My first husband got a virgin ...

My first husband got a virgin ... this, history, more, then, introduced, will, Then, when, which, finally, saying a lot, considers, it’s time, beginning, should, one, number, passed, I read

When I read men who dream of marrying virgins, I always remember my own history of marriage, numerous betrayals and divorce. I think it may seem interesting to your readers.
My first husband got a virgin. And with strict rules, because of which his friend did not persuade me to something more than kisses. But he introduced her future husband (let it be Yura).
We studied, walked together, discussed the issues of the universe. Then I soberly appreciated both of them and chose Yura as a more serious person. Applied to the registrar, lost their virginity, got married. They lived with me, children were born and grew up there.
Yura was very proud that I was the first, but “for the prevention” I constantly shouted that I had a relationship with his friend before him.
The dashing 90s began. Our young family hasn’t giggled before, and then a complete collapse has come. Little child, poverty. To my words, that there is nothing, the husband answered - I bring you all my salary, what should I steal? Probably from that moment I began to change.
I clutched at any part-time job to feed my family. The husband only reproached, they say, a real wife should be able to lay a chic table of one potato. I lost weight and was terribly tired. Probably, even then I began to want to get rid of him. But honestly, then I just did not want to live.
At first, the same friend who introduced us appeared. With him the old memory and changed her husband for the first time. Then it started, acquaintances from one company, from another ... I didn’t give a damn about everything, on my husband’s accusations, on his principles. So a few years passed, the number of horns from her husband was well over a dozen, and then I was burned.
My husband accidentally read the correspondence with virtual sex, where I reported about the number of my partners (real). He did not expect this, to put it mildly. Then there were conversations, scandals, smashing dishes, brain removal ... but he did not leave. So much time has passed. Finally, somehow managed to expel him. And from that moment my life began to improve dramatically.
Children cheered up. A young loving lover appeared. He finally hung the chandelier, which with Yura could not buy more than a year. It improved with money: I went to another job + even small alimony from my husband was better than nothing, when all of his money went to him. The apartment was renovated.I finally gained the weight that was before the wedding. And then I suddenly realized that there is a lot of good in life!
Now, when I read the stories of those who want to marry a virgin and believe that this guarantees his loyalty; the stories of those who believe that the more you spit a wife, the more obedient she will be; stories of husbands who believe that a wife should take a laid table, comfort and clean children from nowhere, while the man is resting after work (where the wife also goes) - I always remember my ex-husband and what he achieved as a result.

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