Eye tattoo: reviews. Tattoo of interresice space: price, consequences

The modern beauty industry works wonders. This is known to all. After all, we will not prevaricate, and we recognize that not each of us got the beauty from nature. Therefore, a very important point was the fact that each of us at a reasonable price can correct his appearance with the help of cosmetic procedures. For example, such as eye makeup. Feedback on how satisfied with the result of the girl will be given in our article. It is also worth learning about the procedure of permanent makeup as much information as possible. What it is? Does eye hurt? Arrows, the effects of which tattoos some time deliver discomfort, will remain forever or through time disappear? Answers to all these questions and many other useful information you will learn from this article.

eye makeup reviews

What is permanent makeup or eye tattoo?

On the advertising pictures we see beautiful, expressive eyes. The result is just perfect! The technique of permanent makeup has been used for a long time. Therefore, this procedure is studied far and wide. Many women have repeatedly made themselves tattooed eyebrows and eyes, eyelids and lips. It is fair to say that not everyone was happy with the result. But it depended on many factors, which we will consider later.

In order to perform a lasting and long-term make-up, specialists inject a special pigment under the skin in the eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, lips. In simple terms, this is a colored tattoo. For several centuries, such ornaments have been applied to various parts of the body by people all over the globe. Someone wants to change the shape of the eyebrows, make them more expressive. Other girls order arrows. And for someone to be completely happy, only a mole on the cheek or above the lip is missing. All wishes of the client are expressed to the tattoo artist.

What gives a woman a tattoo on the eyelids?

Despite the fact that we are used to hearing different names of the procedure, they are all united by a common denominator. Eye tattoo, arrows, filling of the interspinal space with or without shading - all these actions are considered a cosmetic procedure on the eyelids. What is it for?

The main advantage of permanent eye makeup is that the look becomes more expressive. This is achieved by many women, spending long hours in front of a mirror with a beautician in their hands. But not everyone has the opportunity to spend every day so much personal time. What to do?tattoo eyes arrows consequences

A good specialist is able to perform the correction of the natural line of the cut eyes. What does she mean? After completing the cross-eyed tattoo of the eyes, you can visually enlarge or reduce them, emphasize the color of the iris. What else do women aspire to? Sometimes you just need to raise or lower the edges of the corners of the eyes. Then the woman looks younger than her years.

Such opportunities allow the client to be transformed beyond recognition. Some girls seek to reduce the time they spend before work day to create makeup. In addition to this reason, other women of fashion note that they didn’t always succeed in it beautifully, which is why they decided to have their eyes tattooed. Where to do long-term makeup? On the lower, upper or both eyelids? This already depends not only on the desire of the client, but also on the recommendations of the master.

Other girls correct their external data provided by nature. Visual correction allows them to look the same around the clock.After all, many girls who get used to their image with make-up, have the impression that without him they would rather not show themselves in public. After completing the tattoo of the century, many women of fashion forever forget about their past fears and complexes. Satisfaction with their appearance has always been a very important moment in the life of any woman.

Description of the procedure

Because of the fear of pain, many women for a long time do not dare to tattoo their eyes. Reviews of experts suggest that this reason is in the first place. According to the salon masters, most often clients ask to perform the procedure on the eyebrows and lips. In vain girls forget about their eyes. It's no wonder they are called the mirror of the soul. This is the most expressive part of the face. And precisely it would be desirable to emphasize it.

As mentioned above, the reason - the fear of unbearable pain, but it is more far-fetched. Modern anesthetics are so diverse that they allow specialists to approach anesthesia, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the client. By the way, today it is not even necessary to use injections. Special ointments and gels give good anesthesia.

Tattoo of the interstitial space is carried out in a matter of minutes. Especially if the specialist is a master of his craft. The difference between permanent makeup and tattoos lies in the fact that pigment dye is injected into the top layer of skin. The depth of its penetration is only 1 mm. At the end of the procedure, the master treats the eyelid with a special antimicrobial agent. As a rule, it has a gel-like structure. The drug has anti-inflammatory effect. It also relieves redness and irritation after the make-up of the eyes. Edemas, by the way, within a few days are normal. In principle, the master always conducts a briefing before the procedure, explains all the nuances.

tattoo eyes arrow

Interstitial tattoo

Beauty salons offer several options. These are arrows (of any color), thin lines along the border of the growth of eyelashes and shading the space between hairs. Of course, which one to give preference to, customers decide with the master. An experienced specialist studies the facial features, their proportions and compliance. After that, listening to the wishes of the client, he makes a sketch with ordinary cosmetics.This stage is the most crucial. It is important not to make a mistake with the choice. After all, after the procedure, if something does not like it, you will not be able to wash out permanent tattoo of the eyes. Reviews of experts suggest that the selection stage is usually delayed. Often they offer to evaluate your new image not only in the reflection of the mirror, but also in the pictures. You can take several photos from different angles and look at yourself as if from the side.

