip of the singer Slava
With his chosen wife Tatiana, he met in 2006 while filming the musical film “Film Festival”. In the film, his hero danced with her. But he did not dare make a step towards a closer acquaintance then, and after the shooting was over they had not seen for a long time.Fate gave them another chance, pushed on the set of "Poor Crumb." They started dating. Their first meeting was in the fall, and they began to live together half a year later.
Grigory Siyatvinda with his wifeGrigory Siyatvinda with his wife
The proposal of the hand and heart came out very romantic - with white roses, with which the table was strewn, in the center of which stood a casket, and inside was a magnificent diamond ring.
Interestingly, according to the horoscope (he is a calf, she is a scorpion) their union is hopeless, however, despite the warnings, their union is as strong as a rock.
Grigory Siyatvinda considers fable "Two dogs"
Tanya likes to play sports, but Grisha is not very enthusiastic about this issue, although she sometimes visits the gym and swimming pool. By nature, he is a contemplator. He prefers fishing, reading books, and relaxing on the beach to dancing and noisy campaigns. His main hobby is cooking. He is able to cook a masterpiece even with a small selection of products. It is recognized that he loves fat.

Grigory Siyatvinda now

In 2016, the actor took part in the filming of the full-length tape “Kitchen. The Last Battle, where he still plays the role of hotel manager, and the spin-off of the popular Hotel Eleon TV series.
Siyatvinda on the set of "Eleon Hotel"Siyatvinda on the set of "Eleon Hotel"
He also participated in the performances of "Satyricon": "One-armed from Spokane", "London Show", "Poplar and Wind", Chekhov Moscow Art Theater "The Rebel", DC Zuev "Love Potion", visited Nizhny Novgorod on tour, where in the concert "Symphonic fairy tales ”, accompanied by the orchestra, read the popular works of Rudyard Kipling“ The Cat that Walked by itself ”,“ Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ”.

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