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Own site near the house can perform different functions, and in most cases - several at once. The tasks of decorating the backyard territory, the organization of household needs, as well as the direct use of the site for growing plants, fall on it. But, whatever the direct purpose of this territory, its competent design in compliance with the rules of landscape design will only benefit. As practice shows, any household plot, regardless of the area, is quite amenable to decorative transformation without loss of utilitarian function. The main thing that is required from the author of the idea is to initially plan and define the design concept, and the rest will follow in the process of arranging the site.

Functional area planning


Drawing up a planning plan for the local area is the most crucial stage in which the direction for the landscape project should be determined.First of all, you should make a list of functional zones that will be located on the site. There may be several:

  • Rest zone.
  • Place for beds or greenhouses.
  • Economic block.
  • Playground.
  • Functional zone mates with the house.
  • Garden or greenhouse.

Regardless of which zones will be included in the project, it is desirable to implement the design of the backyard plot with your own hands so that all functional and decorative objects with elements are designed in the same style. However, this rule can not be attributed to the laws, since the diversity and chaotic organization in the design also have their advantages.

Practicality or beauty?

cultivation in the garden

In this choice, again, much depends on the functional orientation of the site and the nature of its use. If we are talking about permanent residence in a house near the territory being drawn up, it is desirable to focus on the practicality of the garden. This is due to the fact that the maintenance of the garden plot in any case will take some time and require strength, and in continuous operation the labor costs only increase.

The presence of the garden, reservoir, seasonal greenery and other objects necessarily gives its advantages when using the site, but it requires constant care or, at least, observation. If you rely on the decorative component, then the backyard territory may not require any care at all - except for monthly lawn mowing and tree trimming once every 2-3 years. But this, of course, subject to the selection of non-capricious and all-season vegetation. On the other hand, if it is planned to grow vegetables on the garden that are demanding in the care of flowers and trees, then it is also necessary to technically prepare for possible measures to maintain the economy.

Architectural style

The choice of style is rather a solution to the decorative component of the improvement. In this regard, there are several directions, but it’s worth starting with an architectural style. This direction is suitable for owners who are committed to urban culture. Emphasis should be placed on building structures, including gazebos, arched structures, paved paths and platforms, retaining walls, garden stairs and other elements that will organically fit into a modern garden plot.It’s difficult to accomplish complex architectural objects with your own hands, so you should initially calculate the technical capabilities, as well as the free space on the site.

Regular style

backyard design

At this time, the emphasis is solely on the visual effects of landscape design, embodied in a strict order. This style is characterized by regular geometric shapes and a symmetrical layout. Regular design of the infield provides for the presence of straight paths and alleys, parterre flower beds, neatly cut green walls and reservoirs with rectangular, oval or square shapes. Actually, there are no limitations in the compositions and elements, but it is important to correctly execute them, focusing on the general symmetry. So, if you plan to plant shrubs and trees, then they should be cut strictly along the line, and planted - evenly in a certain order. As a rule, rocks with pyramidal or spherical crown are used.

Landscape style

In a sense, it is the opposite of the architectural direction. In contrast, this concept implies a maximum bias towards untouched nature.This style is implemented through various gardens and plantations of "forest" arrays of deciduous trees. So that the garden does not seem quite wild, landscape designers recommend using undergrowths of ferns and rhododendrons, the decorative effect of which will make the backyard area more elegant and attractive. The presence of tall grasses, ponds with irregular outlines and swamp vegetation also contributes to the feeling of nature. In accordance with the landscape style fences can be made in the form of a thick hedge. If, however, security requirements do not allow such bold ideas to be implemented, then it can be confined to framing stone or metal walls with ornate green bushes.

