Green traffic light, green arrow: rules, features

It is difficult to imagine how people would managemegacities without such cars for us now. They are already in every family, and in some it is impossible to live without two or three cars. And this is not surprising, because every day we have to visit different places in cities almost at the same time. Such a flow of cars on the roads of the metropolis must obey clear rules, otherwise the whole movement will turn into chaos. One of the most important traffic controllers, which all drivers must obey, is the traffic light.

What is a traffic light?

A traffic light is a device that by means of light signals regulates the flow of traffic. It can be not only cars, traffic lights are subject to water and rail transport.

Green arrow

The very name of this familiar device came from the Greek language and literally means "carrying light."

Where did the traffic light come from?

The first traffic light appeared a hundred and fifty years ago. His inventor was a British engineer who spent his entire life developing semaphores for railroad tracks. Therefore it is not surprising that the first traffic light was almost a complete copy of the railway semaphore. He had several arrows, which were set in motion with the help of a man. At night, when the shooter was not visible, the traffic light turned into a gas-fired lantern. The lantern was two-color, at that time the usual signals of red and green were fixed. Later they became the basis for automatic traffic lights.

The green arrow is straight

The first automatic traffic lights

Device for adjusting motion based ongas was very dangerous. In history, there are cases when a gas lantern exploded and became the cause of the mutilation of policemen who controlled the traffic lights. Therefore, by the beginning of the twentieth century, models of automatic traffic lights appeared. Not all devices were comfortable. For example, on one of them words were written on which drivers should have guessed. In other cases, the device had the usual two colors, but was controlled by a policeman from a distance. It was then that the green arrow was used for turning left.

The first electric light was installed in America in the twenties of the last century. He had three colors and worked on the principle of priority.

Traffic lights in the USSR

Until the thirties traffic lights on the roads of the USSRIt was. The first device was installed in Leningrad and gradually spread to the cities of the country. The traffic light had two colors, located differently than now. Only in the sixties international rules were adopted that regulate the production and appearance of traffic lights.

What does the green arrow mean?

Car traffic lights

Despite the fact that there are now morenine types of devices that regulate the flow of traffic, the most famous and sought-after are automobile traffic lights. They can be horizontal and vertical, and also have two or three colors. Yellow color in some cases is allowed to replace with orange, which can be seen on most Russian traffic lights.

Automobile traffic light regulates and movementPedestrians, if there are no other devices at the intersection. Most often it has three round signal parts, but some models are supplemented by a light board with a time report and sections where a green arrow is depicted.

Signs of traffic lights

Traffic signals are uniform all over the world. Their designations have been taught since childhood:

  • red color prohibits travel;
  • yellow color is prohibitive, but allows travel in case of emergency braking;
  • The green signal allows movement in the specified direction.

Green arrow to the right

In some cases, the yellow signal lights up simultaneously with red and indicates that the green traffic light will soon turn on.

The green arrow - what is it?

With the increase in the number of cars,the need to create traffic lights with additional sections. They are placed on the busiest and most complex intersections of the city. Experienced drivers do not have the difficulty to deal with all the subtleties of movement when the green arrow is on. But newcomers have a hard time, it's hard for them to understand when it's possible to start moving in the direction, and when the green signal should be waiting for the arrows.

All these wisdom drivers study beforewill be given the right to drive. But the cases are completely different. For example, you got the rights in a small town, where they drove their main clock. In such settlements practically there are no crossroads where the green arrow at the traffic light causes difficulties with understanding. But when moving to a larger city, a driver who considers himself fully experienced can face problems and create emergency situations on the roads.

What does the green arrow mean?

A green signal indicates a motion resolution, but in the case of multi-lane motion, one of this signal is small. Therefore, there was a separate section, where a green arrow was applied.

Green light is on

If you see such a traffic light, then note thatThe green signal is only permissive in the direction where there is no arrow. If the green arrow lights up in the direction you need, and the main green has not yet lit up, then the movement can begin. Rules you do not break this.

The easiest way to navigate when the green lights uparrow to the right. In this direction, the turn causes the least difficulty, and this section burns almost always. This means that regardless of the basic signals of the traffic light, the right turn is always permitted. In some cases, the green arrow pointing to the right turn periodically goes out. But it always lights up a few seconds before the main green.

The green arrow pointing to the left turn,facilitates traffic at many crossroads. It means that the driver can start the maneuver only after she appears on the scoreboard. And, having left on the crossroads, the driver should pass all cars traveling directly from the opposite side. And only after this finish his maneuver.

The green arrow is directly perplexingmany drivers. After all, most often the passage to the green traffic signal is always directly permitted. Yes it is, but such an arrow has its own characteristics. If you plan to make a left turn, but at the traffic light only two directions that point directly and to the right are lit, this means that a turn to the left is prohibited at this intersection. You have to find another way to get to the right place.

Green arrow at traffic light

Also the green arrow is directly a pointeron the lack of advantage when driving. That is, you can drive in the right direction, but in a controversial situation, give way to other motorists. This must be known to avoid accidents.

A car is just a device formovement, it may be new or not, but it is always managed by the driver. The knowledge and skills obtained in the driving school depend on the safety of himself and other participants in the movement. And since traffic lights have long been the most familiar and necessary devices on our roads, every person who has the right to drive a vehicle must correctly read their values.

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