Even now, while we have not yet discussed the consequences of non-professionalism, it becomes clear that it is necessary to be interested not only in how much the tattoo of the eyes costs. When choosing a master, be guided by its reputation, the class of the salon, try to get feedback from its customers. By the way, every specialist should have a portfolio. You can view pictures of his work, how the permanent make-up of eyebrows and lips, and make-up of the eyes were performed. The photo should represent the type of model before and after the procedure. Perhaps one of your friends turned to this salon. Try to get the opinion of the people you trust.

This technique involves painting the gaps between the cilia. This option is considered the easiest.Makeup looks very natural. No effect of painted eyes. It just seems as if the eyelashes are very thick, and the look becomes more expressive. The so-called arrows do not catch the eye. Often this technique is chosen by blondes. After the procedure, they no longer look so pale without make-up, as it was before. But too bright makeup they are not always to the face.

Fascinating look

Particular attention should be paid to the technique that is most in demand among both young girls and mature women. This is a tattoo of eyes with shading. A photo of this makeup explains its popularity to us. After the procedure, the eyes look very impressive. The wizard draws arrows above the edge of the growth of eyelashes, creating a feathering effect. This technique is applicable to both the upper and lower eyelids. The color scheme of the dye allows you to create permanent makeup in any style. Moreover, for centuries almost all colors look beautiful and original. The look becomes deep, alluring and charming.

As a rule, experts advise performing eyebrow tattooing right away. Then the image becomes more harmonious and complete.

permanent makeup tattoo

The benefits of permanent makeup

All the delights of long-term makeup are obvious. First of all, customers are attracted by how much the tattoo of the eyes is held, depending on the care and equipment used. According to masters of salons, the effect of the procedure can last from 6 months to several years. Reviews of women who did themselves permanent makeup, confirm these data. The only exceptions are cases in which girls are dissatisfied with the result, or the dye has disappeared too quickly. As a rule, such troubles happen when lovely ladies turn to unqualified specialists, chasing the promised low cost services. But, as everyone knows, the miser pays twice. If you contact a salon that values ​​its reputation, then such unpleasant "surprises" will be excluded.

The undeniable advantage of permanent tattoo is that an experienced makeup artist is always involved in the process. Together you can choose a make-up option that will highlight all the advantages, hide the flaws (if any) and help the woman always look 100% full.

And of course, the fact that after the procedure there is no need for daily makeup is very pleasant. Moreover, it always takes too much time to guide the shooter. I think that each of the lovely ladies will find a lot of pleasant activities for which it will be possible to spend the freed half an hour.


As in any other form of intervention in the body, some parts of it are injured when tattooing. In this case, the epidermis. It is necessary to understand and be prepared for what will happen after the procedure, which is called eye makeup. The arrows, the consequences of which in just a few days will be "visible", will cause swelling and redness. That is why if a tattoo is planned for both the upper and lower eyelids, then they do it in two stages. This is done in order to minimize trauma.

It is worth paying your attention to the fact that in the next three days after the procedure you should not plan any public events. Edema will be significant for at least three days. During this period, do not recommend watering eyelids. Cold compresses should be applied to speed up the swelling.Apply to the eyelids for a few minutes the ice wrapped in a towel.

After the effects of the tattoo have gone (after about 7–10 days), you can proceed to drawing the lower eyelid. Of course, this stage also causes some discomfort in the eye area. In order to alleviate the condition and remove the redness of proteins, you can use drops. For example, it may be the drug "Vizin" or its analogues.

tattooing eyes swelling

Recovery period

For those women who have decided on the procedure of permanent makeup, the important issue is the recovery time. After all, you need to plan your time. As you already understood, right after the procedure you will not go to work or party. Is that wearing glasses with dark glasses.

After the tattooing of the eyelids for at least the first three days, no “cover-up” can be seen. First, due to edema, the contour of the arrows may look uneven. Secondly, the swelling of the eyes itself will not decorate anyone either. If you plan to “draw” only the upper eyelid, then your recovery period can last from 3 to 7 days. In cases of repeated visits to the salon, the client will need a little more time for all injured parts of the epidermis to recover. Eyebrows after the procedure heal within one week.

During the preliminary consultation, the master initiates clients in all the nuances of the process. So even at this stage, a woman can decide on how ready she is for the procedure. There were cases when clients, after talking with the master, decided not to do a tattoo, but to use the old and proven method of applying makeup.

What you need to know before the procedure?

There are some restrictions that girls must follow before going to the salon. And after the procedure, you must follow all the recommendations of the wizard.

1. Two days before the tattoo you can not curl eyelashes.

2. Contact lenses should be removed. You can wear them only a day after the procedure.

3. It is necessary to exclude caffeine-containing products and alcohol from your diet before the trip to the salon.

4. You can not take drugs that thin the blood.

5. After applying the tattoo from the use of conventional cosmetics for some time will have to be abandoned.

6. Do not recommend washing until the injured areas of the skin heal. For hygiene procedures using special tools. They are recommended by the salon master.

