Explanatory for being late for work: reasons, competent compilation, example

There are no ideal people. In the same way as ideal workers. Anyone can be late for work, and there is nothing to worry about. But only in the event that the explanatory is correctly framed. In this article we will consider how to write an explanatory note competently and qualitatively.

Explanatory: what is it?

Explanatory for being late is officiala business document that is in the internal circulation of the enterprise itself. The main content of it is to explain the causes of the violation of labor relations, as well as in the construction of cause-effect relations of the event or events that directly caused delay.

The purpose of the explanatory memorandum isdocument is the clarification of circumstances by the person who is guilty. The aim is to conduct a small investigation into the causes of an event (in this case, being late), their analysis. At the end of each document, which is explanatory, there must necessarily be a conclusion.

Types of Explanatory Notes

In addition to an explanatory document, there isalso exculpatory. The latter, as a rule, contains the main causes of any action (or inaction), which is incorrect and entails negative consequences. Explanatory to work is a more detailed form, not necessarily justifying.

explanatory for being late

Here you need, for example, to take the exact time,circumstances, place of the accident, etc. What are the types of such a document? After all, an explanatory for being late is not the only form. You can also add here, for example:

  • absenteeism;
  • Theft of the property of the organization or its damage;
  • improper performance of their duties;
  • immoral acts;
  • a state of intoxication at work;
  • violation of labor discipline;
  • the disclosure of organizational secrets and much more.

Next, it will be explained just explaining for being late for work.

Is writing an explanatory memorandum compulsory?

The Labor Code of the Russian Federation, namely its 193rd article,prescribes that any employer has the right to demand an explanatory document from the employee in the event that the latter commits any disciplinary or labor violation. However, does the employee need to write this document? The law does not provide for such an obligation. But is it so good to ignore the demands of the authorities? And what can lead to such inaction?

explanatory to work

Explanatory for being late for workreally is not an obligatory form of dialogue with management. But do not deny the fact that this form is the most convenient. Of course, in the absence of an explanatory on the boss's desk, the head will most likely issue a disciplinary penalty against the employee. That is why most workers do not neglect to compile such a document. However, there can be exceptions everywhere. So, if a subordinate committed (or did not commit, but is responsible for) a really serious offense, then before repenting to his superiors, it is worthwhile to turn to a competent lawyer. Sometimes the situation can turn in a completely unexpected way.

What should include an explanatory note?

The first thing to note is thatexplanatory for being late must have an official-business style. In no case should there be any emotional, harsh expressions, vernacular, familiarity and, all the more, obscene speech. No matter how pertinent these factors seem to be in any given situation, it is better to omit them, of course. And at the same time, it is not necessary to confuse the employer with complex business and narrowly focused terms, clericalism, etc. The style of the note should be dry and business-like, but at the same time simple and understandable.

explanatory for being late for work

Explanatory for work for being late may beas written by hand, and printed on the computer. First, the "cap" of the document is made out. The names of the chief and the author are indicated. The main part briefly describes the situation that has occurred. At the end of the note, the date, signature and transcript of the author's signature are put. In most cases, all official certificates and papers confirming the reasons for being late should be attached to the document in question. Superfluous they will not be exact.

Contents of the explanatory note

The explanatory document is divided into two main parts:

  • actual. As already clear from the title, here should be given the facts that are the reason for writing the document. You need to specify them as briefly as possible and concisely.
  • Causal part. This includes all possible causes of the situation, explaining the facts given earlier.

What could they be for the reasons?

The main reasons for late arrivals

What are the most appropriate and respectful reasons? Explanatory for being late can be written because of:

  • worker's illness;
  • illnesses of relatives;
  • the death of someone close;
  • a traffic accident or traffic jam;
  • a natural disaster;
  • if the employee is stuck in an elevator;
  • other possible circumstances.

was late for work

In case of delay, do not be afraid to go tochief. It is necessary to go boldly to the cabinet of the chief and report everything as is. It is necessary to keep calm and confident, but also should not be rude to the leadership.

