Expedition to Tibet

Tibet. Plateau Tang La. The very place where the Roerichs expedition was 90 years ago ...
Long-term study of the diaries of the Roerichs expedition, satellite photos and the search for the necessary equipment. Monthly physical and psychological training, acclimatization and team building on Elbrus. You will not do this just like that, clearly not knowing why you are doing this ...
They knew why they were there, and they did it. A group of 12 people under the leadership of Dmitry Rayevsky, the founder of the School of Thinking, set off on a most complicated expedition - 12 days in a completely autonomous mode in the most difficult conditions at an altitude above 5000 meters above sea level ...
After what they saw and realized, the members of the expedition assert that Shambhala is not a myth, and they are ready to come there again and again for new Tasks.
During the expedition amazing shots were made from the quadrocopter of these sacred sites.

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