Glowing pictures

To make the pictures we need to be determined with a picture. I chose the Christmas tree - simply and with taste!
I took the plexiglass and cut it off. Size is arbitrary. You can also take plexiglass from the CD case.
Next, with a felt-tip pen, draw a contour for which the drawing will not protrude. The color of the marker does not matter.
My next action was drawing pictures on glass. I took a sharp scalpel. Plexiglas is easily scratched, but you should not be zealous, as it may burst.
The deeper the grooves - the brighter the picture.
Figure is ready. Erase the marker. Here's what happened:
Cases highlighting. It is necessary: ​​a LED and a 3 volt battery. If you conceived a stationary picture of a large size, with a large number of LEDs
it can be powered from the unit as well.
The next step is to paste black tape around the edges of the glass so that the light does not go where it is not necessary. And sticking with both sides.
We make a frame for the picture. My arm caught a wonderful white cardboard. I bent it like a postcard and cut out a window under the glass with a margin so that the electrical tape was not visible.
Next - the assembly of two parts, glue one to the other.
Then I began to worry about what kind of background to choose? On white it’s hard to see in the light, but it’s best seen in the dark. . .
Stopped on the black. . .
It seems to be all, but I did not stop there. I decided to attach red garlands and a star to the tree. To do this, put another layer of plexiglass with garlands, but their
now began to highlight the red LED.
It turned out great!
I liked it and I started creating my collection:
Here the background is bluish - I painted the glass on the reverse side with blue paint, after drawing the drawing of course:
And for a snack - a snowflake:
It is done by puncturing with a needle:
Thank you! Good luck!

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