from which pueras pret and how to brew it?

from which pueras pret and how to brew it?

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  2. this is ordinary tea.
  3. not from what does not prevent, from tea there is a certain tea intoxication and it's easier to brew a chifir from ordinary tea, if it's right to brew and insist the action is comparable with a weak psychostimulant
  4. Preth from the fact that it is more expensive, i.e., the wait for longer. From the cheap does not pret. Brew in the kettle with boiling water. Close the towel and daitzte brew for about 10 min. The color will be black. Determine the strength to taste. Must necessarily remain an observer, and then it can go so far that it can go out the window to want to fly. With puerom, be careful.
  5. China. RF - On our website you can find the right Puer, as well as Da Hong Pao and Te Kuan Yin. We have Puer 15 - summer exposure is 700r. for 100gr.)) Here is this Puer and Pret, but he needs to brew it properly, information on how to brew it you will find on our website.
  6. Puer is according to the Chinese classification, separating teas by fermentation degree, hei ca, that is, black tea. Fermentation is the process of fermenting juices in tea leaves, and in this tea it is almost complete.

    Sometimes the pueras are called post-fermented teas. The more Puer is aged, the higher its quality. And this is the only tea that improves its properties from the time all the other teas a year later after production are fairly loose in quality. The name Puer tea was obtained from the name of the territory in the province of Yunnan, its historic homeland.

    According to official information, there are two ways of producing black tea: natural aging and artificial aging. Naturally aged teas have been produced since ancient times. For this, pressed green tea was laid for long-term storage, the minimum aging time was 7-8 years. During this time, slow fermentation processes qualitatively changed the composition of substances in tea, it acquired a peculiar flavor and taste.

    Artificial aging of tea began to be applied as a commercial approach only towards the end of the twentieth century. With this method, the raw materials are first actively fermented, and then stacked in heaps where the tea is sprayed with water and it preets for 30-100 days, this process (it is called wet cake) simulates the natural aging of tea. After the wet stocking, the raw material is dried and often pressed, then kept for about a year, after which the tea is considered ready.

    Puer can often be found in pressed form of bricks, pancakes, large and small bowls, but it is also found scattered. Raspypnoy is more often prepared according to modern technologies, which is not very appreciated by true tea lovers and connoisseurs, but as a daily drink it is quite suitable.

    The aroma of a dry puer is often associated with the land, sometimes it is said to smell like a village, someone says that it looks like the bark of an oak tree and I heard more sharp definitions. For manure, for example, they say, it seems. However, very quickly all unsavory associations are forgotten, and this strange tea becomes a favorite drink. And it is not in vain not to notice the direct connection between the use of puer and your good health is almost impossible.

    It happens that Puer plops mold. This is usually the result of improper storage. In this case the experts lightly fry it on a clean dry frying pan to kill this smell. But for this you need to have some experience and knowledge to withstand the time, the temperature regime and not to spoil the product.

    Brewed Puer has a tart taste, sometimes with a sweet note it is compared to who is with honey, who is with the orchid. There are puerries with bitter taste, come with sourness (these are the last I do not really respect).

    from which pueras pret and how to brew it? The cooked puer has

    The color of a well-brewed puer is thick and sticky at the peak of the tea leaves, and it is dark so that where there is coffee. Sometimes Puer adds different tea supplements, it is very well combined with special tea roses, chrysanthemums, kudin. Pu'er is best not to drink as soon after meals, and on an empty stomach. The same applies to other teas, but the puer is all somewhat brighter. And he is good at discouraging appetite, because often this tea is used when dieting.

    Puer has an amazing ability to regulate a person's condition, bright and distinctly invigorate. Puer (like any other good tea, but Puer especially) should not be used for sleep coming, or you will not have a dream at all. But if you are behind the wheel and you have a long way to go, then it's better to get more puera to increase your attention and cheerful state. Brew stronger and forward, on the road. A good condition will be ensured. Or the night before the exam, when you need to teach an untrained. Or work what urgent to do, but stay at the same time in sound mind and solid memory. However, it is better to start the morning with Puer. Good tea for a cheerful morning so we call his friends.

    Still it is necessary to note good clearing properties of a puer.

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