Gennady Goncharov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Gennady Goncharov, a well-known world-class hypnotist, is the founder of the Moscow School of Self-Hypnosis and Hypnosis, where under his direct supervision most serious theoretical knowledge is taught, as well as studies of the possibilities of human consciousness and hypnosis are conducted. Gennady Goncharov is a hypnologist who has developed instructions for the use of this type of psychological influence, both in medicine, that is, for medicinal purposes, and in sports, business, art, politics and on stage.potters gennady

Gennady Goncharov: biography

He was born in 1961 on August 7 in the Mogilev region of the Byelorussian SSR. On a horoscope he is Taurus, born in the year of the Bull. Since childhood, it was noticeable that the boy is not the same as the other children. He was very inquisitive and constantly asked questions. However, he was not interested in what, as a rule, belongs to the interests of ordinary children, but everything that is connected with the meaning of life, as well as with the otherworldly, etc.He very early felt in his life the presence of some special forces. That was when he was barely 5 years old. He, like many other kids, ran for the wind and wanted to take off. But suddenly he felt that he had become too heavy, and that once upon a time he had another body that could fly. Little Gena also loved to watch the starry sky and felt that many secrets were hidden there. gennady potters reviews


Gennady Goncharov, a future hypnotist, was brought up by his grandmother, who was a healer and hereditary folk healer. She possessed outstanding extrasensory abilities. It was the grandmother who first noticed that her grandson, Gena, possesses the innate ability to concentrate. His acquaintances were shocked at how a boy could watch for hours without thinking about anything until he found the right solution. He was absolutely not nervous and remained calm. In addition, he had the gift of premonition, and could foresee what is about to happen.

The first meeting with the hypnotist

When Gennady Goncharov was a student of primary classes, he received from fate, as he later confessed, an invaluable gift.He met with Anatoly Bardi, the famous hypnotist. The boy was delighted with the tricks and all sorts of wonders that the modern magician showed. Gennady did not lose his head and asked the hypnotist how he did it. Looking at the boy, Bardi told him that he possesses an innate gift that needs to be developed. Then he advised him to engage in self-regulation! Despite the fact that Gennady was a little more than 10 years old, he understood the essence of what was said and from that time to this day he constantly improves his skills and is engaged in auto-training to this end.gennady potters biography


Gennady Goncharov today is the founder of the school, although at one time he was self-taught. In this case, the main difficulty for him was the search for the necessary literature. In those years, there was practically no such in Russian. However, he was always lucky in this matter, books appeared as if by magic. As if someone from above sent him the right literature. After Gennady finished reading this or that professional book, he began to analyze it and was engaged in experimentation. He was pleased with his results.After that, he trained long and hard. For example, he had to look at the tip of a pen or a pencil for 6 hours without blinking. This was done to develop concentration. Do you know how much energy was spent for this? He also managed, with the help of concentration, to incline the compass needle in the direction he wanted at that moment.potters gennady hypnologist


In order to achieve the desired results, the young Gennady Goncharov, in addition to the concentration of attention, had to train his body, as well as temper his will. From time to time he exhausted himself with hunger, in cold and snowy weather he went out barefoot and ran through the snow, and even tried to walk on hot coals. He believed that if he slept with a book under his pillow, it would help him in the shortest possible time to master many useful and unknown knowledge. After that, he had prophetic dreams. Gennady also possessed telepathic abilities, he was able to transmit at a distance thoughts and images. He knew how to receive, to call from the general flow the information he needed. He trained his memory and learned how to memorize a huge number of numbers and words, solved complex problems in his mind and raised to a power or extracted a square root from rather large numbers.hypnotist gennady potters

Work or hobby?

In order to develop further, Gennady came up with for himself some kind of ideal pattern, to which one can be equal, from whom one can ask for advice, and then get it in the form of the right thoughts. The further, those more to live without it became impossible. It was this inner voice that taught him self-control.

World recognition

In 1992, Gennady Goncharov went to Japan to take part in the Tokyo Worldwide Competition of Psychics and Hypnotists. More than two hundred psychics, oracles, magicians, hypnotists from all over the world came here. They presented the members of the jury their unusual possibilities, various tricks that we used to call miracles. All fixed fancy devices created by brilliant Japanese scientists. However, the most important test was the resolution of complex tasks that the jury presented to the participants. This ruled out the possibility of stunt. And so Goncharov fell to the test. He had to enter into a trance and plunge a large 50-year-old man into the state of childhood. He succeeded in fixing the devices. The subject sang with the voice of a 10-year-old boy, danced, childishly throwing up his legs, and the devices recorded his pulse, pressure, and other parameters typical of a 10-year-old boy.

Then Gennady "introduced" him in adolescence, and also everything was checked. Thus, the jury recognized him as the winner and the best of the hypnotists of the world. It was a great achievement for the Russian psychic and since then the number of his followers has increased several times.

self-hypnosis gennady potters

Foundation of the school

Somewhere in the beginning of 1988 one could find the following announcement in the newspapers: "The lessons of hypnosis, training. Gennady Goncharov is ready to share his knowledge." At that time, few people had heard of psychic, but, nevertheless, there were people who wanted to get such knowledge. Others went to him in the hope of recovering from their ailments. Gennady took everyone with great pleasure, helped as much as he could, but his main goal was not treatment, but training. Once he comprehended all this knowledge on his own, and greatly succeeded in this. He understood that it was time to share all the accumulated. Gennady Goncharov's self-hypnosis subsequently became a real brand. According to the method he worked out, people, having learned this, were supposed to help both themselves and others. After he returned from Japan, having received worldwide recognition and the medal of the best psychic on the planet, the number of his students and followers increased dramatically. It was at this time that his Moscow school of hypnosis was created.Its main goal is self-regulation training, thanks to which people will be able to reveal their creative abilities, and this will lead them to self-improvement.hypnosis training gennady potters


In the School of Gennady Goncharov the following is taught:

  • What to do to endear one or another person?
  • How to make allies from opponents?
  • How to find a large number of buyers of their goods?
  • How to neutralize yourself from bad influence?
  • How to get rid of addiction (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.)?
  • How to lose weight?
  • How to stop loving?
  • How to increase immunity?
  • How to find a purpose in life, etc.

Who is Gennady Goncharov? Customer reviews

In the network, you can find a lot of feedback about what constitutes this psychic. It should be noted that they are both positive and negative. This means that he certainly helped someone, but not someone. Some consider Gennady Goncharov and his students to be charlatans, while others believe them. Well, first of all, everyone knows that in a case in which “otherworldly” forces are involved, faith and attitude are very important. Without them, nothing can help. In addition, there are people who are called hard nuts, and on which no hypnosis has any effect.All this is difficult, and whether or not to believe is your own business, but if you want to try it, then be patient and faithful, otherwise it will not work.

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