German musician Tilo Wolff: biography, personal life, work

Tilo Wolff is a musician, vocalist, composer and poet. It has a lyric-dramatic baritone. He works in many musical styles, among which one can distinguish darkwave, symphonic metal and gothic rock. At the moment, the artist lives in Switzerland. For some time he worked as a manager of the Cinema Bizarre group.

Biography of Tilo Wolff

The future musician was born in the city of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) on July 10, 1972. Later, his family moved to Switzerland and settled near Basel. As a 12-year-old boy, Tilo wrote stories that were published in some literary magazines. After graduating from school, he earned money by writing as a talent and also learned to play the piano and trumpet.

Tilo Wolff biography

Despite the fact that the work of Tilo is associated with rock and gothic, he opposes attributing to this music genre links with Satanism.The artist believes that it is not safe not only for those who create such things, but also for the listeners themselves. Everything is explained by the fact that Wolff is an extremely religious person with a sincere, not imposed by anyone faith in God. At the beginning of his career, he declared his affiliation to the Christian church. The artist shared his disapproval of how Catholics perceive faith in God. Also, a musician in an interview said that he often attends church. Speaking of cinema, he shares his admiration for the director and comedian Charlie Chaplin, especially his tragicomedy “The Lights of the Ramp”.

Creative way

He started recording songs in 1989 for the first time. A little later, he founded the band Lacrimosa and independent label Hall of Sermon, on which he still releases his music. The first concert of the singer was held in 1993 in Leipzig. After a couple of years, his fourth album, Inferno, lasted a long time on the top lines of the charts in Germany. In 1996, Wolff won the Alternative Rock Music Award. During live performances, Tilo performs the functions of not only vocalist, but also keyboard player, trumpeter and guitarist.

German musician

The musician had a goal - recording an album at the studio, with which the legendary The Beatles, Abbey Road, worked with the London Symphony Orchestra.A cherished dream became a reality in 1999 during the creation of Elodia. The lyrics of the subsequent albums have acquired a pronounced depth and intricacy. The echos musical works are more reminiscent of classics than rock, and Lichtgestalt became for its creator a way to sum up the past stage of life and at the same time look into the future.

History and causes of the Wolff label

Hall of Sermon Records was founded in 1991 specifically for the release of Lacrimosa albums. In the 90s, the label also collaborated with third-party bands that worked in the gothic and metal genre. From 2001 to the present day, Hall of Sermon has been producing music belonging exclusively to Lacrimosa and SnakeSkin, a Tilo Wolff side project. Over time, the musician got a recording studio Sonic Delirium-Studio.

Tilo Wolff

The artist was extremely dissatisfied with the conditions under which the label owners offered him cooperation, so he made the difficult decision to establish his own office. Tilo delved into the intricacies of doing this kind of business for over a year. Wolff created Hall of Sermon Records on funds earned earlier by music without material support from relatives. The label is located in Switzerland. In 1994, Anna Nurmi began to take part in the life of the Hall of Sermon.When choosing artists with whom to sign a contract, Tilo and his colleague adhered to the principle “give the artists as much freedom as you give yourself.” The group, in turn, had a single prohibition - there should not be a hint of the devil and his ilk in the lyrics.

Hall of Sermon Records and his charges

In 1995, Zillo magazine recognized Lacrimosa as the best alternative music group. As a prize, German musicians received 10,000 marks. The owners of the label invested in a competition in which young bands performing metal and gothic rock took part. Ultimately, after listening to the songs of the contestants, Wolff and Nurmi chose three teams, with which they later paid for recording the albums. Dreams Of Sanity, The Gallery and Seven Ox became the happy bands. The following bands also released their music on the label: Blockhead, Network, Artrosis, The Breath of Life, Girls Under Glass and others.

In 1996, the Hall of Sermon held a festival tour, in which, again, metal and gothic performers participated. Throughout the year, the promotion of young musicians was due to the sales of Lacrimosa albums. In 2001, Wolff made the difficult decision to terminate contracts with all artists, since this type of activity began to take too much time. Tilo has almost no time left for his own group.

Duo Lacrimosa Activities

Initially, the project was a solo Wolff. The artist independently released three albums - Angst, Einsamkeit, Satura - from 1990 to 1993. In addition to Tilo Wolff’s vocal, Judit Grüning’s voice also sounds on the first record. The music of these years was written in the style of darkwave with elements of gothic rock. The first track on the Satura record was a music video.

Group lacrimosa

The release of the album Inferno was held at the Hall of Sermon Records. Anne Nurmi took part in the recording of the songs. With the help of Inferno, the founder of the band Lacrimosa finally made it clear to fans that from now on he has been working with gothic rock and gothic metal.
The songs included in Elodia combine the qualities of classics and gothic metal operas. The lyrics of the compositions tell about the painful parting of loving people. The following years were marked by the release of studio albums Fassade, Echos, Lichtgestalt, Sehnsucht, Schattenspiel and Revolution. Poems to some songs composed by Nurmi.

To record the masterpiece Hoffnung, released in 2015, 60 musicians were involved. The release of the album Testimonium was held in 2017. The songs included in it, Tilo dedicated Prince, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie, who died in 2016. These musicians had a significant influence on the formation of Wolff as an artist.

Snake Skin Project

In the summer of 2004, the singles of the artist under the pseudonym “Snake Skin” began to spread at Swiss festivals.The songs, the lyrics of which were in English and Latin, created a furor, but no one could understand who is hiding under the name Snake Skin.

Tilo wolff

In the autumn of the same year, the collection Music for the Lost was published, on the cover of which the most attentive listeners made out the Hall of Sermon Records emblem. Wolff later confirmed the fans' conjecture that Snake Skin is his solo project. Computer processing allowed the vocalist to make his voice look like a female. In the fall of 2006, the second album Canta’tronic was released, recorded with the participation of opera singer K. Dölle. The third Tunes for My Santiméa CD went on sale in September 2016.

Personal life

Tilo Wolff is an extremely mysterious person. Everything related to his private life, the media has long been covered with rumors due to lack of information. Most often, journalists talk about his love relationship with his stage colleague Anna Nurmi. The rumor continues to appear because the musicians have not refuted it and, nevertheless, they still have not confirmed it.

Tilo Wolff privacy

Fans are once again convinced of the veracity of this legend, since Tilo and Anna during the performance of lyric compositions look like two truly loving each other person.But do not forget that most people associated with music are excellent actors. The yellow press even wrote that the couple had a wedding a long time ago, after which they had a daughter.

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