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Fortunate name meaning and name interpretation. Fortunat - happy (Lat.).
Name days, patron saints. January 17 (4) - The Holy Apostle Fortunat is one of the seventy chosen by Jesus Christ to preach the Kingdom of God through cities and villages.
Superstitions, omens, customs. If after the Fortunate, on the night of Epiphany, the stars are very shiny, the bread will be good.
Zodiac name - Capricorn. Planet - Mars, Color names, dark brown. Auspicious tree - fir. The cherished plant is the thistle. The patron of the name is a black cat. Stone mascot - grenade.
Diminutive forms. Fortunatka, Fotya, Natia.
Middle name. Fortunatovich, Fortunatovna; razg. Fortunatech.
Name and character. Fortunate is a skeptic who takes nothing on faith. He is very restrained and does not like to spread about his life,
It is impressionable, compassionate, compassionate to sick and weak people. He is very observant, little will pass unnoticed by his keen eyes. He is a good psychologist and rarely makes mistakes in his assessments.In the life of his leads almost flawless intuition.
Name in history and literature. "Fortunate" - the so-called, on behalf of the main character, popular in the XVI century. story of an unknown author. The Tale of Fortunate contains the processing of a legend, borrowed from the East, about the lucky owner of an inexhaustible purse and a wonderful hat, which in one instant transferred its owner to any place (like a Russian fairy tale carpet). Fortunate, dying, left a purse and a hat to his children, but the latter, due to unwise use, these wonderful things brought only misfortune.

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