Rustic design

personal plot with their own hands

Simple rural motives will be appreciated by lovers of comfort and practicality. Plots of this type are characterized by the presence of grass winding paths, unpretentious plants, decorative compositions of wood, walls and fences, covered with flowers and greenery. To understand how to equip a personal plot, you should familiarize yourself with the simple principle - the maximum use of natural materials and natural forms.But you should not forget about the peculiarity that distinguishes this style from the landscape - the presence of a vegetable garden, greenhouses and greenhouses. The owners of such a site embody in it not only the idea of ​​untouched nature, but also orient it to economic tasks.

Rest zone

Regardless of the style chosen, the requirements for a recreation area are the same. It should be comfortable, functional and at the same time practical. Approach to the organization of this part of the plot should be based on what types of leisure and leisure forms are preferable. It may be worthwhile to arrange a summer kitchen or a dining room for relaxing with a wide circle of friends, or to restrict yourself to a cozy gazebo for spending time with close people. Also, the choice of ways of improvement of this zone depends on the space, which allows you to allocate a personal plot under it. The photo below shows, for example, an example of arranging a recreation area in a small area.

home plot clearance

As a barrier of this part, the mentioned hedge can be used. It is rather a symbolic fence that performs a zoning aesthetic function.It is advisable to consider and shelter, if you plan to create a full-fledged dining island with a kitchen. In this case, here you can relax comfortably at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

Ideas for the design of tracks

Traditional paving has long lost its relevance. At least in the form in which most sellers offer it. The lack of original design ideas in this segment can be compensated by using unusual materials, playing shades and non-standard memorable forms. First of all, it is worthwhile to abandon the precise geometry. Throughout the track, you can experiment with its width, include circles, add complex transitions and grounds.

The method of execution of the track is largely determined by the style in which the overall design of the infield and its components is made. If you make a bias towards naturalness, then you can abandon tile paving in favor of bulk gravel, and in the case of the architectural style - on the contrary, it is better to stay on the tile, but play with contrasts in colors and turn on metal guides.It would be useful to consider a possible stylistic combination of paths with greenery. For example, along a winding line laid out of natural stone, stretch a strip of flowers or shrubs that will match the color of the laid flooring.

private plot photo


Means of lighting in the garden can be considered as a multifunctional system. It provides a decorative effect, and bears a functional purpose. But even from the point of view of utility, lighting cannot be regarded as a purely economic component of the arrangement that increases the comfort of operating the territory. It is also a mandatory element of security, without which no private plot can do. Making lighting devices can be performed in two approaches:

  • Organize a functional lighting system that will affect the veranda, the porch of the house, the driveway to the garage, the recreation area, the outhouse, etc.
  • To perform decorative and functional lighting, which can be implemented in combination with the above system. As a rule, these are luminaries providing illumination of the tracks, dotted decorative illumination of architectural objects and gardens.

When choosing equipment, one should give preference to durable and all-season devices for outdoor use. If regular use of the lighting system is planned, then it is advisable to provide a personal plot with automatic LED devices. They are distinguished by their reliability in operation and give a natural, pleasant looking eye.

Economic block

Any plot adjacent to the house should have at least a minimum infrastructure for housekeeping. The same green areas require care with the use of tools for cutting and watering. If the plot of land has beds and greenhouses, the list of agricultural equipment is expanding. Senniks and utility rooms are required to maintain this equipment and store the crop. Large farms may require the arrangement of cellars and special garages for cultivators. For convenience, there should be a toilet and a bathroom. When planning an economic zone, it is necessary to carefully calculate its location on the site. The objects of this block should be located at a sufficient distance from the beds and the recreation area in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards.


home gardening do-it-yourself design

Despite the external complexity, many gardeners and summer residents view the landscaping of the backyard plot as a way of creative self-realization. This process can be a great pleasure. Moreover, in the future, the personal plot, the design of which was done by hand, will give many reasons for joy. With the maximum use of the resources of the average site, the owners manage to create optimal conditions for rest, receive natural fruits in the form of tasty fruits and vegetables, organize recreational activities and simply enjoy the kinds of flowers and decorative compositions.

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