7The healing of the epidermis is always accompanied by itching. You can not comb the injured skin, remove the pre-formed crust.

8. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations of a specialist, use disinfecting and healing agents.

9. After healing, the pigment will turn pale by about 30%. So the tattoo will not look so saturated. This is due to the change of the epidermis layer.

how much is the eye tattoo

Unintended consequences

So that your mood is not overshadowed by the unfortunate result, especially carefully choose the wizard who will entrust your appearance. A good specialist will make of your face a work of art. And vice versa. God forbid you fall into the hands of self-taught or just a layman. If a specialist has a bad eye, then this is fraught with consequences. Some girls leave feedback about their bitter experience. They admit that the masters did not approach the issue of search very responsibly when they decided to make a tattoo of the eyes. The consequences of the procedure, some women have observed over several years. Not only that, after an unsuccessful tattoo, clients complained about its asymmetry, so the pigment was also introduced unevenly.Such oversights had to be corrected every morning with the help of eyeliner, pencil or other cosmetics. Sometimes, after the “first experience” of a similar procedure, women still manage to find a good specialist who, if possible, will correct the errors of the tattoo. It also turns out that the shape of the eyebrows or arrows was chosen incorrectly. Some masters of tattoo have no idea about what proportions are considered to be correct, and what methods allow to correct the natural shape of the eyebrows, lips and eye shape.

but on the other hand

It will be fair to pay attention and cons of permanent makeup. Like any other procedure, they, of course, are available. Firstly, even with the use of anesthetics, pain is felt by some clients. It depends on the individual characteristics of each organism. Secondly, sometimes during the change of the damaged epidermis (the crusts disappear), the girl loses a significant amount of eyelashes. Because of this, you have to go to the doctor and spend additional funds on their recovery. Thirdly, even if the master “painted” the perfect makeup, he can quickly get you bored.After all, some women of fashion do not think of themselves without frequent changes of image. For them, they recommend light correction of the contours of the eyes and lips, which will allow you to use any makeup over such makeup.

Tattoo and contraindications

Any intervention in the body may have its contraindications. Each client of the salon should be familiar with them. Of course, that the master will not require a certificate from your doctor about your health. You yourself must be conscious.tattoo eyebrows and eyes

It is worth noting that you need to think about the correctness of the choice of master, if he did not say a word about contraindications to the procedure. So, carefully read the information below to make sure that you can make a tattoo.

1. You should not suffer from herpes exacerbation, conjunctivitis, burns and other lesions of the skin in the place of applying permanent makeup.

2. During pregnancy, you can not get a tattoo.

3. People suffering from diabetes, namely, insulin-dependent form of it, must obtain permission from a doctor.

4. Prohibited permanent makeup for hepatitis, HIV infection or AIDS, epilepsy, the tendency to form scars.

5.Disruption of blood clotting is a contraindication to the procedure.

6. For consultation with a doctor, it is necessary to contact those women who suffer from cancer or take hormonal drugs.

Experts say that at the time of exacerbation of any diseases you should not do a tattoo. Postpone the trip to the salon until full recovery. After all, the fact that beauty requires sacrifice sounds beautiful only in sayings. In fact, there is nothing more valuable than health!

Cost of

An equally important point is the price of the procedure. We have already emphasized that saving is not appropriate for those who decided to do a tattoo of the eyes. Prices in various stores, of course, differ. But we will give an example of the average cost of services, having studied the prices of several metropolitan beauty centers.

Permanent eyebrow makeup (feathering or hair) will cost you about 6,000–7,000 p.

Eye tattoo (arrows below and above) - 8000 r.

Upper eyelid - 6000 p.

Lower eyelid - 4000 p.

Also in the salons provides a service to remove tattoos. The procedure is performed using a laser apparatus. Its cost starts from the sum of 2000 rubles.

If you decide to do permanent make-up, find a salon with a good reputation, but the cost of services you can not afford - do not worry and in no case rush to go to a master who is not known to anyone, but charges for services much cheaper. In almost all elite establishments, promotional offers and discount systems are periodically valid. Perhaps you just need to find out what day you can make a tattoo much cheaper than the usual cost.

Instead of conclusion

So, we have more than examined in detail what the eye tattoo is. Reviews of the procedure show that the thing is necessary and convenient. Over the past decades, not only women, but also men have turned to a tattoo salon. Many of those people who have tried once to do a permanent make-up of something for themselves turn to the master again. Some women compare tattooing with plastic. They say: “It’s worth trying only once, and you can’t stop! I want to continuously improve my appearance. ” But, unfortunately, not everyone was lucky with the choice of master from the first time. The sad mistakes of non-professionals discourage the girls to resort to the implementation of long-term makeup. Such people replenish the army of opponents of permanent makeup.Well, by the way, like any other procedure, tattooing has its pros and cons, indications and contraindications, supporters and opponents. So, the choice is always yours.

In conclusion, I would like to add that permanent makeup is not done to persons who are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. If you are not yet eighteen years old, you should be accompanied by one of the parents.

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