Goncharovsky Park in Moscow: address, how to get there?

Goncharovsky Park today is one of the best places. Various master classes and interesting events are regularly held here. In summer, this place resembles a green corner of wildlife. In winter, the park also has something to do. However, this territory has not always been like this. More recently, the park had no name and looked different.

Park paths

From the history

The territory on which the park is located, once belonged to the wealthy local landowner Prince Kurakin. Next to the prince's house, a garden was laid out and a pond was dug, which has survived to the present day. In the XIX century, the house went into possession of the Moscow businessman Lianozov. Later, the garden, located here, became known as Lianozovsky.

Pond and lawn

In Soviet times, the park was popular. They came here to rest after the working day. Here one could not only admire the green landscapes, but also ride the rides or dance to live music. The park regularly held various celebrations and holidays, it was a kind of center of social life.But at some point the territory fell into neglect.

Formation of Goncharovsky Park

Unpolluted old paths, lawns, weedy, old rides of the Soviet era - this is exactly how the branch of Lianozovsky park in Butyrsky district looked like by the beginning of the two thousandths. Locals did not often go to the park, usually turning here only if necessary. Many did not even know about the name of this small square.

That all changed in 2013, when the Moscow authorities turned their attention to the territory. It was decided to carry out a large-scale reconstruction. The design of the park was taken over by the Meganom bureau. First, they created a project that meets all modern realities, and then successfully implemented it.

It is noteworthy that the reconstruction process of the park was not long: it was closed at the end of spring, and the opening took place already on the first of September. The updated territory received a new name. He was elected by popular vote from a variety of options. And so Goncharovsky Park appeared in Moscow.

Reconstruction plan

Pavilion examples

The main task of improvement was to create a comfortable green area, where everyone will find something to do.Goncharovsky Park was to separate the residential area from the industrial zone. The fact that this area was once recognized as a monument of landscape art, complicated the situation. In the process of reconstruction, it was necessary to make the park more interesting and alive, while keeping all existing objects unchanged.

Much has been done. The usual fence was replaced with a granite bench with a wooden insert for seating. The unusual kilometer shop as a result has become the hallmark of the park. In the evening, it is additionally highlighted. Single shops appeared for those who appreciate personal space. In front of the pond of the park they put wooden deck chairs.

During the reconstruction of the park, not a single tree was damaged. Lawns were restored, several new shrubs were planted, flower beds were made. Goncharovsky Park - the main corner of nature in the area. Therefore, it was important not just to equip the park, but also to preserve the greenery.

After the reconstruction, a dance floor, a chess club and a boat station found new life. New wooden pavilions appeared in the square. They are located cafe.After the scene appeared, it became possible to hold holidays and other entertainment events in Goncharovsky Park again.

Volleyball Court

The park has created a beach recreation area on the bank of the pond, a p├ętanque field, a modern children's playground, and the opportunity to play volleyball. One playground of the park is used year-round: in the summer they play football on it, and in the winter there is an outdoor ice rink in the same place.

Unnecessary buildings during the reconstruction were hidden under the pavilions or hidden behind the mirror walls. In total, more than thirty new facilities were installed in the park. Now it has everything you need for leisure and sports. In the central part of the park there is even Wi-Fi and a green office area with sockets for outdoor work.

All zones of the park are visually interconnected. From any point you can see other objects located here. Thus, the creators assumed to protect the territory from uninvited and unpleasant guests.


The paths in the park were asphalted, separate zones for cycling appeared.Everything was designed so that cyclists do not interfere with the rest of pedestrians and do not collide with them.

Event in the park

Goncharovsky Park regularly hosts a variety of activities. In the summer, this includes all kinds of master classes, sports training, chess tournaments, evening entertainment programs. Here also all the celebrations are held in a big way.

For example, in the park are traditionally held large-scale festivities at Shrovetide. In winter, you can even go ice skating - there is an open-air rink for everyone. Skate rental also works.

Park today

The reconstructed park really became a peculiar center of social life. Since the implementation of the project, about four years have passed, and the park still looks very modern. It has installed new lighting, everything is done for the comfort of visitors.

This improvement provided the residents of the local area a comfortable green zone within walking distance of their place of residence. The creators of the project tried to make the park as modern as possible and not like other squares in Moscow.Because each object is special and deserves a special approach.

View of the pond

Locals recommend tourists to visit this place. A branch of Lianozovsky Park deserves attention, along with the famous Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky.

How to get there

You can find Goncharovsky Park at: st. Rustaveli, d. 7. Its total area is 6.2 hectares, which is 1.2 hectares more than the garden at the Hermitage.

How to get to Goncharovsky park? You can take the subway. The Timiryazevskaya, Dmitrovskaya and Butyrskaya stations are located very close to the park. Another option is ground transportation. In this case, you must take one of the trolley buses: No. 29, 29k, 3.

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