About evidence of late arrivals

As a rule, only an explanatory noteit happens a little. This document also has to be accompanied by references and papers proving the fact that the employee has violated the employment contract and discipline, not through his fault, but because of external circumstances. It is because of this that many subordinates constantly have a ticklish question: is it worth lying to the authorities? After all, the head of the organization has the right to demand from the employee documents confirming the latter's rightness. It is also worth remembering that skillful recognition always looks higher and more correct than ridiculous lies.

If an employee of a company is incar accident and it is because of this late for work, then everything is quite simple. We'll have to take all the necessary documents from the traffic police, photos confirming the accident, and put them on the table with the chief along with an explanatory note. The situation will be more complicated with other reasons for the delay. So, if an employee is stuck in an elevator, it will not be so easy to prove it, and often it is completely impossible. Of course, you can contact the concierge, the company manager and so on, but all such actions will take some time.

stuck in the elevator

Here everything will depend on the organization, inwhich man works: some bosses can not be late, and therefore they will fire an employee after four hours of absence (which they are quite entitled to do). Run for evidence or not? Everyone should answer this question himself.

Sample explanatory note

How do you write an explanatory for being late for work?Below is a sample of a typical explanatory note, qualitative and well-designed. First, it is indicated to whom the document is addressed. For example: "Commander of military unit 45238 Lieutenant Colonel Ivanov SS". Only after this is written, from whom the document arrives: "from an employee of HF, a nurse of the third department of Sergeyeva VM." The text of the explanatory document itself should look like this:

"Explanatory note concerning the delay onwork on December 9, 2016. I, Sergeeva Valentina Mikhailovna, December 9, 2016 was late for work for 3 hours due to the help of an unknown schoolgirl who got under the car on the roadway. "

At the end of each explanatory note, one should ask management to take into account the valid reason for being late.

Explanatory note for late arrival in educational institution

In schools, colleges or universities in the lasttime also began to demand a document explaining the reasons for being late. Such a reference is made somewhat differently than for some working professional organization. In particular, educational institutions do not always require evidence of an incident and are unlikely to be scared of expulsion, as they do, by threatening dismissal at work. Nevertheless, the document itself must be compiled competently and professionally. In the "cap" is also indicated, in whose name the explanatory is written:

"Director of the MBOU School No. 50 Ivanova II from a student of the 9th grade Vasilyeva VM" or "The Dean of the Institute of Law and Social Sciences Alexandrov AA from a student of the group of IP-4 Bazhenova AP"

Much easier it can be in the main topicnotes. Quite respectful reason will be the arrival of the parents, the need to go to the grandmother, etc. Because of the delay or miss the student's educational institution is unlikely to depend on the fate of the school or university, and therefore especially strict requirements for an explanatory note is not given. An example of an explanation for late is presented below.

reasons for delays

Refusal to write an explanatory note

What happens if the employee refuses to writean explanatory note? First, the guilty employee will be fined or otherwise disciplined. If the subordinate has not proven on the positive side of himself before, then, it is likely, the case can reach and dismissal. Secondly, another special normative act will be drawn up, which will be drafted by witnesses already (according to their rules there should be two). They will have to confirm the fact of refusal to write the document, fix it on paper and send it to the head. Most likely, the management will send a couple of letters to the guilty employee asking for an explanatory note. If the employee and will stand on his own, the authorities will write him a fine.

Of course, to be afraid of writing an explanatoryworth it. It is also not necessary to go on a confrontation with the leadership and from the principle of standing on one's own. If, however, the employee believes that writing an explanatory document will entail not the best consequences (the reputation will be shaken, the premium will disappear, etc.), then, as it was said before, it will be necessary to spend a visit to a competent lawyer in order to optimally resolve the situation.


Even the most punctual and executive workercan make a mistake. Delay is, in fact, a trifle, especially in comparison with the fact that unscrupulous employees are capable of creating and taunting, such as: spoiling state property, malicious violation of the work plan, constant fueling of conflicts and much more. All this is indeed considered a violation of the working order. Some people are too worried about their reputation, and therefore being late for them is the worst thing that could happen. Of course, if a person is not late periodically and has established himself as a good employee, then there is nothing to be afraid of.late for examples of explanatory Be it a truancy due to illness, a delay because oftraffic jams - the samples of explanatory information came to the boss more than once, and nothing terrible in a single violation of the order there. Thus, if you do not systematically violate discipline, your bosses will hardly be too strict about being late.

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