Gift wrapping

Today you will learn how to present an ordinary gift in an unusual way. To wrap in a brilliant flowered paper and tie it with a bow is, of course, cute and beautiful. But how to make the packaging not only beautiful, but also functional? See step by step instructions.
Step 0. Surely, on the Internet you have met various models of toys. More often, they are funny animals or characters from famous cartoons. Pros of these layouts:
1. Their online is not one thing;
2. All you have to do is select, print, and cut.
The more stable your toy, the better, especially if the gift is heavy enough: for example, a giraffe on long paper legs is unlikely to withstand a few chocolates.
Step 1. Hereinafter, the “hare” will be considered as a package, to which, if desired, a number of accessories can be attached. For example, a carrot on which you write a greeting.
Useful information: The photo below is dense A1 matt photo paper, which fit 3 layouts. It is not necessary to use photo paper - the usual one will do, but weighing 250-300 grams.If you are not sure, then you can apply, for example, in the printing industry, where you probably know what it is about.
useful gift wrapping

Step 2. After you have printed out the layout of the desired color / size / shape / density, you need to cut and fold the toy according to the indicated folds.
gift wrapping

Step 3. Collect the packaging and at the same time start to stack the gift / gifts gradually.
gift wrapping

Step 4. So that in the future the packaging will not be damaged and retain its original appearance, on the side (or where it fits better according to your layout), attach the adhesive tape. Next, in the same way, you should glue the second part of the adhesive tape. This kind of clasp will turn out.
Useful information: Velcro can be found:
a) Houses in the old grandmother's chest
b) In the hardware store
c) In the hardware store.
gift wrapping

Step 5. At the end, you can also decorate the packaging with additional accessories as you like, or as the occasion requires. For example, for the hare in the photo below, a nice New Year's hat was made separately from colored paper and cotton wool.
gift wrapping

Step 6. Good luck and good mood!
gift wrapping

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