EGD - what is it? We find out together

EGD - what is it? This question arises in many people who were first prescribed a referral to a gastroscopist. It should be noted that such examination of the stomach, esophagus and duodenum is carried out in order to identify various pathologies of all these organs (ulcers, erosions, candidiasis, etc.), which cause extremely painful feelings in the patient.What is this?

EGD - what is it?

The aforementioned abbreviation stands forquite a long medical term, which sounds like fibroesophagogastroduodenoscopy. By the way, for a significant reduction of this type of survey, not only the capital letters of the FGDs, but also FGS, FEGS, and also the word "gastroscopy" are often used.

How is the examination carried out?

EGD - what is it? Having ascertained this information, many hospital patients flatly refuse to undergo such a survey. After all, it is made with a flexible fiber optic medical device in the form of a long tube with a camera at the end. It is it that is first introduced into the oral cavity, then into the esophagus, and then into the stomach and the 12-colon.

Of course, such a procedure is rather unpleasantfor the patient. But if you do not make it in time, then an undiagnosed and, consequently, untreated disease can become so neglected that surgical intervention will be required. It should also be noted that the conduct of the FGD involves not only a purely visual examination of the mucous organs of digestion, but also a painless collection of small pieces of tissue for their further investigation (biopsy).

Preliminary preparationconducting fgds

To conduct such a survey effectively,the lumen of all the digestive organs must be absolutely free. In this regard, the patient is provided with a simple instruction for the necessary preparation in advance. It includes the following recommendations:

  • On the eve before the examination do not eat heavy and indigestible food.
  • If the EGD is scheduled for 9-10 am, then after 8 pm it is desirable for the patient to stop eating any food (drinking water is allowed).
  • In the morning before the study, it is strictly forbidden to eat or drink anything.

By the way, after the gastroscopy is completed, the patient is also not recommended to eat for two hours.

With regard to direct preparation beforethen for 1-3 minutes before FGDS the patient is anesthetized, that is, throat irrigation (throat) with a special preparation that provides a significant decrease in sensitivity during swallowing of the endoscope. In the event that you have any allergic reactions to medications, then you should definitely tell the doctor.

Is the procedure painful?

EGD - what is it? Learning the answer to the question posed, many are concerned about the following: "How painful is the procedure?" On average, such a study lasts several minutes. It is made in the prone position on the left side. There is no need to take off your clothes. The more relaxed and calmer the patient is during the procedure, the easier it will go. Those who have ever undergone such a survey claim that it is painless, but extremely unpleasant.where to make fgds

About where to do the EGD can tell you onlyyour doctor (usually a gastroenterologist). As a rule, these are private or state polyclinics, where there is a specialist gastroscopist, as well as an equipped office that meets all the requirements.

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