Feet cold: causes, treatment

Some people are forced to sleep under a warm blanket and socks both in winter and in summer because of constantly cold feet. It is especially difficult to tolerate negative temperature, which causes excruciating pain in the toes.

Cold feet

And even in summer, when the warm sunshine is warmed, the legs are cold in a person. What to do with such a problem? Of course, this state of affairs is disturbing, as constantly cold feet can be evidence of the occurrence of certain diseases.


First you need to understand why the feet freeze, whether this phenomenon is constant, or happens from time to time. This may be due to the structure of our body, since in this part of the body there is a very insignificant muscular layer that helps retain heat and there is no subcutaneous adipose tissue. Therefore, in the cold season, the legs are particularly exposed to low temperatures.

Often the reason that the legs are cold is the desire to follow the fashion, namely, out of season clothes or too narrow shoes.In this situation, you just have to dress warmly, change fashionable, but cold shoes with warm boots - and your legs will feel warm and comfortable.

But if your feet are cold in any situation, and no matter how you are dressed, then perhaps the reasons for some malfunctions in the body.

Circulatory disorders

Constantly cold feet can be a sign of poor blood supply. This problem is most common in older people and smokers who have slowed peripheral circulation. In addition, with age there is an increase in adipose tissue and a decrease in muscle tissue, due to which the heat production in the body decreases.

Why legs are cold

Young people also often complain that their feet are cold. The reasons - in the deterioration of the blood vessels, which can be a sign of vegetative dystonia, as well as other malfunctions in the cardiovascular system.

With varicose veins, there is a local violation of blood circulation, which also causes unpleasant sensations. People with this problem have pain when walking, which does not pass even at rest.

People who are fond of low-calorie diets can often hear complaints that their legs are cold. The reasons are that there is a shortage of certain trace elements in the body.For example, iron (anemia). This condition requires immediate treatment.

Pernicious anemia

Vitamin B12responsible for the production and proper operation of red blood cells, the lack of which leads to the development of this disease. At the same time, a person begins to feel tired, headaches, becomes irritable, the skin turns pale, legs and hands are cold.

In this case, you need to make sure that the body received enough vitamin B12.

Raynaud's syndrome

Constantly cold feet in people with Raynaud's syndrome. The disease is very rare and has specific signs. As a result of vasospastic seizures, narrowing of the blood vessels occurs, which interferes with the normal circulation of blood. The person experiences cold in the limbs, then numbness or tingling. Hands and legs become pale with a bluish tint. After the attack, the patient feels fine until the next time. The causes of Raynaud's syndrome have not yet been established, therefore healing is impossible.

Constantly freezing feet

Pressure problems

Also, a feeling of coldness in the legs may be due to high or low blood pressure.In a calm state, a healthy person has normal pressure, which increases with physical exertion. Decreased is more common in women.

The reason for high pressure is obstruction of blood vessels. To prevent this disease, you need to maintain a correct lifestyle, avoid bad habits and monitor your diet. The lack of fluid also affects the pressure, so you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Emotional stress

Often, a nervous strain leads to freezing of the legs. A person can feel chills throughout the body. In this case, it will help sedatives of plant origin or herbal. To strengthen the nervous system, you need to play sports, go for a walk in the fresh air, attend massage sessions, etc.

Hormonal disruptions, elevated blood sugar levels, osteochondrosis, and certain medications that cause vasospasm can also be causes of freezing feet.

Freezing feet what to do

To find out why the feet are cold, you need to consult a doctor and pass the necessary examinations.If no pathologies are found, you can try to improve your condition using the methods described below.

Improving blood circulation

An active lifestyle, walking, cycling, exercising in the morning, swimming - all this helps to improve blood flow.

Replenish your diet with hot liquid foods and drinks, bran, fiber, and iron-containing foods. Useful will be taking vitamin complexes.

Perfectly improves blood circulation and helps to warm up the infusion of ginger, which you need to drink hot. Instead of an infusion, you can simply add a little ginger, cloves, cinnamon and lemon to your favorite tea.

Spicy spices also help to bring vessels into shape.

Contrast shower and massage

Well improves the blood supply to a warm bath or douche with essential oils. A few drops of oil should be mixed with shower gel, then put the mixture on the body with a sponge. After such a water procedure, you need to carefully rub with a towel.

Daily massage of problem areas, preferably with the use of warming ointments, helps to improve the condition.

Freezing feet, treatment

Do not wear too tight shoes and clothing, it interferes with the normal heat transfer and blood supply to the body. For shoes you can buy massage insoles. Go barefoot more.

Give up smoking, do not abuse alcohol, it adversely affects the vascular system of the body.

Recipes of traditional medicine for warming the feet

This way will help to warm up quickly. It is necessary to moisten the bottom of the socks with alcohol or vodka and put on your feet steamed in hot water. Warm wool socks are worn on top.

Salt baths for feet have a good effect. In hot water it is necessary to dissolve 2 tbsp. l sea ​​salt and milk, then add rosemary oil (10-15 drops). This bath is good for the skin of the feet and helps to quickly warm up.

Another effective tool is ground red hot pepper, which must be poured into socks.

For the good work of vessels, you can use the following means: mustard powder (2 tbsp. L.), Large sea salt (1 tbsp. L.), A pod of red hot pepper cut in half should be placed in a glass container and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. The tool must be insisted throughout the week in a dark place, occasionally shaking. The readiness of the infusion can be judged by the appearance of a red hue.
Ready means lubricate the legs before going to bed, then wear cotton socks. The duration of treatment is from two weeks to a month.

In the cold season, many feet are cold. What to do in this case? Try, before you go out, grease the feet with badger, mink or nutriem fat. Do not interfere with an extra pair of socks.

Freezing feet cause

If your legs are cold, treatment should be comprehensive. Warming treatments will bring relief only for a short time. Rational nutrition, walks in the fresh air, exercise, the use of various methods of strengthening the blood vessels will help to improve your health and get rid of unpleasant sensations.

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